Day 323: Futureplanning MMIII, Kina Grannis, Self-Practice and Hoxton Grill…

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sales planning

kina grannis

hoxton grill

hoxton grill

Futureplanning MMIII. Status: complete. Grateful. Moving on… / Thank you, Tiff, for posting this song on my wall today and reminding me that there is still a story in my heart to be told. I’d say it is… 4th or 5th on my priority list at the moment. But if it helps, I did spend 5 mins jotting down some notes today that came to mind =) Love x / Grateful for the time and space to practice some of the yoga poses I find more challenging at home… One day… One day… =) / Hoxton Grill – great food and great venue to host Kav’s leaving do. I guess that is a yay and a boo at the same time! / But I guess when one leaves, another arrives. Andres – welcome back! Good to see the HK crew just keeps getting bigger =) x


Day 287: Teaching my 4th yoga class, Bone stacking, Catch up with Banans and Tas!

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stacking yogis

krissa and anna

krissa and anna

krissa, anna and a very dodgy catheter bag!

krissa and anna

krissa and anna


Grateful for the opportunity to teach my 4th yoga class today. / And the moment Behull, Kavesh and I decided to stack our bones on top of each other into a 3-tiered table! / Grateful for the long overdue catch up with Banans today. Thank you, for continuing to be a part of my life. Love you x / Grateful for the always great food at Tas! =) x

Day 286: Meeting the Mackenzies, Olivomare, Honeycomb Froyos and Crucifix Lane…

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Ali, Maria, Tita Karina and Krissa

Krissa loving her froyo!

olivomare froyos

maria and krissa in matching coats!

crucifix lane

crucifix lane

Ali's post-rave hotdog

Thank you Tita Karina and Maria for treating Ali and I to dinner tonight. It was a pleasure meeting you both =) / Olivomare – apparently the best seafood in town. I wouldn’t know, of course! But what I can vouch for is their fresh frozen yoghurt! Honeycomb froyos?? O.M.G. =O =D / Crucifix Lane – super cool venue. Cannot wait to come back here and dance like mad for longer next time (maybe when I am not teaching yoga the next day?!). Maria, thanks for taking us. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your night (or should I say morning? =p) x

Day 276: The day I turned 25…

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yoga mat

krissa doing a headstand

krissa doing a headstand



bob bob ricard humble pie

krissa, jo, dani, kat

krissa, jo, dani, kat

the most orgasmic dessert you will ever have...

krissa turns 25!

krissa's complimentary birthday cake

the fanciest lemon and water you'll ever have

press for champagne

flowers from mom, dad and alix

flowers from mom, dad and alix

flowers from mom, dad and alix

domestic times with krissa and kat

birthday love

Today, I turned 25.

I took a day off work and did all of the things I wanted to do and all of the things that make me happy.

I went at my own pace and to anywhere and everywhere my heart and feet desired.

I made more plans to solidify and fulfil my dreams. And the response was good.

Today, I turned 25.

I felt and received love and support, prayers and well wishes from all around the world.

And my heart melted.

Because when you turn 25, it’s an amazing feeling to realize what an wonderful family of souls you have in this universe.

I couldn’t feel more blessed.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

So, thank you.

I love you.

Good night.


Day 275: Last day being 24, Thai Aubergine and Starship…

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Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

nothing's gonna stop us now

Grateful for the 24 years I have served so far in this lifetime. A fortune teller once told me that things would be difficult (I prefer “challening”) until I hit 25, but after that everything would be A-Oooookay. So I guess today is the interlude. And now to cue the music… =) x / Lunch times with Jo at the Thai Aubergine = YUM!

Day 264: Dinner with the HK/DB Crew, Red Thai Curries, Charlie bit me, and the moment Kavesh bit Dani on the arm…

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charlie bit me

Post-work dinner with Jo, DJ, Dani and Kav at Tuk Tuk. Grateful. / Red thai curries. Grateful! And YUM! as always… / Tonight, Kavesh bit Dani. Kavesh bit Dani on the arm so hard that her face actually went like this. And the wrath was just as much! I realise and I am very sorry for taking pleasure in other people’s pain, shock and discomfort… But Dani, I’m really sorry but today, I have to be grateful at least for the humorous side of this very, very unexpected and unfortunate event. I really do apologise for Kavesh’s misbehaviour. We will have words… … … hahahhahahaha. / To see the original footage and the memory that sparked my (and everyone else’s!) fit of laughter, watch the original ‘Charlie bit me’ video here.

Day 253: Screen on the Green, Byron Burgers, Werner Herzog and Learning to live my dash…

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Byron burgers, Islington

screen on the green

screen on the green

Into the Abyss

tombstone quote

Today I’m grateful for Byron Burgers and a cosy and hezzelig lunch with Dani, and our little ray of sunshine on the table =) / There’s absolutely nothing better than a bit of Sunday afternoon escapism at the cinema. Grateful I got this time to completely unwind and not think about anything… Well, anything other than the questions Werner Herzog poses in his documentary on the death penalty in Texas. This may not be the most feel-good film in the world. But at least it makes you feel something. And it sparks conversations and debates and perhaps a deeper look at yourself and how you see the world afterwards. / I’m grateful for the opportunity and the consciousness to live my dash, every day to the fullest. May we never lose sight of the important things in life. The end.

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