Day 237: Last day in Cusco, Peru

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Last day of this epic, lifechanging adventure. Here’s what I’m grateful for: Meeting Liz and Andy on the bus and getting to know them a bit better over breakfast back at the Prisma. / Prisma hotel for letting me purchase 2.5 hours’ worth of roomage, enough for an hour of dedicated yoga practice and the rest of the time to shower (man you really start to look forward to your showers here!) and do some last minute reshuffling and packing. / During our last group meal together, Victor asked everyone what they loved most about traveling. Here are some of the better responses, paraphrased: “I love traveling because it opens my eyes to this world that exists outside of my own. And because it teaches me through experience, the things that no book or teacher could ever give you first hand.” / “I love traveling because of the freedom. The freedom to go where you want, do as you please, whenever you fancy. Everything is a choice and a decision you make based on your desire at a particular moment in time. Therefore you end up regretting nothing, because everything is exactly how you wanted and made it to be.” / “I love traveling because of the social aspect, being able to meet and befriend people from all over the world, people that you wouldn’t normally hang out with or have the opportunity of getting to know back home…” – I guess this last one is appropriate for today 🙂 Though I love and would have to agree with all points of view… / Grateful for my long overdue and most definitely needed manicure and pedicure to kill a bit of time this morning. / Grateful for catching flight 11 of 14 from Cusco to Lima. And subsequently flight 12 of 14 from Lima to Miami… Time for the long trek back home…


Day 235: Day 8, Inca Discovery Tour, Peru.

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debbie and krissa

alex, arif

sleeper coach cusco puno

sleeper coach cusco puno

Well, not much discovering of Incas now that Machu Picchu is done and conquered. Nonetheless, today I’m grateful for my 70-minute full body massage that was the perfect blend of Swedish, shiatsu, hot stone and aromatherapy massage – and all for 40 Soles! Yea, that’s £10 pounds for an hour and 10 mins of blissful, rejuvenating massage. / Today was the last day with all the “pumas” together. Grateful for Greens. Man that was a good meal! Definitely worth the 4.5 stars awarded by TripAdvisor! / Thanks Vic and Ariel for letting me crash and repack my stuff in your room. / Thanks Arif (Carol!) for offering to do the same! / Thanks Prisma for letting me store my huge rucksack while I’m gone. / Tonight, I took a risk and followed my gut. 2 days before my flight, I’m catching an 8-hr night bus to Puno to visit the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Tomorrow night, I’ll head back the same way, with ample time to catch my flight. Sometimes, you just gotta go where the wind blows. Especially when you’ve come this far… 🙂 Adios y buenas noche. X

Day 184: Getting upgraded to Business Class, Airport lounge showers and the moment Birdy and the Naked & Famous come together…

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cathay pacific lounge showers

cx business class upgrade


naked and famous young blood

Grateful for being able to shower in between flights and my unexpected upgrade to Business Class. SWEET. Now I am clean AND rested! 🙂 / Suffice to say, grateful for catching flight no. 3 and 4 of 14. Man I’m on a roll! / I know I’ve blogged about Birdy and The Naked & Famous already. But technically I haven’t, up until now, appreciated the magic that happens when you mix the two together. =O Was listening to this track on the plane before, whilst and after I slept. And oh how I love to love this song… The original will always act like a serotonin drug to me, transporting me to a high and happy place… But there’s an infectious vulnerability, a weary struggle, a more honest confession that comes across in Birdy’s version that I can and do appreciate as well. That is what she’s good at (honestly, you might as well listen to the whole album. There’s a reason why it was filed under ‘easy listening’ on the Cathay playlist). I guess that’s the point, the fact I can love this song as both an escape or release is testimony to a truly amazing piece of musical genius and expression. Wonderful. Sublime. Good night. x

Day 152: Full body massages, my new Havaianas and spending the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents with my sister…

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full body massage
silver Havaianas
christmas wrapping station
Am so grateful for that massage! Was feeling so much like a tightly wound alarm clock until that just took all the knots and crosses out of my muscles and bones! Ahhh… relief at last! Until tomorrow’s yoga class that is! / Grateful for my new havaianas. Surprising how 18 degrees can feel hot compared to London at the moment! / Even more than receiving presents, how I love wrapping them! =D / Am so grateful all my presents got to Hong Kong in once piece and intact! Phew!

Day 151: Frequent Flyer Programs, Another Earth and flying home for Christmas…

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krissa's marco polo club cardanother earthflying home for christmas
What am I grateful for today? I’ll tell you what I’m grateful for today… Frequent Flyer Programs and my Marco Polo membership! =D / I love being able to check in at Business and First Class. / I love my 33kg weight allowance. / I love the extra effort the staff put in to give me the seat I want (“No Business Class seats? Ok, how about an aisle seat with lots of leg space, no one sitting next to me and one that’s right next to the toilets…?” – Done!) / I love the fact my luggage comes out first with a ‘Priority Baggage’ tag on it. / I am grateful I have travelled enough in the last year to have earned this status. / Another Earth – not the best film in the world. BUT, I love the idea of it… And I love this image. I love this image almost as much as I love the moon. / I am grateful to be heading home for Christmas… =) x

Day 147: Engagement Parties, Toni & Guy, head massages at the salon and my even shorter haircut!

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toni and guy logo

krissa curran

krissa curran

krissa curran

engagement party

Admit it. You love the head massages you get at the hairdresser’s as much as I do! I know you do! / I love Toni & Guy and my brand new, shorter than short haircut! =D This is actually the chop I wanted from the start but was advised that as it was quite a drastic change from the long locks I’d grown out in St Lucia, going mid-length first was a “safer” option. Well, I’m glad I went for it in the end =) Though… if I keep cutting my hair every time I get restless… I might end up bald by the new year… =/ =p / Thank you Ana for my new look. / Loved the free coffee I got while waiting for my turn (even if they did forget about me for 15 mins!) / At least the coffee came with a thick chocolate star sprinkled generously on top of my latte =) / Thank you, Kerry and Ben, for inviting us to your birthday-cum-engagement party. You make me smile, and I’m grateful for that =) x

Day 138: Flavoured Nespresso, Pre-Made Packing Lists, IACGMOOH and Home Waxing Kits!

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flavoured nespressoi'm a celebrity get my out of hereparissa hot wax
Love Nespresso. / And I love Dark Chocolate-flavoured Nespresso even better! =O / Highlights of I’m a Celebrity… were hilarious tonight. Great… another trashy TV show I’ve gotten addicted to! PS I know this might be old knews but Gino’s series was effin’ hilarious! I love that guy. I should go back to Rome… / I love pre-made packing lists. 1) It means I save time when packing. 2) It means I am lucky enough to need a pre-made packing list in the first place! / Love home waxing kits. This is the best one I’ve tried. Ladies, take note! ;) x – Off to Marrakesh now. There may be a delay in postings. Ciao!

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