Day 355: 10 more days of appreciation, Walking in the rain, This meme, When a Marley kid meets Erykah Badu and Cheese Mushroom Croissants…

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10 more days!

ghost meme

erykah badu

cheese mushroom croissant

dancing in the rain

10 more days of appreciation! Grateful! / This meme – so true! Unfortunately! – Grateful I’m not the only one! / When Stephen Marley meets Miss Erykah… it’s all just a bit easygoin’… know what i’m sayin’? 😉 / Cheese and mushroom croissants… YUM! My latest lunch time craves! / Walking in the rain… while listening to this song… post-yoga. Get my drift? =) You see the rain isn’t problem as long as you accept that you’re going to get wet. If you can make peace with that, well hey… don’t just walk in the rain… DANCE in it =) x


Day 354: Being able to work on Tom’s canal-side patio for 15 mins, Grilled aubergines, TechCrunch and Having a friendship network that actually spans the entire globe…

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king's cross canal



krissa's friend network

Today, grateful Tom offered to let Louis and I work on his patio and catch 15 mins of sun! / Today, I’m grateful for TechCrunch and finding this interesting map that shows me where all my friends are in the world… Intriguing… … … Though I have to say that looks pretty impressive. I love being a Global Nomad and TCK =D It has its perks =)  / Grilled aubergines = YUM! More please! x

Day 326: This morning, Liquid Dub, Liquid DnB, Moustache Smilees, Aunty’s Bracelet and Foyles…

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good morning!

moustache smilee

buddhist bracelet from aunty janice


This morning reflects my mood =) grateful! / This is actually the most chilled out track list in the world. Especially the opening remix of Sweetheart of Kairi. Man you just feel like a balloon lifting higher and higher, getting smaller and smaller in the sky listening to this… =) Awesome. Grateful. / And this… well, this is just powerful! 😉 / Today, I discovered you could make moustache smilees! I know! ={O! The conversation went like this: Joanna:  holy shit can’t wait to hear this story :S me:  haha……yea….. Joanna:  okay defo lunch date me:  lol thought so =[p woah hahahah its a sticky tongue motuh with a moustache! new smileee!! Joanna:  Haha i love it =[) =[( ;[P me:  ) oh Joanna:  haha me:  OMG it has a tache!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA – Yea. In short? GRATEFUL! / Aunty, thank you so much again for my prayer beads. I will look after them and keep it close to me always =) / Thank you also for offering to bring home some presents for my sister. Really appreciate it =) / I ❤ Foyles. Best. Bookstore. Ever. x


Day 146: The first snow of the season, Christmas pub lunches and Rebecca Ferguson…

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london snow 2011

rebecca ferguson

rebecca ferguson

rebecca ferguson

It might be icy cold and horribly uncomfortable to the bone, but you gotta admit there’s a childlike excitement that bubbles inside you when it first begins to snow… There’s nothing like a fairy-light and ticklish snowflake that lands on your cheek to remind you Christmas time has come =) / I love the festive mood everyone gets into around Christmas. I love how you can walk into a pub at lunch time and everyone around you is flushed with warmth (and alcohol!), merrily stuffed with their roast chickens and gravy, greasy fat chips and big fat burgers. / Jo, Dom – glad we at least had this downtime before the mad rush in the afternoon. Hope you guys (and everyone else in the office) has a wonderful Christmas break! Lord knows we need it! / I love Rebecca Ferguson. Truly, what a soothing, soulful and nurturing sound. When you listen to her, it’s like listening to the wind blowing through the trees, and feeling the minutest quiver and vibrations of violin strings in beautiful, vocal form. There is a nervous texture in her voice that I find so endearing. But I think that’s part of her charm. Honest. True. Effortless. Love, love, love. x / Thank you Graham, for my Developer 101 lesson this morning. Much appreciated! =)

Day 131: Self-Practice, My Magic Carpet, The Winter Chill and Arm & Leg Warmers…

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yoga self-practiceself-practice yogaleg warmers

Was feeling a bit guilty for not going to class today (even though I went yesterday) because I knew it was for poor excuses like “I’m really tired and my whole body is aching”; “I have another conference call at 9 and that means I’ll be rushing”; “It’s too cold and too wet outside!”; “I have groceries and frozen food I need to take home”… But it turns out going straight home was probably the best thing I could have done tonight. I will always, always advocate going to a big group class – because the energy in the room is so much stronger and the determination and skill so much more tangible when they bounce off each other and reverb within the 4 walls of that studio. HOWEVER, nothing quite beats the focus, dedication, discipline and serenity of a really good self-practice. / Today, I am grateful for my mat. The second my feet and palms plant themselves on this magic carpet, I know it will take me places where I find joy, where I find bliss, and where I find peace. / I am grateful for the winter chill. I tell you, when you’re working up a sweat doing inversions next to a radiator, having the backdoor open during the approaching winter is like free airconditioning. It’s great! =) / I’m grateful for my leg warmers for keeping the cold away. I especially love this photo because it is exactly like me – Seasonally Confused! / I’m grateful for my arm warmers. Not because they keep my arms warm, but because they give me extra grip when I’m trying to practice my pincha pose! I just wish I would stop laughing every time I hold it for longer than 5 seconds. It’s kinda hard to master a pose when every time you think you’ve got it, you get so excited you break the concentration… hmmm! The end.

Day 71: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, chasing after sun, getting invited to a BBQ by a bunch of complete strangers and chocolate guinness cake!

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sir giles gilbert scott building, putney

shadow on grass
I’ve lived in a 5-bedroom house with a swimming pool, 2 kitchens and room service; 3 and 30-storey high condo blocks; a seaside flat and a hilltop duplex… I’ve lived on an island where I had to take a ferry to school every morning. I’ve lived in halls. I’ve lived in an ex council house flat and a couple of flats that roasted above the local chicken shops. I’ve lived in an old gatekeeper’s cottage and a fully-serviced apartment. I’ve lived in a 5-star beach resort and I now live in a pretty pimping house with two surfboards in the garden, a marble bathroom (still, clearly, can’t get over that!) and a crazy actor for a housemate that leaves me 6-minute voicemails about nothing in particular and random free merchandise as pressents on my bed every other day… But never, have I lived in a place like Sir Giles Gilbert Scott… What a truly strange but fascinating brief it must have been – to turn an old college into a living complex split into 100 luxury properties of different sizes, shapes and appeal. Well done, Anna. What an awesome find! / Thank you, Jules and co. for randomly inviting us up to your BBQ and satisfying our curiosity as to what those magnificent flats must be like. / Thank you for showing me what South African hospitality is like. Thank you for the wine (great red, whatever it was!) and for the blue cheese sausages – Blue. Cheese. Sausages! How could I pass up on that! It would have been rude and very un-appreciative not to at least try… / I love it when you lie on a big patch of grass in the summer (let’s face it – with this weather, it might as well be!) and chase after the sun as it swoops across the ground, west-bound. / Thank you, Verity, for the amazing Chocolate Guinness cake. W-O-W. What a treat!!

Day 68: Pink Office Productivity, Work Front United, Summer Fall, IKEA dream purchases & that random list of office jokes!

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pink frameikea vitten rugI love working in our pink break-out/meeting room. Got so much done today. Complete 100% focus. =) / I love days like today when everyone is on the same wavelength. It’s especially a good sign when Client Services and Studio find themselves on the exact same line of thought and inspiration without prompt and lots of smiling high-fives. This new microsite is going to be awesome! =D / I love IKEA. / And I love the fact that I just purchased this massive rug that I have been wanting to buy for years! / I love that it’s like summer in the fall and I still get to wear shorts in October and sit at the park for lunch. / And I love it when things are so funny you have tears rolling down your face – especially when you’re on a bus late at night and everyone’s trying hard not to stare at you! If you want to have an absolute riot at work, read this!

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