Day 317: Teaching my 9th yoga class, Dani’s cheeks, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Double Rainbows!

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shoulderstand yoga class

dani and the most malleable cheeks in the universe

Diamond Jubilee 2012

picnic time

Diamond Jubilee celebrations 2012

illy poppins

diamond jubillee celebrations 2012

double rainbow!

Diamond Jubilee - Buckingham Palace Concert

Today was probably my favourite day teaching so far… It truly is wonderful watching people progress and continue to push themselves more and more each week. And it’s amazing – like a dance… or a well-rehearsed orchestra – when the class starts to tune into that collective consciousness and begins to move as one. Grateful! =) / Dani… I… umm… There are no words to describe how much I appreciate this photo. I am just grateful I caught it on camera. Because this is priceless, and will probably put a smile on my face any day I want for the rest of my life! =D / St James’ park during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – what a fantastic atmosphere and event to be a part of. It is hard for a TCK to feel any sort of loyalty or patriotic pride towards any given country because, well, we never really know where ‘home’ is. However, at least for today, I got a sense of what it must feel like to be truly proud to be part of something special and something great. Jo, Illy – thanks so much for organising this. What a line-up and what a night! =) =) =) x


Day 306: The day my sister graduates from primary school… and #futureplanning.

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dad, alix, mom

dad, alix

dad, alix, mom

alix meets her teacher for the first time

alix with her primary school teacher

dad and alix

alix, mom

krissa, alix

krissa, alix


My little sister “graduated” from primary school today. And how I remember *this* day so clearly when Mom, Dad and I took her to Discovery College for the first time… That was 4 years ago… Nuts. – Well, I guess today I am grateful for the opportunity to watch her grow, albeit from afar. I have to say, one of the most rewarding things in life is being able to watch a child grow up, and knowing that in some way, shape or form, you’ve played a part in that. One day, Alix will read this blog I’m sure, and if she can take from it even one of the many lessons I have learned this year… then I could only be so grateful knowing that that’s one less thing she has to worry about. =) / Specify your function. OK! #futureplanning. OUT.

Day 279: Stumbling upon tickets to see the Dalai Lama and On Plate, Still Hungry…

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dalai lama 2012

dalai lama

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

I don’t even remember what random train of thought it was, or WWW surfing I did, that brought me to this page today… But boy am I grateful! Because twenty days from today, I will be lucky enough to be sitting in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And what a day that will be =) / On Plate, Still Hungry – cool exhibition. Well done, Protein, and thank you, Kat, for inviting =) Can’t wait to have one of these hanging in our kitchen =) x

Day 277: Birthday pressies from work, My new freeview box, Lama Gyurme and The Offering Chant…

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electric blanket

tea set voucher waldorf hotel



lama gyurme

Thank you everyone at work for my birthday pressies! / Thank you, Graham, for the extra free, freeview box! TV at last, hurray! / The Offering Chant, by Lama Gyurme, is without doubt one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Forget about trying to understand the lyrics and translation… Be open, be receptive, and the meaning will present itself to you as a very intimate, and very personal experience in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul. Decipher it by feeling, not by thinking. x

Day 276: The day I turned 25…

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yoga mat

krissa doing a headstand

krissa doing a headstand



bob bob ricard humble pie

krissa, jo, dani, kat

krissa, jo, dani, kat

the most orgasmic dessert you will ever have...

krissa turns 25!

krissa's complimentary birthday cake

the fanciest lemon and water you'll ever have

press for champagne

flowers from mom, dad and alix

flowers from mom, dad and alix

flowers from mom, dad and alix

domestic times with krissa and kat

birthday love

Today, I turned 25.

I took a day off work and did all of the things I wanted to do and all of the things that make me happy.

I went at my own pace and to anywhere and everywhere my heart and feet desired.

I made more plans to solidify and fulfil my dreams. And the response was good.

Today, I turned 25.

I felt and received love and support, prayers and well wishes from all around the world.

And my heart melted.

Because when you turn 25, it’s an amazing feeling to realize what an wonderful family of souls you have in this universe.

I couldn’t feel more blessed.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

So, thank you.

I love you.

Good night.


Day 271: Happy boss and happy clients, Fiona’s birthday lunch, DJ’s laugh, Hayfever and This new singing habit of mine…

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Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre


i sing because i'm happy

maoz logo

Grateful for the end of another successful and productive business trip. As an Account Manager, there is nothing more rewarding than having a happy boss and a happy client. =) My work is done… (for now!) / Grateful for lunch at Bistro de la Gare with Fiona, Jo, Tim and Zahur. Short but sweet. I did not have the raclette this time but good to know I don’t have to go all the way to Borough Market to get some! / Thank you Deej and Dani for organising theatre tickets tonight. Hayfever was hilarious, and being at the theatre in general was such a nice treat. Now write this blog in the manner of the word… winsome! 😉 (awhhh shucks!) / DJ’s laugh. In all its variations… Grateful!! I think my favourite one is the one I call THUNDER. I tell you, when DJ laughs like this, you feel it vibrating around the cavern and in between all the ribs of your ribcage! Powerful stuff indeed! And scarily, mightily infectious! MUAHAHAHAHA. / So here’s the thing. Over the last couple of weeks or so… I have begun to sing… A LOT. Sing AND hum… EVERYWHERE. At work. In the shower. On the tube. On the way to work. Coming home from work. With friends. On my own. Consciously. Unconsciously. It’s madness! It’s happiness! It’s gratitude… It’s sooo out of tune. / Maoz – probably the closest thing I’ve come to my Just Salad salads since I’ve come back from New York. YUM! Thank you Mr. Maoz for my free falafel and avocado. Nice and very much appreciated surprise =)

Day 269: Happy Daddies, First yoga session with Kan and The moment Cribbin read me the opening lines of Lolita…

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papa curran


You know what I’m grateful for today? The moment I, already late for work, decided to pick up the phone and make myself available to hear my Dad tell me some amazing, long-awaited news. =D Well done pappy. No 1 indeed! =) / Grateful for the opportunity to take Kanchan to Indaba and practice yoga together for the first time. It’s about time! And hopefully many more will come once you move here =) / Today, I stole a few moments at work to catch up proper (no bizznizz chat! – well, only very minimal) and speak to a dear old friend. And he read me Lolita. Don’t ask me why. But it was hilarious and will give you an idea of the breadth of our catch up and conversation =) Esta noche otra vez. Bien!

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