Day 191: Gmap Pedometer, Wrapping up our business trip, Foster the People, Flo Rida and The Art Gallery of NSW…

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sydney harbour run


flo rida good feeling

art gallery of nsw

foster the people

foster the people

Grateful for Gmap Pedometer, which allowed me to track and record my awesome run around the harbour this evening =) Boy does it feel good to sweat!! / Grateful the big presentations are over and that I managed to catch a bit more sun and a bit more of this view out my window today. / Grateful for indie pop band, Foster the People and their catchy tune ‘Pumped up Kicks’ / Equally grateful for Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling’You can tell this weekend has been all about the tunes! / I might not have managed to step inside the Art Gallery of New South Wales, but I could definitely appreciate it from the outside during my sunset run =) Grateful.


Day 174: 9.43km run, my first protein shake and Top Gear’s India special…

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sculptress chocolate protein shake


Today I ran about 9.43 km on the treadmill. I could’ve made it to the usual 10km except I was literally kicked out for being the last one there on a Friday night. And while it’s annoying I didn’t make it to the end, I’m grateful I was at least on track to doing it within the hour as planned. Better, quicker, fitter next time! =) / Grateful for purchasing my first tub of protein shake. I’ve always wanted to play with one of these! Shake, shake, shake away! / Watched Top Gear’s India Special tonight. What a laugh! So there’s the plan solidied. India in 2013. Done. x

Day 120: Having one good ankle, Having two good ears, Making music and Jessie J!

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sprained ankle

painted piano

jessie j

I sprained my ankle for the first time today. And you know what? I’m grateful for that! Why? Because 1) It means I can be grateful for having at least one good ankle to walk on! / 2) I finally know what a sprain feels like! And now I know to be more careful when I’m running around in the woods because for someone that likes to move fast, this is just a liiiitle bit annoying. I said I would live life more slowly, but this is just painful! Hmm, well if this doesn’t do the trick I don’t know what will! / 3) When you’re immobile and left alone in the house with a piano next door, you realize there is a lot you can do with two good ears, ten fingers and a functioning right foot… PLAY THE PIANO =) / Am grateful for all the piano lessons my mom and dad paid for when I was little, and for the times my grandma (Lola Mama) and grandpa (Papa Honey) used to sit patiently next to me as I learned to read, massage and translate this beautiful instrument intuitively. And while I may be crap at reading sheet music now, I am actually more grateful that I inherited Papa Honey’s ears. Because who needs sheet music when you can listen to a song and play by ear =) Glad to say I have finally nailed “Someone like you” on the piano =) / Jessie, Jessie, Miss Jessie J. Today, I am one of the thousands I’m sure you’ve helped heal with this song.¬†Thank you. x

Day 66: Fighting through blisters, Arsenal season tickets, USB DVDs and The Script…

September 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Script - Breakeven
Thank you, Louis, for letting us use your season ticket pass tomorrow. Very. Much. Appreciated. =p / Blisters – they can hurt like a bitch in the shower, but at least you can towel off knowing you ran those miles today. / Finally, I have successfully managed to play a movie on the tele using my USB stick (or – if I’m to carry on the theme for today – I should probably say my “dongle” =p). I am now officially a self-made, self-indulgent, movie broker, distributor and appreciator. SWEET. / To: The Script. Thank you for this song¬†and all the ones I’m about to fall in love with. And in response to your question… What do you do? You find every. other. thing. to be grateful for in life. x

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