Day 312: My stack of Indaba flyers, 3 for £5 orange and carrot juices at M&S and My basic Photoshop skills…

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M&S Orange and Carrot juice

Indaba yoga studio

dharma mittra yoga flyer

Don’t know what I’m more grateful for, the fact that M&S had this amazing 3 for £5 deal on orange and carrot juices… or the fact I managed to hold all 3 bottles in one hand while I took this picture. 😉 Either way, grateful! / Thank you, Ellen, for leaving this stack of flyers out for me. Grateful =) / Were it not for my basic Photoshop skills, I would not have managed to put this flyer together in time to print tomorrow and distribute on Friday. And so… Grateful! 😉 x


Day 292: 50% off Rush Haircuts, Tofu Salad with Peanut Sauce and Alpro Chocolate Soya Milk…

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rush salon

rush salon london

alpro chocolate soya milk

tofu salad with peanut sauce

Grateful I decided to shop around and find this 50% off deal for first-time haircuts at Rush =) / Grateful for being able to – more or less – recreate my favourite Just Salad salad – Tofu, spinach, beans and a whole lotta greens tossed in a crunchy peanut sauce… Mmmm. YUM! Who said being vegetarian was boring! 😉 / Bloat-free Chocolate milk. Mmmm. YUM!

Day 261: Moving into my dream home, My first Zipcar journey and Midnight grocery shopping…

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floor-to-ceiling bookshelves


Today, I moved into my dream home. It has a built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf all along the stairs… … … *Wistful sigh* Grateful! / Jo… … … what can I say but THANK YOU so much for all the help  today. I particularly liked the team effort trying to manoeuvre my new study desk through the kitchen doors and into my room. GRATEFUL then for my multi-tool kit which actually came in handy! Who new two girls could get such a kick out of dismantling furniture and playing twister with a house! / Grateful I managed to get the clutch in reverse, finally, and take Dani and I out on my first journey with “my” new VW zipcar. If you don’t have a membership with Zipcar yet, I cannot stress enough how simple and convenient and amazing and liberating this service is. What a great idea. =D / I love grocery shopping… moreso at midnight! Grateful! =D

Day 256: HK Diner, This photo of Hong Kong, my new Zipcard and Abhishek!

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krissa and abhishek, st lucia 2011

Grateful for this beautiful photo of Hong Kong. Perhaps “home” is not so hard to recognise after all! =) / Grateful for HK Diner. It means that when we’re feeling homesick for a little bit of home comfort and Tsui-Wah, there’s a little corner of London that we can run to 😉 Plus, it means Kat and I have somewhere to go to when we need to sign contracts for our new home =D / Grateful for the arrival of my new Zipcard. Now I finally have access to a car… or two… or three… =D / Rooke, thanks for meeting me and dropping off my post. Much appreciated. / Ab, always a pleasure catching up and so happy to hear you’re happy and doing well =) Your mentoring and friendship are, at least, one of the great things that came out of that place. I will forever be grateful for ‘Dil-Logic’ and all your many many inspiring and entertaining quips. Keep me posted 😉 And I will see you soon enough =) x

Day 254: Aunty Donna’s Veggie Chilli, £5 yoga mats and Des’ree…

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veggie chilli

yoga mats


Thank you, Donna, for making me a special batch of veggie chilli to take into work today. YUM! / Grateful for £5 yoga mats at Lillywhites. That makes it nice and affordable for my first students to invest in what will hopefully become their sacred and cherished space. / Oh so grateful for Des’ree and Life! Oh life… Oh life… 😉 WARNING: High Flashback 90s, Cheese Alert!! But if you’re up for it, you might as well watch and listen to this too! =) / “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold . You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard . You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger. You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm. You gotta stay together. All I know, all I know, love will save the day…”

Day 116: Global Citizenship, TCKs, Orange Wednesdays, The Rum Diary and Johnny Cash…

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global citizenorange wednesdaysThe-Rum-Diaryjohnny cash
I love being a third culture kid and having citizenship in 4 different countries across 3 different continents =) You could say it comes in handy =p /  I love Orange Wednesdays and 2-4-1- tickets. / I loved the Rum Diary for so many different reasons. Mainly because  from where I was sitting – you could smell the sea… taste the sweetness of the Rum, the sea salt on your tongue… feel the glare of the sun against your eyes, the churning of your stomach and tropical heat… Because from where I was sitting – it was like my St Lucia and my Amsterdam all rolled into one. To a tee. / I do love Johnny Cash and this song. Shame he never got to sing “Fix You”. Would have been great to hear it from him… But I will more than happily settle with Coldplay’s version. May the lights guide you home. x

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