Day 347: Hanging with Sue at the American Club, Finding spare earphones at home, Nabbing the one spare table at Starbuck’s, Green Naked smoothies, The day my printer cable arrived and TriYoga!

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american club singapore

white apple earphones


Naked Antixoxidant Green Smoothie

Canon printer usb cable


Ok, so technically I wasn’t exactly with Sue at the American Club in Singapore… But I might as well have been! 😉 Grateful! Thanks for the time, chica! Miss you! / Grateful I found this spare set of earphones lying on the floor of our living room. My last ones are busted! / You know that feeling when you spot the last spare table at a really busy restaurant or cafe… and your heart starts to race as you look around really quickly to see if anyone has noticed… and then absolutely running for it to claim what is now rightfully yours…? Yea. That. I love that! 😉 / Naked’s super green antioxidant smoothies. I love! Iron in a bottle. Hurray! / Well whatdya know! My printer cable actually arrived! Wehey! / TriYoga… possibly couldn’t get any more different in terms of look, feel, space, mood from Indaba… But there is something characteristically charming about this place. Look at it! =) Just signed up for a 2 week tester to take a whole bunch of Ashtanga classes for a change. Haven’t done a pure Ashtanga class in years! Just something I feel will benefit and strengthen my practice even more. Need to get in touch with those deep down bandhas!! See how it goes =) The body knows what it wants. 😉 x / PS – Happy 4th of July!!! Thank you Leela for taking the time to teach tonight anyway =)


Day 344: Futureplanning MM IV, My new Canon printer (which Ash carried!), Macaroons and The Toe Tales of Kat and Krissa!

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let's get down to business



canon printer

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

MM IV for #futureplanning. Grateful! Now let’s get down to business! / So glad I finally got a new printer for the house! Hurrayyyy!! – Ash, thank you so much for carrying this for me! Hope your arms are all buff now for it! =p / Macaroons… little sweet cakes from heaven! / The Toe Tales of Kat and Krissa… I think these screenshots from my phone say it all… It’s incredible how much we amuse ourselves… hahaha x

Day 322: Teaching my 10th yoga class, My remote control apps, Buysellads, Movie2k and my local HSBC…

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Hippo touch pad remote



Today, I taught my 10th yoga class. Illy and Dani got up into their headstands. Amazing. Grateful! / So I discovered these nifty little apps called Hippo LITE and simply ‘Remote’. Hippo LITE turns your phone intro a trackpad that controls the mouse on your laptop. ‘Remote’ syncs up to your iTunes so that every morning when you are groggy in bed and still under the covers, you can roll over and press a button on your phone that will blast ‘Sweet Disposition’ from the speakers on your desk. LOVE. IT. Oh, mornings are glorious these days =) / BuySellAds – boy did you just make my research so much easier! =D Thank you. Grateful! =D / Movie2k – my new favourite evening pastime. Grateful! (Especially now I have my Hippo!! YES!) / HSBC – we all know it’s the world’s local bank. But when you actually have a local bank at the end of your street. Well, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m gonna be grateful! =D So convenient… Thank you, Ulla, for taking time to see me at the end of your shift. Much appreciated. x

Day 285: Virgin broadband, Kes the band and The day Ali arrives in London!

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virgin broadband

kes the band

ali, yvette and krissa

Today, we finally got our Virgin broadband installed. So grateful! / Today, we listened to Kes the band at work! It reminded me of good times and the better part of Caribbean life. Grateful! / Today, my cousin Ali arrived in town. Grateful! =) x

Day 270: NZCA/LINES, Beef with tofu, My big-ass computer screen, Steve Kamb and the Results-Oriented Approach…

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beef with tofu

tv in bed

satc season 2

ron burgundy

steve kamb

Thank you, Jo, for introducing me to NZA/LINES. Good tunes for a Wednesday, I say! Favourites for today: Okinawa Channels and Compass points. “A sleek synthetic sound driven by a heart of human loneliness and longing… Seduced by psychology, spirituality, science fiction, Peruvian geoglyphs and forward-thinking RnB production, Michael Lovett’s arrival at gossamer synths-laden electro pop is a pleasing surprise amidst such eclecticism… Creating a world of dystopian landscapes, populated by lost souls and lost lovers, it’s a set that’s apocalyptic without needing any blockbuster dramatics to paint a bleak picture of a future full of roaming sentinels and desperate biomechanics.”Reef Younis. Now if that doesn’t sell it, I don’t know what will! / (Soy) Beef with tofu = YUM. Who says you can’t have momma’s cooking when you’re a veggie? =p =D / Grateful for nights in and SATC + Anchorman reruns with Kat. Especially when you have big-ass computer screens to play them on in my room (Thanks LH!). I swear this is just like high school all over again. The funniest part was probably when Kat and I both fell asleep at 9.30 pm, propped up in bed on each other’s shoulders. I think we’re getting old… =/ My name is Ron Burgundy? As for the SATC episode reference – Well, haven’t we all been there! / Steve Kamb, thank you so much for doing this. You have officially reignited my already perpetual wanderlust. / You know what I really love? The fact that my entire life, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by people (parents, mentors, teachers, managers) that have given me free reign to deliver through a results-orientated approach instead of forcing tasks to be slipped into a certain time slot in a day, just for the sake of it. When I say it will get done, it will get done. And people trust that. And for that I am grateful. Why? Because it has taught me the importance of time-management and prioritisation. And it has and continues to enable me to do all the things i have to do, in all the different fractions of my life. The end! x

Day 238: Long-ass layovers, Getting up to speed on my blogs, My iPad, the AA Admirals Club and MasterCard’s Free WiFi Zone at JFK…

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blog update

ipad 2 black

Ok, I’ll keep this short but sweet. Today I’m grateful for long-ass layovers. Long-ass layovers means time to reflect, time to get back up to speed with this blog, and plenty of time to read Autobiography of a Yogi, which has been impossible to put down except to write this blog (something, in case you haven’t noticed, I am equally passionate about! Apart from furthering my yogic studies that is :p ). / Grateful for the AA Admirals Club, not because I can get in, but because from the outside, it’s the perfect place to steal a bit of free WiFi if you know where to sit 😉 It might be slow and frequently cut off as it’s sensitive to the throng of moving bodies around Miami airport and JFK. But at least it’s something! / Further grateful for the airport officer that informed me of the MasterCard WiFi lounge ‘just around the corner’ (:p) from where I’d been sitting near the AA Admirals Lounge. Another good reason all travelers should invest in a MasterCard-endorsed Cash Passport. 🙂 / You know what else I have really come to appreciate and love? This iPad! The world, portable and instantly accessible (well, if you’re near the AA Admirals Lounge that is! :p) at your fingertips. Can’t believe the new iPad has just come out as well! Has it really been that long?? But I just bought this thing!! / Ok. So I’m grateful for catching flight 13 of 14 from Miami to New York. Just… one…more… to go. And with that, I guess I bid thee farewell. Until I resume my life… and karma… back in London. Hope you have a good weekend. With love, k. x

Day 196: Nawaz, Trudging through snow, Drink Shop Do, World Mate, Tash and Badger!

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tash, krissa and tez

tash, krissa and tez

krissa and tash

48 lant street

trudging through snow

drink shop do

drink shop do


Grateful for Nawaz – best indian restaurant in town! No, seriously. Just don’t tell your friends ok? Don’t want this place getting too mobbed! =p / Love trudging through snow! =) I’m one of those people that will purposefully go out of my way to trudge and slush and smush through snow! I actually got in trouble twice tonight for accidentally kicking snow onto people’s legs at the bus stop. hahaha / Drink Shop & Do – what an awesome venue and concept for a bar cum cafe cum arts and crafts centre cum shop cum night club. ❤ it. / World Mate – the travel app that will (and already has!) made my life a whole lot easier and will hopefully mean I will never miss another flight in my life again! =D / Tash, Badger – love you both. Very much grateful to still have you in my life =) So great seeing and spending time with you tonight. Here’s to good ol’ no. 48. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.” – seems only appropriate that I quote Mr Dickens, considering we lived right next door =)  x

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