Day 355: 10 more days of appreciation, Walking in the rain, This meme, When a Marley kid meets Erykah Badu and Cheese Mushroom Croissants…

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10 more days!

ghost meme

erykah badu

cheese mushroom croissant

dancing in the rain

10 more days of appreciation! Grateful! / This meme – so true! Unfortunately! – Grateful I’m not the only one! / When Stephen Marley meets Miss Erykah… it’s all just a bit easygoin’… know what i’m sayin’? 😉 / Cheese and mushroom croissants… YUM! My latest lunch time craves! / Walking in the rain… while listening to this song… post-yoga. Get my drift? =) You see the rain isn’t problem as long as you accept that you’re going to get wet. If you can make peace with that, well hey… don’t just walk in the rain… DANCE in it =) x


Day 346: Mom’s Gratitude article, A walk through Finsbury Park, Being able to see these purple flowers, This picture of Sue, My local Superdrug and Pretending a country is my client…

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the change blog

finsbury park


purple flowers

superdrug logo

econ doodles

“To say we feel grateful is not to say that everything in our lives is necessarily great. It just means we are aware of our blessings.” – My mom sent me this article from the Change Blog last week. I didn’t read it right away but I’m glad I saved it for today. Because it couldn’t have come more at a more opportune time. Grateful. / I loved my walk through Finsbury Park today and I really am glad it’s right at my doorstep. That… and Superdrug! Convenience is… well, convenient! =p / These purple flowers… I’m grateful I have eyes – and the time – to notice. As one of my favourite quotes from WH Davies goes, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” / Sue – lol, thanks for this! Good to see you’re having fun over there! / When you start to think about an entire country as a client… things get interesting =p My brain says thanks for the challenge.

Day 334: Little creatures, Lunch break freedom, Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity, Catching up with my momma, Embody Wellness Studio, The summer solstice and The day I finally understood why the chicken crossed the road…

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big snail and little snail


21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

why did the chicken cross the road?

embody wellness studio vauxhall london

summer solstice

Dear world, today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Many people are celebrating today because of this. I know my yoga studio was offering a special summer solstice event where people do 108 sun salutations as an offering. At first I was pretty bummed I couldn’t make it. I have been practicing at home the last 2 weeks to save money and give myself time to focus on my own ambitions and various other projects in life… what I did not expect was to visit Embody Wellness studio for an interview and be given a 90 min comp class for free. So I got to practice during the summer solstice after all! =) And you know what the best part was? The opening intention was all about… you guessed it, GRATITUDE! I could not help but smile at the wonderful serendipity of it all. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you Paul and Anya. It was a pleasure meeting you today. And hopefully this is just one of many encounters 🙂 / Today I am grateful for the 1.5 hrs I got to spend catching up with my momma. Thank you for listening. Thank you for holding back the fears I know are in your heart. Thank you for caring. I love you! / Grateful for the eureka moment at Starbucks today. Talk about brain + *wave* 😉 (still) #futureplanning! / You know the moment you step out of the office and take the first big breath of fresh air…? I love that feeling! =) / Today, I found out why the chicken crossed the road. And it BLEW my mind!!! / Today, I saw momma snail + baby snail eating what appeared to be a worm… So cute. So weird. Mind boggling… I didn’t know they did that… Nature’s little critters… gotta love it. =) /  This site… wonderfully inspiring… =) x

Day 326: This morning, Liquid Dub, Liquid DnB, Moustache Smilees, Aunty’s Bracelet and Foyles…

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good morning!

moustache smilee

buddhist bracelet from aunty janice


This morning reflects my mood =) grateful! / This is actually the most chilled out track list in the world. Especially the opening remix of Sweetheart of Kairi. Man you just feel like a balloon lifting higher and higher, getting smaller and smaller in the sky listening to this… =) Awesome. Grateful. / And this… well, this is just powerful! 😉 / Today, I discovered you could make moustache smilees! I know! ={O! The conversation went like this: Joanna:  holy shit can’t wait to hear this story :S me:  haha……yea….. Joanna:  okay defo lunch date me:  lol thought so =[p woah hahahah its a sticky tongue motuh with a moustache! new smileee!! Joanna:  Haha i love it =[) =[( ;[P me:  ) oh Joanna:  haha me:  OMG it has a tache!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA – Yea. In short? GRATEFUL! / Aunty, thank you so much again for my prayer beads. I will look after them and keep it close to me always =) / Thank you also for offering to bring home some presents for my sister. Really appreciate it =) / I ❤ Foyles. Best. Bookstore. Ever. x


Day 190: Lying on the grass, Staring at the clouds, Avicii, Phoenix and Despicable Me!

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sun and clouds

picnic in the park




Grateful for the opportunity to lie on the grass and even out my ridiculous tan today. / Grateful for having a quiet moment to myself to plug in my earphones and stare at the clouds blowing past above my head. / Grateful for Phoenix and Birdy’s cover of their song, ‘1901’. / Grateful for a brilliantly hilarious start to the day, with both Gwen and I pissing ourselves laughing (or more like I was pissing myself laughing with tears streaming down my face) because of my random sleep talking conversation and this clip from Despicable Me! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! / Grateful for one last breakfast with James and Gwen. Until we meet again! Here’s my soundtrack for the weekend, ‘Levels’ by Avicii =)

Day 187: Australia Day, The smell of rain, Not having to wear a suit to work, Hot desking and DJ!

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australian flag

smell of rain

casual clothes

macbook pro

last night a dj saved my life

dj and krissa

I might have been working all day, but I’m glad I was here on Australia Day. Nice and timely =) / I love the smell of rain. One of the best things in the world =) / I love that I have a job where I don’t have to wear a suit into work every day =) / I love that my job allows me to travel and work from pretty much anywhere in the world. So long as I’ve got this laptop with me, I’m all sorted! / I love DJ. Forever and ever one of the bestest friends I will have in the world. Thank you for being in my life. And thank you for staying on the line with me while I tried to sort out the ghost in my room =S Love you (and chocolate milk!) long time! xxx

Day 182: The Scottish Highlands, Snowcapped mountains, The Land Rover LRX, RDJ and the escapism of the cinematic experience……

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driving to glencoe

driving to glencoe


movie audience

Today, I really really appreciated the drive up from Glasgow to Glencoe through the Scottish highlands. What an incredibly romantic, incredibly picturesque, incredibly breathtaking and inspiring landscape to weave and wind through. Especially when you’re experiencing it through the new Land Rover LRX! / I am grateful I got to see snow-capped mountains this winter, especially when they look like the chocolate crinkles I used to eat growing up! / I appreciate and accept that I was not meant to hit the slopes today. When there are gale force winds that are so strong they manage to rattle and shake an otherwise hefty and grounded Land Rover, and force every other ski resort in Scotland to shut (yes, we did try every other possible option to get me on a board!), I can accept and understand that safety comes first and that this is probably the world telling me now is not the best time to risk death and getting injured, not with this really important business trip and my yoga course coming up. / I am grateful I at least got close enough to stand on the wooden steps of the ski resort cabin, close enough to see the steep line of metal chair lifts dangling, frozen in the wind before the furthest ones disappeared over the edge. Close enough to really really want it! But I guess sometimes one has to be patient and trust that some thing are just not meant to be and that there is always a time and a place for everything. / You know what else I learned today? That sometimes it’s alright to turn the equation around and put in 90% INspiration and 10% PERSpiration. I might not have learned to snowboard today, but because I’d hyped it up so much and got so excited long beforehand, I walked away from that ski resort feeling like I’d at least hit enough slopes and got a kick and a thrill from that experience many a time inside my head. It’s like eating… half the taste and the fun of it is in the smell and excitement waiting for the food to arrive =) / Sometimes you can sew together your dreams with reality and turn it into something real. / Thank you Aunty Lorna and Callum for trying anyway. And for our random breakfast in the middle of nowhere =p I really do appreciate it =) / Thanks Joy for letting all 8 of us come visit you at work and for personally bringing us our food and the bill! / Today, I’m grateful for Robery Downey Jr.’s performance in the new Sherlock Holmes films and for being able to escape to the plush seats and thick, warm darkness of the cinema. The end.

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