Day 361: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Padma Mayurasana Jumpbacks and Learning to breathe…

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learning to breathe switchfoot

learning to breathe switchfoot

learning to breathe switchfoot

york pub angel islington

seeking a friend for the end of the world


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World – one of the best films I’ve seen this year. And you know it’s good when you leave the cinema going, “…wow. i loved that.” And you stand at the bus stop thinking, “yea, that was really good…” And you get on the bus thinking “man, i’d love to watch that again.” And the entire bus ride you cannot help but feel the world outside is like a continuation of your thoughts and that wonderful film you’ve just seen. And then you get home screaming “Kaaaat [or replace this name with whichever is relevant to you!!] the film was soooo good!”.  So good I am still thinking about it… and am right now blogging about it. Highly recommended. Very much grateful! / Andres, good seeing you tonight. Quality catch-up indeed! =)  It’s all about the Orange Wednesdays 😉 Batman next! / Today, I realised separating my hands a little bit made my Padma Mayurasana jump backs so much better. Grateful for the eureka moment! Practice, practice, practice… / This song. I love. x


Day 357: Dharma Thai Workshop, The Art of War, Witnessing Mo Farah beat The Cube, Vita Coco and Gange-a-Midi…

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dharma thai workshop, indaba yoga


dharma thai 1

dharma thai 2

dharma thai 3

dharma thai 4

dharma thai 5

dharma thai 6

dharma thai 7

dharma thai 8

dharma thai 13

dharma thai 9

dharma thai 10

dharma thai 11

dharma thai 12




the cube

mo farah the cube

The formula for a perfect, balanced, chilled-out Saturday is pretty simple: Embrace the summer monsoon with this Gange-a-Midi track. / Practice 90 mins of yoga with Jessica, followed by 90 mins of Thai massage basics with Rob and Casi. / Purchase 1 serving of cold, refrigerated Vita Coco and thank god you finally love coconut water and thus, feel normal. / Come up to the Stricklands, home away from home away from home… / Show Gracie some tricks of the trade… I have to say, it is friggin awesome and inspiring seeing a 7-yr-old do half of the Dharma II stuff I would normally teach in class! Crow to headstand included! Honestly, if I’d started this young… … I would’ve probably been taken off the planet by now. / Witnessing Mo Farah beat The Cube… WITH 6 LIVES LEFT! What a legend. Really, truly, made of gold! / Master Sun said: ‘Know the enemy, Know yourself, And victory Is never in doubt, Not in a hundred battles.’ He who knows self But not the enemy Will suffer one defeat For every victory. He who knows Neither self Nor enemy Will fail In every battle. – #futureplanning – comp analysis. Status: complete. Sweet. =)

Day 355: 10 more days of appreciation, Walking in the rain, This meme, When a Marley kid meets Erykah Badu and Cheese Mushroom Croissants…

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10 more days!

ghost meme

erykah badu

cheese mushroom croissant

dancing in the rain

10 more days of appreciation! Grateful! / This meme – so true! Unfortunately! – Grateful I’m not the only one! / When Stephen Marley meets Miss Erykah… it’s all just a bit easygoin’… know what i’m sayin’? 😉 / Cheese and mushroom croissants… YUM! My latest lunch time craves! / Walking in the rain… while listening to this song… post-yoga. Get my drift? =) You see the rain isn’t problem as long as you accept that you’re going to get wet. If you can make peace with that, well hey… don’t just walk in the rain… DANCE in it =) x

Day 353: Lianne La Havas, Ziggy Marley, This reggae version of Katy Perry, Ashtanga with Sophie, These reminders, The day I receive my Yoga Alliance certification and The day #futureplanning is officially incorporated…

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lianna la havas

life is short



think jamaica. hear jamaica. do jamaica

ziggy marley


Krissa Curran Yoga Alliance RYT 200

#futureplanning incorporation

Surprisingly, quite a lot to be grateful for today! 😉 Here we go: Today, grateful I managed to catch Lianne La Havas‘ interview on BBC Breakfast. This chic is awesome. / Think Jamaica. Hear Jamaica. Do Jamaica in our meeting room all day. Awesome. I love working in here! / Especially when I’ve got Ziggy Marley singing about yoga, and Perfect singing about gangja with their reggae version of Katy Perry, blasting all day =D C-h-i-l-l-e-d… is what I am. / Ashtanga class with Sophie and learning to drop back and lift up completely evenly for a change, no hands and all on the breath. Awesome! / Today, is a very special day. And it wasn’t even meant to be. Or at least, I had no idea it would turn out this way. But remember this day. Because today, two very special things happened: 1) I got my official Yoga Alliance RYT 200 accreditation. 2) I found out #futureplanning has been officially incorporated. =D / It all just goes to show that 1) When you do work that matters 2) Gain a bit of perspective; and 3) Let yourself be silently drawn by what it is you truly, really love… everything really does just fall into place. / This really is a wonderful day. Because once again, I have witnessed how quickly and generously the universe gives, when you stop resisting and let your desires align with all you’re meant to be and become. I am so, so grateful…

Day 349: Hangin’ with Tim, Seeing Andrew, Speaking to Badge, This Friday picture and Registering for Self-Employment…

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Don’t know where everyone was today but grateful to have Tim’s company at least =p Thanks buddy! x / Grateful I got to see Andrew today and that he seems to be doing well enough, all things considered! Sincerely hope the leg heals as best as it can… I really do! / Badge, thanks for the chat as I know you were driving!! Hope Tash feels better! And glad she has you to take care of her! x Love to you both, as always! x / Grateful I managed to sort out my self-employment status so I can finally get my UTR number. Who knew there was so much paperwork involved with teaching yoga! Oh well, nearly there… nearly there! =) / Hey wassup dawg? – It’s Friday bitch! … sigh… Sometimes I wonder about my sense of humour. Other days… I just accept I am the way I am and pictures like this make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sorry about the language. But I’m not sorry about the way it makes me feel. lol =p Alright. It’s friday… I’m gonna peace out before I start quoting that and filling this blog with profanities! =p x

Day 347: Hanging with Sue at the American Club, Finding spare earphones at home, Nabbing the one spare table at Starbuck’s, Green Naked smoothies, The day my printer cable arrived and TriYoga!

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american club singapore

white apple earphones


Naked Antixoxidant Green Smoothie

Canon printer usb cable


Ok, so technically I wasn’t exactly with Sue at the American Club in Singapore… But I might as well have been! 😉 Grateful! Thanks for the time, chica! Miss you! / Grateful I found this spare set of earphones lying on the floor of our living room. My last ones are busted! / You know that feeling when you spot the last spare table at a really busy restaurant or cafe… and your heart starts to race as you look around really quickly to see if anyone has noticed… and then absolutely running for it to claim what is now rightfully yours…? Yea. That. I love that! 😉 / Naked’s super green antioxidant smoothies. I love! Iron in a bottle. Hurray! / Well whatdya know! My printer cable actually arrived! Wehey! / TriYoga… possibly couldn’t get any more different in terms of look, feel, space, mood from Indaba… But there is something characteristically charming about this place. Look at it! =) Just signed up for a 2 week tester to take a whole bunch of Ashtanga classes for a change. Haven’t done a pure Ashtanga class in years! Just something I feel will benefit and strengthen my practice even more. Need to get in touch with those deep down bandhas!! See how it goes =) The body knows what it wants. 😉 x / PS – Happy 4th of July!!! Thank you Leela for taking the time to teach tonight anyway =)

Day 345: Camden Parkway… and My handstand workshop with an ex-professional acrobat… from Mongolia… in a church!

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abandoned church

handstand workshop

camden parkway

the currans

Today, I went to a handstand workshop… with an ex-professional Acrobat… from Mongolia… in a church… … … I don’t think you can get any more random than that! It was a killer. But the conditioning was great! Thanks Sainna! And thanks for the head’s up, Maria. If this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will! =p / Tonight, this street provided the canvas I needed to step into a world that used to be mine. For a few hours, I indulged a younger version of myself. It was nice. It was what it was. Nothing more. Nothing less. And for that I am grateful. / This screenshot of my crazy familia made me smile today. And was a nice reminder of the people and things that matter. I love you! xxx

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