Day 364: Every time Granny waves goodbye from her window, Seeing Aunty Lorna & Callum’s new house, Catching up with Aunty Pauline and The Bungo…

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granny's house
the bungo, glasgow
Alan, Grandad, Callum, Granny, Lorna, Krissa, Pauline
krissa & joy

Grateful today for Alan driving Joy and I to Granny’s house, and every time Granny waves good-bye from her window until your car drives out of sight. / Grateful to have finally seen Lorna and Callum’s new home =) Because it really is lovely! / The Bungo – perfect place for dinner, dessert aaaand one too many rounds of drinks. Thank you, Joy, for recommending and for rushing over after work =) Great seeing you again, as always! =) / Aunty Pauline, it’s 3.54 am and I’m tired, but I’m grateful for having another late night catch up and heart-to-heart with you in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for always being so supportive. Much love to you all, – k. x


Day 273: Teaching my 2nd yoga class, London Bridge, The Horniman Pub, Seeing Matt & Mel, Seeing the blissful honeymooners and Illy!

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london bridge

horniman at hay's galleria

matt and mel

DJ, Dani, Behull, Krissa and Jo


Today, I taught my 2nd yoga class. Very grateful for all those that came. Thank you for your gratitude, enthusiasm, sincerity and feedback. / Grateful to have found a space to practice in 😉 Always comes in handy. / Grateful for the opportunity to catch up with friends at the Horniman Pub on the Southbank. / Oh London Bridge, how I’ve missed you so!!! You will always be No. 1! / Grateful for seeing Matt and Mel today for lunch =) This is how I will remember you guys… hot, sweaty and completely carefree in the middle of the Andes =) (Photo credit goes to Alison!) / So lovely to see the honeymooners come back from Croatia all sunkissed and blissed up. Especially when I wasn’t expecting to see them at the pub! / Illy, thanks so much for coming to class and cooking dinner for everyone tonight… and making me an extra special meat-free version of your pasta =) Much appreciated and looking forward to hanging out more soon =) PS – Yes, I stole this picture, too! =p But it captures the sentiment =p x

Day 272: Marquese Scott, Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix), Proud and buying my first stack of yoga mats!

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proud, camden

proud, camden

proud, camden

proud, camden

proud, camden

proud, camden

yoga mats and blocks

Grateful for the moment Boris took a break from our meeting to show me this video of Marquese Scott dancing (though I would say ‘dancing’ is such an understatement in this case!) to this Dubstep remix of ‘Pumped up kicks’. There are a few moments in life that have the ability to make your jaw literally drop open. This is one of those occasions. Definitely a must see! (You can close your mouth now, Krissa!) / Proud – one of the coolest venues for a night out I have been to in a long time. I love, love, love the stable setting they’ve retained. Awesome. Grateful. Sweet! / Today, I stole down to Lillywhites to pick up some yoga mats and blocks for my second teaching session tomorrow. Grateful for the discounts!! 😉 =)

Day 267: Harrogate, Farrah’s Food Hall, Betty’s Tea Rooms, Revolucion de Cuba, Fruit Salad Teapots and The moment Jo and Dani decided to mimic a Trojan horse…

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farrah's food hall, harrogate

betty's tea rooms,  harrogate

revolucion de cuba,  harrogate

teapot cocktails

revolucion de cuba

jo, kanchan, dj, dani

Harrogate – so many things I appreciate about you! – Farrah’s Food Hall (and chocolate covered brazil nuts!), Betty’s Tea Rooms (and your delicious tomato chutney!) and Revolucion de Cuba (and deliciously refreshing fruit cocktail teapots on a Sunday afternoon….) to name a few. And all those experiences nestled in your quaint and storybook town where I imagine many children and couples and families are proud to call this place home. / Today, Jo and Dani decided to play charades and mimic a scene out of Troy and the Trojan war. It was… a BRILLIANT performance. ***** stars. Lol. / We might not look it in this picture, but I can assure you every single one of us is content to just be here, on this train, speeding past the English countryside, together. Pooped. But together. =) x

Day 260: Chez Le Boulanger, Napoleons and Romeo!

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Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Napoleon Custard

Let’s see… Cute little French cafe with warm, unpolished wooden furniture and fittings, trays and trays of cakes and pastries and salads and bread, the best fresh orange juice, and tall cups of soy mochas, plenty of seats, free WiFi and a chatty, friendly chap running the place called Romeo… who then gave us 2 paper bags of free pastries each at the end of a long day and night… How could I not be grateful! =)

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