Day 317: Teaching my 9th yoga class, Dani’s cheeks, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Double Rainbows!

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shoulderstand yoga class

dani and the most malleable cheeks in the universe

Diamond Jubilee 2012

picnic time

Diamond Jubilee celebrations 2012

illy poppins

diamond jubillee celebrations 2012

double rainbow!

Diamond Jubilee - Buckingham Palace Concert

Today was probably my favourite day teaching so far… It truly is wonderful watching people progress and continue to push themselves more and more each week. And it’s amazing – like a dance… or a well-rehearsed orchestra – when the class starts to tune into that collective consciousness and begins to move as one. Grateful! =) / Dani… I… umm… There are no words to describe how much I appreciate this photo. I am just grateful I caught it on camera. Because this is priceless, and will probably put a smile on my face any day I want for the rest of my life! =D / St James’ park during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – what a fantastic atmosphere and event to be a part of. It is hard for a TCK to feel any sort of loyalty or patriotic pride towards any given country because, well, we never really know where ‘home’ is. However, at least for today, I got a sense of what it must feel like to be truly proud to be part of something special and something great. Jo, Illy – thanks so much for organising this. What a line-up and what a night! =) =) =) x


Day 294: Teaching my 5th yoga class, Power Naps, Anna’s Birthday Party and Tash’s Sticky Toffee Pudding…

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power nap

tash, teddy, anna, bridge, george, paul

Grateful for all those who came to my 5th yoga class today. / Grateful for power naps. / Grateful for being present at Anna’s birthday BBQ and celebrations today. This photo makes me smile, because it reminds me of home, and a very wonderful time in my life. / Badge, thanks for dropping us off at the tube =) / Tash, your sticky toffee pudding concoction tonight was absolutely divine. One day, your kids are gonna love you for this!! ūüėČ / Grateful my local Sainsbury’s had mange juice, “catheter” bags and straws in stock. Made my birthday treat so much easier to arrange =)

Day 168: Mad Men Parties, Empty Pint Glasses and having friends that look after me when I need it!

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mad men

mad men party

pint glass

Grateful for being invited to this Mad Men-inspired house party. Well done Jo and team! / And let’s just say I am extremely grateful for having a solid bunch of friends who pull me out of the cold and push me up the stairs and into bed. Thank you Jo, Kav and Kate! / Thank god for empty pint glasses! The End.

Day 147: Engagement Parties, Toni & Guy, head massages at the salon and my even shorter haircut!

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toni and guy logo

krissa curran

krissa curran

krissa curran

engagement party

Admit it. You love the head massages you get at the hairdresser’s as much as I do! I know you do! / I love Toni & Guy and my brand new, shorter than short haircut! =D This is actually the chop I wanted from the start but was advised that as it was quite a drastic change from the long locks I’d grown out in St Lucia, going mid-length first was a “safer” option. Well, I’m glad I went for it in the end =) Though… if I keep cutting my hair every time I get restless… I might end up bald by the new year… =/ =p / Thank you Ana for my new look. / Loved the free coffee I got while waiting for my turn (even if they did forget about me for 15 mins!) / At least the coffee came with a thick chocolate star sprinkled generously on top of my latte =) / Thank you, Kerry and Ben, for inviting us to your birthday-cum-engagement party. You make me smile, and I’m grateful for that =) x

Day 136: The XX, Baby Dub and Zumba!

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the-xxbaby dubstepZumba
I am in love with The XX. Listening to them is like sweet, hot honey pouring down my throat and into my heart. They are so good it makes my heart want to cry, if that makes sense!?! Most definitely album of the week! / Tracks I am playing on loop: Intro, Islands and Stars. / For cool remixes of the track Intro, check these out: Remix by Suprema, inspired by Rihanna’s’ “Drunk on Love” – to feel high and fly. Baby Dub version – to feel stoned, viscous and swim. Nas’ “Life’s an Intro” sample – to bring it back to the urban ghetto yo. / I cannot possibly describe how much fun I had at Zumba tonight, but I will try in a few words slammed together… It was like: Laughter. HipHop. Kat. Cali. Party. Dance. Fun. Soca. Salsa. Party. HAHA. Party. Shakethatbooty. END!

Day 135: The SEO Maestro, Egnyte HybridCloud, Forever 21 and Fiona!

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seo maestroegnyte cloud file serverForever-21-Logo
Thanks Abdi, for sparing a bit of time today to help my mom and I set up our Christmas newsletter online =) Now I know how to use nameserver details properly! =p / Thanks anyway, Tim, for trying to help install the theme. Graham/Dom should be able to help tomorrow ūüėČ / Thank you Jo and Fiona for organising this whole Marrakech trip so that it’s as hassle-free for the rest of us. 3 more days! =D / I had no idea about cloud servers and exactly how they work and why we should use them. But thanks to this hilarious Egnyte ad my cousin, Sean, produced and shared with me… I finally started paying attention. So thanks! ūüėČ x / According to Wikipedia, Forever 21¬†is “an American chain of clothing retailers with branches in major cities in¬†The United States,¬†Puerto Rico,¬†Canada,¬†Europe,¬†Asia, and the¬†Middle East¬†that offers fashion and accessories for young women and men.” According to me? Well… what can I say but here it is… Day 135: I am grateful, and I appreciate, that sometimes… (*cringe*) … it’s alright to be Forever 21. =/ The End! ūüėČ

Day 132: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Andy Warhol Parties and Growing up 90s…

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andy warhol partyandy warhol partyandy warhol partyandy warhol party
When you party with a bunch of uber-talented, uber-classy, uber-chic and uber-flamboyant Fashionistas, Designers, Artists and Journalists from the acclaimed CSM, you cannot help but feel like you’re back in the 60s, raising the roof and livin’ it up like a Warhol superstar. Thank you Soozie. What an experience indeed! =) / I am grateful for growing up in the 90s and the immediate sense of kinship you get with people that start singing, dancing, jumping and group-hugging once the Spice Girls, All Saints, TLC¬†and Destiny’s Child come on the stereo. Here’s a bunch of other reasons to be grateful for the 90s… / I don’t think I will ever get sick of this song. I have yet to meet someone our age that cannot relate to this. This is, quite simply, all the hedonism, all the hope, all the¬†recklessness, triumphs¬†and escapism of youth and the night in a bottle Rihanna has drunk and translated into music. I <3. / Grateful for the word:¬†Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Even better when you meet someone that actually knows how to say it!! =p And yes, I realize this word is so long it is interfering with my blog title!!

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