Day 326: This morning, Liquid Dub, Liquid DnB, Moustache Smilees, Aunty’s Bracelet and Foyles…

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good morning!

moustache smilee

buddhist bracelet from aunty janice


This morning reflects my mood =) grateful! / This is actually the most chilled out track list in the world. Especially the opening remix of¬†Sweetheart of Kairi. Man you just feel like a balloon lifting higher and higher, getting smaller and smaller in the sky listening to this… =) Awesome. Grateful. / And this… well, this is just powerful! ūüėČ / Today, I discovered you could make moustache smilees! I know! ={O! The conversation went like this:¬†Joanna:¬† holy shit¬†can’t wait to hear this story¬†:S¬†me:¬† haha……yea…..¬†Joanna:¬† okay defo lunch date¬†me:¬† lol thought so¬†=[p¬†woah¬†hahahah¬†its a sticky tongue motuh with a moustache!¬†new smileee!!¬†Joanna:¬† Haha i love it¬†=[)¬†=[(¬†;[P¬†me:¬† )¬†oh¬†Joanna:¬† haha¬†me:¬† OMG¬†it has a tache!!!¬†HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA – Yea. In short? GRATEFUL! / Aunty, thank you so much again for my prayer beads. I will look after them and keep it close to me always =) / Thank you also for offering to bring home some presents for my sister. Really appreciate it =) / I ‚̧ Foyles. Best. Bookstore. Ever. x



Day 283: Late Birthday Pressies from Badger & Tash… and People you wish you knew in real life…

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bday pressie

same height party


the real cartman

happy doggie... or stoned doggie?


kids that make me laugh

kids that make me laugh

kids that make me laugh

kids that make me laugh

i'm watching you...


Badger, Tash – thank you so much for your card and presents! They absolutely made my day and couldn’t be more perfect. You know me well. I miss you both dearly. Here’s to all the times we laughed often, talked much and sat long =) With love, k. xxx / This site made me smile today =)

Day 169: Thai Iced Tea, Food… more food, and late Christmas presents from Sue…

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thai iced tea

vegetarian red thai curry

coconut rice

mapo tofu

Today, I have never been more grateful for food in my life. That… and Thai Iced Tea! / Thanks Sue, for my *special* heart-shaped stickers and cheesy Vegas fleece blanket =p More things to keep me warm and silly! Hurrah! x

Day 155: Christmas morning, booking my flights to Peru, my new OMM 35L rucksack and the fattest turkey I ever did see!

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christmas tree

wrapping paper

omm 25l rucksack

christmas turkey

christmas turkey

Grateful for Christmas morning and waking up to a tree stuffed full of presents =) / Thanks, Mom and Dad, for my new OMM 25L rucksack. Just what I need! =) / Glad I finally bit the bullet and booked my flights to Peru. AND am even more chuffed I get to spend a few hours in Miami beforehand =D / Mom – thank you very much for dinner. It ain’t Christmas without turkey. And it ain’t proper turkey unless it’s momma’s turkey! This has got to be the biggest, fastest bird I have ever seen. It was SCARY. And we were clearly defeated! NOM!

Day 154: Christmas Eve, Stocking Pressies and The Curran Times!

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christmas stockingsthe currans

Grateful for traditions, especially around Christmas time. So tonight I’m grateful for: hearty family dinners to warm us up from the inside; single malt whiskey to keep me pacified and mum throughout a 2-hour, bilingual Noche Buena¬†church service; my sister running around preparing churros, hot chocolate and (skimmed!) milk to leave by the window for “Santa”; the moment the clock strikes midnight so we can all open our stocking presents. / Grateful for my new Charles & Keith aviators; my new corduroy jeggings (radical I know!); my N-rit campack towel¬†and my new yoga gear… Can’t wait til tomorrow! =D / So, so, so glad The Curran Times – our first online family newsletter – is finally done. And so grateful Campaign Monitor was so easy to set up and use! =) / MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! =)

Day 150: Finishing my handover, My Black Diamond Jawbone Jambox and getting a clock that sums up my life…

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jawbone jambox

krissa's world clock

So glad I finished my handover on time today! The holiday begins… NOW! =D / Thank you, Louis, for our Christmas presents today. This Jambox thing is awesome =) I’m hoping it’s not just conference calls to Sydney I’ll be using this for? =p / Speaking of Sydney… thank you, Tom, for my Christmas present tonight. I cannot believe how accurately this clock sums up my life! Now I’ll always know when it’s time to call home, family and friends; when it’s time to work; when it’s time to pray; and when it’s time to focus on where I am in life, right here, right now. Amazing =) x

Day 149: Getting a surprise Christmas present from Jo at the end of a very long day…

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christmas pressies from jo

annotated cookbook

christmas card from jo

Today was a very long day. Probably the longest day, consecutive amount of hours I’ve had to work yet. I have to admit – starting at 9am in the morning, working through lunch and then continuing to work in the office until 3 minutes to midnight isn’t exactly my cup of tea. And the only reason Jo and I left was because we had to catch the last tube home… Only to continue working for another hour or so from bed… It was a prolonged period of high stress, high frustration and high intensity – a classic example of how soul-destroying this industry / work environment can be. Note: I actually really do love my job. But I will also be the first to admit when I think I have been working too much/too hard and when the work-life balance has been thrown off-kilter somewhat. The way I see it? So long as I’m aware of what’s happening, it’s easy (enough) to remedy =) / So after a day (or few!) like that, what have I got to be grateful for? Easy. Jo – thank you so much for being such a radiant ray of sunshine and keeping upbeat the entire time even when I knew how knackered both of us were. / Thank you for nipping out into the cold to pick us up some Chinese take-out from round the corner. / Thank you for working equally as hard and for sitting next to me the entire time. I couldn’t have asked for better company! / And most of all, thank you for my surprise Christmas¬†presents¬†at quarter to midnight. Just when I thought I had, well, not a lot to be grateful for… I probably could have cried with relief, gratitude and exhaustion by that point! =p This really, really brought a smile to my face and nearly a tear to my eye! Love you x ¬†– “Ahh! You nidded me a scarf!”

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