Day 310: The ‘Thank You’ Prayer, Summer picnics on the roof and Paula Cole…

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master eckhart thank you

vegetarian moroccan platter

summer picnic date

summer picnic date

paula cole i don't want to wait

dawson's creek

“If the only prayer you said in your life was ‘Thank you’, that would suffice.” – I think this message by Eckhart sums this blog up quite nicely in 16 words. I wish I could be so concise! 😉 Alas, I’ve yet another 56 days to make my point =p / Summer picnics with Kat and Sue on the roof. Grateful! / I am really loving this dish right now. I call it ‘My Vegetarian Moroccan Rice Bowl’, except I use cous cous instead of rice =p YUM! / Today, my mom asked me if I’d heard of this song by Paula Cole. I was like, Mom – we grew up listening to this song! Remember when music videos used to look like this?! Bet you feel old now, huh! =p Anyway, nice bit of nostalgia and admission there for you x


Day 308: Teaching my 7th yoga class, Stefan Sagmeister, Homemade Mojitos, Backyard BBQs, Anna, Frankie and a bit of Bob Marley…

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stefan sagmeister


krissa, frankie, banans


Today I taught my 7th yoga class… Grateful! / Stefan Sagmeister – Inspired. Grateful! So happy my book finally arrived =D Cannot wait to read =) / Homemade mojitos + Frankie + Banans + BBQ + a bit ‘a Bob Marley… well that’s about as chilled a Saturday as you can get, really! Ohhhhhh… Grateful! 😉

Day 307: Mad Libs, Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider, Yasai Chilli Men and Handstand Practice…

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mad libs

rekorderlig strawberry lime cider

wagamama yasai chilli men


Mad Libs… what a great inspiration. #futureplanning. / Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider + Summer Sun = YUM! Thanks Zac! / Yasai Chilli Men at Wag your mama’s + Rendezvous at Chez Boul = YUM! / Handstand Practice = … YUM?! 😉 Make your hands like feet, and stand! One day… soon. =) x

Day 189: Bondi Beach, Australian Summers, Ivy Bar, The Argyle and James!

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bondi headstand

bondi fresh

bondi beach

bondi beach lifeguards

krissa and gwen

live the life you love

live the life you love


ivy bar sydney

ivy bar sydney

ivy bar sydney

american eagle

the argyle, the rocks, sydney

the argyle, the rocks, sydney

the argyle, the rocks, sydney

From snow in the Scottish highlands last weekend to soft, pale yellow sand in Sydney this week… I can hardly complain. Right now, life really couldn’t get any better than this! =) / I ❤ Bondi beach and the fact that Gwen and I got to get our tans on during the 4 hours in the day the sun actually came out =) / I love Sydney in the Sun. Now THIS is the Australia I’ve been waiting for! / Grateful for the opportunity to experience Ivy Bar – Sydney’s ‘place to be’ for the creme de la creme of the social elite. Not exactly my ideal cup of tea but it was an experience all the same =) Besides, the actual venue itself was amazing –  Huge. Spacious. A bit of Art Nouveau mixed with hyperbolic instalments like giant hanging ivy plant pots, huge watering can showers to cool people down and cute little yellow drinking cups that looked like plant pots you’d put out in your spring garden… Inner balconies. Swimming pool. Rooftop bars… It was basically like the Kensington Roof Gardens in London… Except bigger. Better. And about 15 times more pretentious. / Thanks, Jesse, for the drink. Too bad the hook was just a little bit OTT for my liking! / Grateful for The Argyle at The Rocks. Now this is more my thing! =) Replace oversized plant pots with giant 20-foot high lamps; Barbie dolls with Indie-Rock Bratz types; white venetian balconies with rustic wooden beams; long red carpets with uneven cobble stones… In a nutshell, if The Ivy were a bird, it would be a peacock. And The Argyle, the great American Eagle. If The Ivy was like the Kensington Roof Gardens. The Argyle would be more like Mahiki… but with a bit of Shoreditch cool and edginess throw in as well =) And if The Ivy was a drink it would be a flute of champagne with strawberries in it. And The Argyle would be like an aged and classic malt whisky – rich. warming. adventurous. golden. Now what would you prefer? 😉 / Thanks, James, for taking care of Gem and I tonight. Lord knows we needed it 😉 x

Day 71: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, chasing after sun, getting invited to a BBQ by a bunch of complete strangers and chocolate guinness cake!

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sir giles gilbert scott building, putney

shadow on grass
I’ve lived in a 5-bedroom house with a swimming pool, 2 kitchens and room service; 3 and 30-storey high condo blocks; a seaside flat and a hilltop duplex… I’ve lived on an island where I had to take a ferry to school every morning. I’ve lived in halls. I’ve lived in an ex council house flat and a couple of flats that roasted above the local chicken shops. I’ve lived in an old gatekeeper’s cottage and a fully-serviced apartment. I’ve lived in a 5-star beach resort and I now live in a pretty pimping house with two surfboards in the garden, a marble bathroom (still, clearly, can’t get over that!) and a crazy actor for a housemate that leaves me 6-minute voicemails about nothing in particular and random free merchandise as pressents on my bed every other day… But never, have I lived in a place like Sir Giles Gilbert Scott… What a truly strange but fascinating brief it must have been – to turn an old college into a living complex split into 100 luxury properties of different sizes, shapes and appeal. Well done, Anna. What an awesome find! / Thank you, Jules and co. for randomly inviting us up to your BBQ and satisfying our curiosity as to what those magnificent flats must be like. / Thank you for showing me what South African hospitality is like. Thank you for the wine (great red, whatever it was!) and for the blue cheese sausages – Blue. Cheese. Sausages! How could I pass up on that! It would have been rude and very un-appreciative not to at least try… / I love it when you lie on a big patch of grass in the summer (let’s face it – with this weather, it might as well be!) and chase after the sun as it swoops across the ground, west-bound. / Thank you, Verity, for the amazing Chocolate Guinness cake. W-O-W. What a treat!!

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