Day 364: Every time Granny waves goodbye from her window, Seeing Aunty Lorna & Callum’s new house, Catching up with Aunty Pauline and The Bungo…

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granny's house
the bungo, glasgow
Alan, Grandad, Callum, Granny, Lorna, Krissa, Pauline
krissa & joy

Grateful today for Alan driving Joy and I to Granny’s house, and every time Granny waves good-bye from her window until your car drives out of sight. / Grateful to have finally seen Lorna and Callum’s new home =) Because it really is lovely! / The Bungo – perfect place for dinner, dessert aaaand one too many rounds of drinks. Thank you, Joy, for recommending and for rushing over after work =) Great seeing you again, as always! =) / Aunty Pauline, it’s 3.54 am and I’m tired, but I’m grateful for having another late night catch up and heart-to-heart with you in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for always being so supportive. Much love to you all, – k. x


Day 363: Beautiful Scottish weather, Melancholia, Being back at Pauline & Alan’s, Bryan, Kris, Mally and Gill!

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Who would’ve thought Scotland would have better weather than England! But there you go… Grateful for the opportunity to walk around Edinburgh this afternoon, soak up a bit of sun and feel the buzz of a regular afternoon on George St. / Bryan, thank you so much for your time today. Definitely worth it! / Gill, lovely to meet you, and Mally and Kris… and everyone else =) I have every faith… / Melancholia – artistically, intelligently, I appreciate your brilliance and I commend you on your success. I wasn’t really expecting an apocalyptic film (that’s two now this week + 3 planetary coincidences, recent dreams included!) but for what it was, I can’t fault it. And judging by the reviews, neither can the critics! / Aunty Pauline, Alan – it’s good to be back =) x


Day 362: St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, Survey Monkey, Instagram, The Ritz Hotel and my trip to Jupiter!

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Satisfying my travel bug!

The view I always look forward to when I know I'm going somewhere...

St Stephen's church, Edinburgh

Home sweet home... for tonight!

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

Settling in...

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

surveymonkey logo

St Vincent Street, hello! Grateful to have arrived safely! / Edinburgh… you got a nice feel about you. Tomorrow, we can play. But today, I must focus. This empire ain’t gonna build itself! =p / Today I am grateful for Instagram. I’m grateful for Instagram because Instagram makes an already awesome day look that. much. cooler! =) / Oh hello quirky little Scottish hotel that couldn’t possibly get any more Scottish! Lol. The Ritz sure is one of a kind! =p I could get used to this… / Today I’m grateful for Survey Monkey. I mean, we spent enough time together this afternoon! =/ =p But, to be fair. It could have been worse. This is actually a great app… / Had the most amazing dream last night. Had only 3 hrs sleep but in that time I was up in the stars, staring at Jupiter… 🙂 Felt like home.


This was the closest picture I could find…

Day 125: King’s Cross St. Pancras, Glasgow by plane and Kavesh!

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st pancras stationst pancraseasyjet boarding at nightglasgowkrissa and kavesh

She said, “find the red hot chilli peppers in life”. And he did. =)

Grateful I can just step out of the office and walk straight into King’s Cross St Pancras to catch my train to Luton. How convenient is that! / There is something about airports and the thought of getting on an airplane that gets me really excited. Glasgow is only 1 hour away but I tell you! – standing in that queue waiting to board; stepping out into the chilly cold and wet, wet night; hearing the high-pitched squealing of engines and seeing that orange and white plane all lit up with spotlights while I crossed the glistening, charcoal-coloured tarmac… I couldn’t help but do a little whoop and victory dance inside my head. Yesss, here we go again! / Today I am grateful for the text message that broke my intense concentration and nostalgia at work, and filled me instead with good news and happiness… Kav, am so happy and chuffed and proud of you! One year on and see how far you’ve come =) I knew there was a reason I pushed you here! =) Well done. And it has been great spending loadsa time with you again =) x

Day 102: Getting my visa approved and our staff Christmas trip to Marrakesh!

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Need I say anything else? My closest and dearest will know how much time, effort, worry, upset and perseverance went into getting this piece of paper (and its post-study predecessor) approved. So I guess all that’s left to say is: Hey! Look! I GOT IT!  – That just goes to show that you never really know how your day’s going to turn out until the day is actually over and the clock strikes midnight. This was… the most pleasant surprise. “Pleasant” being a gross understatement. / I am grateful Kav changed his mind in the end and I finally got to try out the new Malaysian restaurant on Charing Cross Road. / I’m even happier I had the company of one of my bestest mates when I got home tonight to find the long-awaited visa application pack waiting on my bed to deliver my fate. / And finally, I’m grateful I can finally put this all to rest for the next 3 years and finally look forward to what can only be the best office Christmas party yet… Baby, WE’RE GOING TO MARRAKESH! 😉 =D

Day 100: 100 Days of Appreciation, 12-month Platinum (International) Gym Membership, Vietnamese Coffee and Vermicelli!

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serenity prayer

fitness first platinumvietnamese coffeebun ga nuong

100 Days of Appreciation and I feel like I’m on Everest. =)

Thank you, Fitness First, for my special 12-month gym package which allows me access to all Platinum and Blue coded gyms here and all over the world. / Thank you for my free gifts. / And thank you for the extra 2 months I get at the end of it! / I heart vietnamese coffee and bun ga nuong (grilled chicken and vermicelli salad). / And I’m glad that in this lifetime, I got to visit the country that created it all! =)

Day 99: Thelma & Louise, witnessing the world turn orange at sunset, combat boots and veggie sausages from WOW!

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thelma and louisecombat boots

I was trying to think what it is about road trips with Jo that I love. Is it the music? The company? Getting to kick off my shoes in the front seat? Is it the service station stop offs and the cups of crap coffee to keep us awake on the drive home the next day? Is it simply the convenience and continuous novelty of being driven in a car, or the fact that, because we’re such good friends, we don’t really feel the need to make conversation the entire time and that’s perfectly okay? Is it screaming old school tunes and the latest chart toppers at the top of our lungs, off-key and not giving a damn? Is it the catching up the morning (or afternoon) after and the one-on-one heart-to-hearts speeding down the motorway? And then I realized I cannot pinpoint one of these things because it is all of these things that make our roadtrips and weekend getaways special. So thanks, Jo, for another UH!-mehzin weekend. I think the film says it best: “Somebody said get a life… so they did!” =) / So happy with my new combat boots! / I love those precious and unexpected moments when the beauty of the world just takes you by surprise. Like when you’re so absorbed reading trashy, guilty pleasures like OK! magazine that when you lift your head at 4.36 pm to see the most beautiful motorway in your life, you cannot help but scare your driver shitless by going “WOWWWWW!!!” / Speaking of WOW, if you’re ever in Cardiff and vegetarian (or simply fancy a veggie meal), check this place out. They have the best breakfast vegetarian sausages ever. EVER. =)

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