Day 357: Dharma Thai Workshop, The Art of War, Witnessing Mo Farah beat The Cube, Vita Coco and Gange-a-Midi…

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dharma thai workshop, indaba yoga


dharma thai 1

dharma thai 2

dharma thai 3

dharma thai 4

dharma thai 5

dharma thai 6

dharma thai 7

dharma thai 8

dharma thai 13

dharma thai 9

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dharma thai 12




the cube

mo farah the cube

The formula for a perfect, balanced, chilled-out Saturday is pretty simple: Embrace the summer monsoon with this Gange-a-Midi track. / Practice 90 mins of yoga with Jessica, followed by 90 mins of Thai massage basics with Rob and Casi. / Purchase 1 serving of cold, refrigerated Vita Coco and thank god you finally love coconut water and thus, feel normal. / Come up to the Stricklands, home away from home away from home… / Show Gracie some tricks of the trade… I have to say, it is friggin awesome and inspiring seeing a 7-yr-old do half of the Dharma II stuff I would normally teach in class! Crow to headstand included! Honestly, if I’d started this young… … I would’ve probably been taken off the planet by now. / Witnessing Mo Farah beat The Cube… WITH 6 LIVES LEFT! What a legend. Really, truly, made of gold! / Master Sun said: ‘Know the enemy, Know yourself, And victory Is never in doubt, Not in a hundred battles.’ He who knows self But not the enemy Will suffer one defeat For every victory. He who knows Neither self Nor enemy Will fail In every battle. – #futureplanning – comp analysis. Status: complete. Sweet. =)


Day 338: Girl Model documentary, Iron Rich Foods, Khloe and Lamar, Hallway convos with Kat and Working on The Fallen…

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girl model documentary

iron rich foods

khloe and lamar

school hallway

the fallen

I’m grateful for the documentary, “Girl Model”. Not because it’s a particularly joyful topic… But because it made me grateful that I didn’t have to live my life this way. / Today… I practically ate a whole garden full of iron-rich foods… I’ve been feeling really really low on energy lately and something just wasn’t feeling right… Did some research. Bought some goods. Ate them all. Now feeling much much better. Thank god for that! / Is it bad to say I love The Kardashian show so much I now follow the spin-off about Khloe and Lamar?? Oh no… Maybe I should have kept that too myself! =| =p / I like how Kat and I can literally plant ourselves anywhere in the house and still feel comfortable. Now that’s a good house! Grateful! / On the way home… just thinking as I do… Maya threw a brick down on me from heaven and told me what I had to do. So when I couldn’t sleep this evening… guess what I did? I went ahead and started working on The Fallen! Yea, remember that?! =p Now let’s hope this version of the bridge sticks! And let’s hope all the rest of my #futureplanning goes well so I can finally have the time and means to support myself and write this book once and for all! Patience, they say, is a virtue… x

Day 324: Gary Schyman, Praan, RelaxDaily No 27, The Best DnB Song Ever, The Secession Studios, Grasshopper… and the Kardashians!

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Thank you, Gary, for composing this song. It’s beautifully uplifting. I would go out and buy a piano now if I could just to learn how to play this song! =) / Grateful my YouTube hopping today took me to the RelaxDaily channel. Looks like today is going to be piano appreciation day! / The Secession Studios – I think I have listened to this track about 50x today. I wonder why… Daring to dream big perhaps? 😉 / This, truly is, one of “the best dnb songs ever“. Sunny day + The Verve + a bit of epic dnb = big fat YES PLEASE! =D / Grasshopper, I quite like this video of yours. Very inspiring… and timely. I’m glad I found it =) x / There is a light at the end of the tunnel (which isn’t even a bad tunnel really! =p). And I’m running straight for it. Whatever the outcome, it will be a good one. =) x / PS – I have a secret to tell. I… ermm… I secretly love the Kardashians… =/ There, I said it! DAMMIT!

Day 311: Covering my mentor, teaching my 8th yoga class and the Sh’boss boys…

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door of opportunity

taking a leap of faith


Perhaps the greatest honour, is when a teacher turns to a student and puts the chalk in his hand. When someone believes in you that much, it is hard not to believe in yourself. So thank you, Mark, for turning today on its head and reminding me that you never really know what the day has in store for you until it’s over. Every second, a million other decisions are being made in the world that will – whether you know it or not – have some sort of effect in your life. This may be immediate, or it may come as a ripple that arrives minutes, hours, days… years later. Who knows? Thank you for keeping me on my toes and giving me the opportunity to learn and be challenged once again; the opportunity to practice humility and remember that I am nothing but a vessel, through which all learnings and inspiration find expression. From here, it only gets better. Grateful. / On a lighter note… this audition by the Sh’boss boys… is The cutest thing ever. “One day, we was listening to the wadio. And we started wappin!” Lord you could only wish your kids were this cute!

Day 280: Teaching my 3rd yoga class, Selling my 2nd yoga mat, Lunch with the meditators, Tyler James, Ruth Brown, Jaz Ellington and VIP midnight meetings…

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lively chatter

calm, happy, content

centred, blissful, at peace

tyler james

ruth brown

jaz ellington

number one


Meeting Room

Grateful for the opportunity to teach my 3rd yoga class, and Illy for bringing her friend, Claire, along to join =) / Grateful for selling off my 2nd yoga mat. Not so much for the money, but more because every time someone comes up to me to pay for a yoga mat, that’s one more person that’s become serious about yoga and one more person I have, hopefully, and in some way, helped steer in the right direction. / Getting a class to go from this (image 1), to this (image 2) and possibly this (image 3) = one of the best things I love about teaching yoga so far… Bliss =) / Grateful for lunch with my two Vipassana meditating buddies and Dani. I really must try this some time… / I pretty much loved the soundtrack from this week’s episode of The Voice. Tyler James – thank you for introducing me to this beautiful song and James Vincent McMorrowThink about it, there must be a higher love… / Ruth Brown – every time you sing, I think of your story and I cannot help but stifle a tear. Every word and note you sing is so full of sincerity and emotion. Man you just get me every time! / Mr Jaz Ellington. Mr Jaz, jaz, jaz, jaz… You just are the smoothest thing to hit town aren’t you? Cannot wait to buy your album and listen to it while sipping on a glass of red, lying in the bath, or reading my favourite book, curled up by the window, underneath the sun… Mmmmmmm… =) / Matt and Sueleen – beautiful duet to a classic song. Grateful to have heard your harmonies tonight… Reminds me of the kind of music my parents used to play at home =) / VIM with VIP = success = grateful. #Futureplanning

Day 259: Electric Blankets, Take Me Out, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice…

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take me out

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

BGT - Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey

BGT - Mr Zip

the voice uk

Grateful for electric blankets! / (1 x trashy TV) + (1 x brilliant new show) + (n x talent) = 100% compensation for 1 x entire Saturday working on #futureplanning. / Take me out – well, when you’re looking for mindless and incredibly shallow entertainment on a Saturday evening… this is it! “Noh likeh? Noh lighteh!”/ As for The Voice – let’s just say when you have Will.I.Am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny from The Script all together, throwing mock-insults by trying to out-sing and out-talent each other, it just makes really good TV. Quote of the week: “We’re gonna whop-whop-whop-whop-WHOP their ass!” (Need I say who this was?) / Britain’s Got Talent – so worth it just to fall in love, dance with a dog and, well… find me keys and me phone 😉

Day 258: First day of Easter weekend, Teaching my first class in the park, Trashy TV marathon and The O.C.!

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finsbury park

finsbury park

yoga in the park

made in chelsea

keep calm and marry prince harry

the o.c.

Grateful for the day off and the first day of this long Easter weekend =) / Grateful for the gorgeous weather this morning and teaching my first mini-class in the park. / Grateful for Finsbury Park Cafe, which has a decent and broad enough menu. Ohhh weekends with Kat are going to be glorious =) / Grateful for the group chill-out session in Jo’s living room, snacking on guacamole and trashy TV, cosy and warm away from the cold outside. / Grateful for 2 hours worth of re-runs watching The O.C. Californiaaaa… Califooorniaaaaaa… HERE WE COME! I tell ya, you should’ve seen our expressions when Summer mentioned, “the end of 2003 and beginning of a new year!” It was something along the lines of: =O Followed by a unanimous: “Oh. my. god. That was NINE YEARS AGO!! Oh… where did all the time go?!

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