Day 362: St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, Survey Monkey, Instagram, The Ritz Hotel and my trip to Jupiter!

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Satisfying my travel bug!

The view I always look forward to when I know I'm going somewhere...

St Stephen's church, Edinburgh

Home sweet home... for tonight!

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

Settling in...

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

The Ritz Hotel, Edinburgh

surveymonkey logo

St Vincent Street, hello! Grateful to have arrived safely! / Edinburgh… you got a nice feel about you. Tomorrow, we can play. But today, I must focus. This empire ain’t gonna build itself! =p / Today I am grateful for Instagram. I’m grateful for Instagram because Instagram makes an already awesome day look that. much. cooler! =) / Oh hello quirky little Scottish hotel that couldn’t possibly get any more Scottish! Lol. The Ritz sure is one of a kind! =p I could get used to this… / Today I’m grateful for Survey Monkey. I mean, we spent enough time together this afternoon! =/ =p But, to be fair. It could have been worse. This is actually a great app… / Had the most amazing dream last night. Had only 3 hrs sleep but in that time I was up in the stars, staring at Jupiter… ūüôā Felt like home.


This was the closest picture I could find…


Day 330: Dalai Lama Day 2, Camembert cheese and Our super long train ride home…

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kat at manchester arena

dalai lama uk visit 2012

kat in "mills hills"


branding process

Sometimes the best answers are the most simple. And every now and again, it’s good to be reminded of that. Today I saw the Dalai Lama gave his second talk on “Real Change Happens in the Heart”. When asked if he could please pray for Britain and a better future for our youth, he said something along the lines of: “We pray. For many centuries, many Dalai Lamas pray. But prayer no use if you don’t act. If you don’t act, prayer is just words! It’s nothing!” And when asked how we can save the planet and make it a better and more sustainable place to live, good ol’ Dalai Lama summed it up in two very precise words: “Common. Sense.” – I’m grateful today because so many times over the last year, I’ve had the strangest luck and fortune of having what I am inclined to call ‘guardian angels’ or ‘gurus’ or teachers, mentors and light workers just walk in and out of my life. They come and go, imparting on me their knowledge, some insight, some words of advice… sometimes even a glimpse at the future and very rarely are they wrong. In fact, to be completely honest, I have yet to prove any one of them wrong. My Dalai Lama experience this weekend wasn’t even the best experience I’ve had – it certainly wasn’t the most personal and life-changing one I’ve had – but what I do appreciate about today (and yesterday) is that when you find yourself sitting in a massive arena, with thousands of other people sitting on the edge of their seats, craning their necks and stretching out their ears to soak up every bit of advice, guidance, enlightenment or prophecy they think someone like the Dalai Lama might be able to give them, you have to smile… because at least they are trying. At least, we all are trying. =) / PS – I am also grateful for the moment the Dalai Lama decided to tickle his technician’s armpit… What a legend! / Camembert cheese… YUM! / I don’t want to say I am grateful for the super long train ride home because of the reasons it happened, but I am grateful for the unexpected opportunity it gave me to finish off some very important things that needed to get done… Did someone say #futureplanning? =p x

Day 329: Dalai Lama Day 1, Seeing Mel, The Fitzhughs and Manchester!

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krissa giving tye a belly massage!

krissa giving tye a belly massage!

jo at the station!

jo at the station!

girl on the platform smile

snakes on a train

jo homesick already!

dalai lama and russel brand

krissa and mel

kat teddy

i heart manchester

manchester tram

… yes… I am STILL playing with them today!!! PS – perhaps you can appreciate how MASSIVE Tye is by looking at these pictures. HE IS AS BIG AS ME!!! / Manchester, I love you! You remind me of San Francisco =) Must be the trams… /¬†Never thought I would see this moment… ie the moment 1) Russel Brand and the Dalai Lama would be standing next to each other on stage and 2) the moment the Dalai Lama decides to have a play with Russel’s beard… ūüėČ It was a special moment. haha… Grateful ūüėČ / Mel, lovely to see you as always! Thanks for the drink! My love to you both and hope to see you when you’re next down in London! Hugs x / Today, I got to hang out with these kiddos. SO cute. – thanks for picking me up at the station =) / Mrs Fitzhugh, thank you so much for dinner. It was delicious! And thanks for having me over. Your house is amazing! =) x

Day 326: This morning, Liquid Dub, Liquid DnB, Moustache Smilees, Aunty’s Bracelet and Foyles…

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good morning!

moustache smilee

buddhist bracelet from aunty janice


This morning reflects my mood =) grateful! / This is actually the most chilled out track list in the world. Especially the opening remix of¬†Sweetheart of Kairi. Man you just feel like a balloon lifting higher and higher, getting smaller and smaller in the sky listening to this… =) Awesome. Grateful. / And this… well, this is just powerful! ūüėČ / Today, I discovered you could make moustache smilees! I know! ={O! The conversation went like this:¬†Joanna:¬† holy shit¬†can’t wait to hear this story¬†:S¬†me:¬† haha……yea…..¬†Joanna:¬† okay defo lunch date¬†me:¬† lol thought so¬†=[p¬†woah¬†hahahah¬†its a sticky tongue motuh with a moustache!¬†new smileee!!¬†Joanna:¬† Haha i love it¬†=[)¬†=[(¬†;[P¬†me:¬† )¬†oh¬†Joanna:¬† haha¬†me:¬† OMG¬†it has a tache!!!¬†HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA – Yea. In short? GRATEFUL! / Aunty, thank you so much again for my prayer beads. I will look after them and keep it close to me always =) / Thank you also for offering to bring home some presents for my sister. Really appreciate it =) / I ‚̧ Foyles. Best. Bookstore. Ever. x


Day 279: Stumbling upon tickets to see the Dalai Lama and On Plate, Still Hungry…

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dalai lama 2012

dalai lama

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

I don’t even remember what random train of thought it was, or WWW surfing I did, that brought me to this page today… But boy am I grateful! Because twenty days from today, I will be lucky enough to be sitting in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And what a day that will be =) / On Plate, Still Hungry – cool exhibition. Well done, Protein, and thank you, Kat, for inviting =) Can’t wait to have one of these hanging in our kitchen =) x

Day 161: My first Vedantic gathering and the most sober and sobering start to the new year…

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ohm candles

Tonight, for the first time in about 8 or 9 years, I decided to do something quite different for New Year’s… Instead of strapping on my heels and taking my little black dress off the rails; instead of heading to the middle of town to drown myself in endless rivers of champagne and booze; creating hazy, drunken memories of the last and first night of the year, I decided to pull on my leggings and oversized sweatshirt, slip into my new combat boots and head to a mansion in the middle of Kowloon Tong; find a seat on the floor, in the middle of a big, carpeted room; and prepare myself for the most sober and sobering experience of New Year’s Eve I have ever had. / A lot has happened this year and if personal growth is measured by the number, diversity and impact of experiences one has in a lifetime, then I can honestly say that, to date, I have grown more in the last year than I have any other in my life. For this reason, it was very important to me to make sure that, standing on the cusp of the old year and the new, I paid respect to all I have learned and all I have been through; and maintained a clear, sober and focused mind stepping into 2012. Instead of running away and ‘leaving the past in the past’, I decided to resurrect and face every one of those moments, joyful and sad, long enough to acknowledge and appreciate their worth and reason. / Tonight, I decided to spend my New Year’s Eve enveloped and present in my first Vedantic gathering, repeating a mantra (“Om krishnaya vasudevaya…”) over and over again, 108 times, until it became as easy, invigorating and indispensable as breathing. I then listened to the sound of the Bur Bhuvah¬†mantra chanted 11 times and watched the world turn light and white behind my eyes. / I cannot begin to describe how powerful and transcendental this experience was. I can only say thank you to Kanchan and the Dandwani family for inviting me to witness and be a part of all this. Never have I ever felt myself so activated and ‘switched on’ in my life. It was like I had been sleeping all this time and for the first time, my soul awakened and stretched all the way from the crown of my head to the tips of my fingers and toes. And then some. / I realize this might be a pretty hippy and ‘new age’ way of describing things, and some people might find this hard to digest or believe or understand, but these are the only words I could muster and string together to try and attempt¬†to translate and transcribe all that happened tonight. / The candles in the picture above represent all the personal, sacrificial and world intentions of all those present in the group. My own personal intentions for the upcoming year are illuminated and acknowledged by 3 of those candles on the left hand side. / I appreciate all that has been and passed. / And I am grateful and look forward to all that has yet to come. / Happy New Year! May you also find peace, strength, courage and faith in the upcoming year. With love, krissa. x

Day 144: The Bhagavad Gita.

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Bhagavad Gita

With only one and a half chapters left to go, I think I am justified in saying that this is probably one of the most important and influential books I’ve ever read and will most likely ever read. I understand now why Radhika kept saying I must have been a Hindu in my past life. Never have I come across a piece of text – of poetry – that speaks to and resonates with the deepest thoughts and feelings of my heart. Reading this is like listening to an echo of myself that I have, at some point in time, recorded and thrown into the ether. And which has now come back to me. When you hold this book in your hand, it is like holding the hand of your bestest friend, your lover and your mother all at the same time. I am, and forever will be, grateful for this. / “Fear Not. What is not real, never was and never will be. What is real, always was and cannot be destroyed.”

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