Day 337: Maha Sadhana, Maria’s Birthday and Sunday afternoon Yogi BBQs…

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maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

chocolate banana with vanilla ice-cream

happy birthday maria!

london summer sunset

Maha. Sadhana. ❤ / Happy Birthday, Maria! What a great day indeed =) x / Paul, Steve… thanks so much for hosting this BBQ. Much appreciated. Food and company were great =) xxx


Day 251: Pastel colours, the first skirt of Spring and Face Plant Fridays!

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pastel colours


face plant fridays

I love pastel colours. Especially in the spring =) / Grateful for the beautiful weather we’ve had this week, because that meant I could wear my first skirt of spring =) / Grateful for Face Plant Fridays! Have a good weekend everyone! =)

Day 92: The Rugby World Cup Final and New Zealand Victory, Sunday Roast a la Rooke, being able to do a big grocery shop knowing there’s a car waiting for you outside, and meeting a martial arts stunt double from the new Pirates of the Caribbean…

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rugby world cup 2011 final - new zealand victoryfull-shopping-cartroast-chickenpirates-of-the-caribbean-sword-fight
All else aside, I’ve vowed always to give thanks where thanks are due. So thanks, Rooke, for preparing another lovely meal and putting in all the effort to make everyone feel at home and well catered for. / Thank you, also, for driving us to the shops and waiting outside while I ran back in to get more wine and soya bread and… a new set of razors. =p / Alex B. – pleasure to meet you and thank you for keeping me entertained with your stories of martial arts, swordsmanship and stunt-doubling for POTC On Stranger Tides… Will try and keep a look out =) / And finally, after 7 consecutive weekends of dragging myself out of bed first thing on a Sunday morning – many of which were rather heavy, jam-packed weekends! – can I just say thank frickin god the Rugby World Cup is finally over! It has been a long and incredible journey. So much has happened in the last 7 weeks alone and throughout all that, like a milestone every new Sunday reached, or a best friend holding my hand throughout it all, the RWC matches were there to signal the swift passing of another week. Krissa: 1. Life’s Challenges: 0. New Zealand. France. Well done. You clearly deserved to be playing each other at the finals. Not saying it was the best game ever… but definitely it was a gladiator performance between the two most deserving teams. See you again in 4 years… By then I will be… …. oh man, I’m getting old! Wise… but old! =O =P / SUE – again. thanks for your equally bad sleeping habits and for picking up the phone! love love x

Day 27: TGIF and great weather for tent pitching!

August 19, 2011 § 1 Comment


After two days of cold and rain, the sun’s finally come out for me to practice my tent pitching skills from AYP (Duke of Edinburgh).

Got there in the end…

Weekend, here I come!


(P.S. there may be delays in postings for the next 2 days. Depends on how well WordPress works on iPhones… and whether there’s internet connection in the middle of a field. BYE!)

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