Day 179: My first set of snow gear, Ping Pong and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali…

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snow gear

ping pong

yoga sutras of patanjali

Grateful for the sales at Mountain Warehouse. Meant I got to purchase my first set of snowgear for this weekend! Woo! Exciting times ahead =) / Grateful for Ping Pong and 3.5 hours of catching up with Leigh. It continuous to amaze me how much our lives parallel each other. It’s really weird. Every time we speak or meet, there’s about 5 more detailed facts we find out about each other that makes us go… “Okay. That’s weird. Don’t freak out but…” I love it. I don’t get it. But I love it. I’m grateful we can connect that way =) / The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali… finally completed Books 1 and 2 and really loved and truly, fully, appreciated every second reading it. I’m grateful this was on my booklist and I was encouraged to delve into this properly. This and the Bhagavad Gita… the best chicken soup combo for the soul =)


Day 141: Quad Biking across the Moroccan Desert…

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quad biking marrakechmarrakech quad biking101010 quad biking adventurequad biking marrakechmarrakech desert
Today, we went quad biking through palm tree forests and the dry, desert earth of Morocco. Grateful. Appreciative. Awesome! / So glad to have had dinner with the whole 101010 team tonight =) What a (filthy) riot! =p / Love late night chats with the boys and Jo. Perfect end to amazing weekend =) Now to catch up on sleep! x

Day 85: AUS 6 – NZ 20, Young’s Cod Steaks, Listening to Kav play the guitar & Johnny!

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johnny x factor - kylie minogueAustralia VS New Zealand Rugbyyoung's cod steaksAnother early morning wake up call to watch the rugby semi-finals. Thank god for alarm clocks and persistent snooze buttons! / Really enjoyed lunch on the patio with Kav – 4 Young’s cod steaks; free pouring of brown, whole wheat fusilli; few bits of porcini mushrooms, 1 x can of broad beans, 1 x OXO veggie stock cube, 1 x spoonful of butter and freshly cracked black pepper = YUM. / Thanks Kav and Sy for helping to do the dishes. / Kav – great listening to you play new songs on the guitar (or at least, songs I haven’t heard you play before) / Johnny. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny… What can I say? You had the whole house in hysterics last night with your ridiculous performance. You might be a joke (I don’t really know if we’re genuinely expected to take all this seriously??) – but the whole nation will keep watching because laughing that hard is just so good for the soul!

Day 79: Lunchtime Pool Sessions, (Winning), Rihanna and Hummingbird Cupcakes…

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purple pool tablerihanna cheers drink to thathummingbird-bakery-jam-doughnut-cupcake
Thank you, Rihanna, for releasing this song so that “all the semi-alcoholics in the world” (quote!) could wake up on a Monday morning with a spring in their step, a smile on their face and generally feeling good about themselves, the weekend, friends and…well, life. Hello, world! / Thanks, Dom, for pushing us out the door to make the most of our lunch-break. Those 2 games of pool filled the hour quite nicely… Especially when you win the first round 😉 / Hilarious moment of the day #1: Abdi trying to break the rack and the ball flying straight off the table and landing with a deafening smack on the floor (no bounce!) / Hilarious moment of the day #2: Dom trying to break the rack and the cue ball bouncing straight over the triangle, hitting the back edge of the table, and bouncing straight back at him over the triangle! I mean, what are the odds!! / Hilarious moment of the day #3, 4, 5, 6, 7: Ask Jo because I certainly cannot repeat it on here! / Thank you, Tom, for surprise present of the day: Hummingbird Cupcake, Jam Doughnut goodness! Spoiled! =) / Update: I am also grateful Shay and I finally managed to catch up on Skype last night. WAY overdue. x

Day 67: My first ever live football match & Your Mum!

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Arsenal VS Olympiakos Game 28 September 2011Emirates StadiumYour Mum Digital Agency
Arsenal 2. Olympiakos 1 – The final score of my first ever football match. What fun!! =D Highlights of the evening: Getting Jo to explain to me, in less than 10 minutes and on the way to the game, what the difference is between the Champions League and the Premiere League; swiping in for free; practically front-row seats; witnessing my first goal at 8 mins into the game and having a semi-late, half-subdued reaction; witnessing my second goal and finding that in the last twelve minutes, it’s become inherently natural for me to jump out of my seat with the crowd, roar, and throw my fists in the air like a pro; listening to outspoken guy behind us throwing profanities and offering his own personal commentary throughout the 90-minute game; watching footballers stretch and warm-up less than 10 metres away – and admiring the view at that!; sliding off the edge of my seat in anticipation and glued excitement, gripping the seat in front of me for support (and feeling Joanna’s hands pull my shoulders back so she, too, could see!); and the best thing about it all? I live just down the road! =) / I’m so glad I discovered Your Mum today. What a brilliant brand for an agency to run away with. The concept is so simple, and so obvious… Makes you wonder why no one thought of capitalising on it sooner! One of the best parts of my day was trying to convince our Head of Digital, Graham, to visit their official website to review. GB: You seriously want me to visit Me: Yes! Graham, I swear it’s not porn!!

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