Day 354: Being able to work on Tom’s canal-side patio for 15 mins, Grilled aubergines, TechCrunch and Having a friendship network that actually spans the entire globe…

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king's cross canal



krissa's friend network

Today, grateful Tom offered to let Louis and I work on his patio and catch 15 mins of sun! / Today, I’m grateful for TechCrunch and finding this interesting map that shows me where all my friends are in the world… Intriguing… … … Though I have to say that looks pretty impressive. I love being a Global Nomad and TCK =D It has its perks =)  / Grilled aubergines = YUM! More please! x


Day 338: Girl Model documentary, Iron Rich Foods, Khloe and Lamar, Hallway convos with Kat and Working on The Fallen…

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girl model documentary

iron rich foods

khloe and lamar

school hallway

the fallen

I’m grateful for the documentary, “Girl Model”. Not because it’s a particularly joyful topic… But because it made me grateful that I didn’t have to live my life this way. / Today… I practically ate a whole garden full of iron-rich foods… I’ve been feeling really really low on energy lately and something just wasn’t feeling right… Did some research. Bought some goods. Ate them all. Now feeling much much better. Thank god for that! / Is it bad to say I love The Kardashian show so much I now follow the spin-off about Khloe and Lamar?? Oh no… Maybe I should have kept that too myself! =| =p / I like how Kat and I can literally plant ourselves anywhere in the house and still feel comfortable. Now that’s a good house! Grateful! / On the way home… just thinking as I do… Maya threw a brick down on me from heaven and told me what I had to do. So when I couldn’t sleep this evening… guess what I did? I went ahead and started working on The Fallen! Yea, remember that?! =p Now let’s hope this version of the bridge sticks! And let’s hope all the rest of my #futureplanning goes well so I can finally have the time and means to support myself and write this book once and for all! Patience, they say, is a virtue… x

Day 336: Switchfoot, The Vitamin String Quartet, Shredding Veggies and The day I finished my Yoga internship…

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a walk to remember

the violin string quartet

fresh salad with kewpie japanese dressing

Today, I spent the whole day finishing off my yoga internship requirements and homework, while listening to the most amazing rendition of Switchfoot’s “Dare you to move” by The Violin String Quartet… This will always be one of my favourite songs… And this instrumental version of it just… takes my breath away. Very happy today, and very grateful =) x / Who knew shredding vegetables could be so much fun!! Why did I not think of this before??? SO. YUM… NOM! =D / PS – remember this film? Yea… long time ago huh? =) x

Day 305: Getting locked out of my house and Leeks!

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finsbury park

finsbury park circus

Isaac Newton apple


Today, I accidentally locked myself out of the house for an hour and a half after biting the bullet and going for my first “run” of the summer. But it’s okay. Because during those 90 minutes waiting for Kat to come home and save me, I came up with another brilliant idea to sell and market #futureplanning. Realised you just gotta f*ckin OWN IT! And so we shall. / Leeks. I love leeks. So simple. So YUM. It is now in my tum. =D =) x

Day 298: Capital Cities and Homemade Moroccan food…

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capital cities

homemade moroccan food

Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound” – great track. Grateful! / Homemade food inspired by Moroccan cuisine. Grateful… and YUM! =)

Day 292: 50% off Rush Haircuts, Tofu Salad with Peanut Sauce and Alpro Chocolate Soya Milk…

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rush salon

rush salon london

alpro chocolate soya milk

tofu salad with peanut sauce

Grateful I decided to shop around and find this 50% off deal for first-time haircuts at Rush =) / Grateful for being able to – more or less – recreate my favourite Just Salad salad – Tofu, spinach, beans and a whole lotta greens tossed in a crunchy peanut sauce… Mmmm. YUM! Who said being vegetarian was boring! 😉 / Bloat-free Chocolate milk. Mmmm. YUM!

Day 282: The Milky Way Tree, Ryvita with Moroccan Hummus, Every time my sister interrupts me at work and Corporate apologies…

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the milkyway tree

photo credit:




To make a Milky Way Tree: warm a handful of fake (Quorn) chicken meat; chop and dice fresh, plump avocadoes; toss some fresh, crunchy spinach leaves; serve all together with a natural yoghurt and fresh lemon pepper sauce and voila! – you have just tasted a little bit of heaven… Grateful! / Ryvita with Moroccan hummus = YUM! / Every time my sister pesters and pings and pings and pesters to chat and to video skype at work… I am grateful. I mean, look at that face! How could I possibly resist?! =) / Thanks, C, for the formal apology. I’d rather ctrl + R though and start afresh =)

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