Day 342: Brain scans, Catch-up with DJ, Jamaican economics, Sorting out my yoga insurance, Zoo Lates and Getting paid!

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kerry, dj, krissa 2006

jamaica map

yoga health insurance

zoo lates




penguin feeding time!

giant moths


restless tiger

restless tiger

dani and krissa

look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better - albert einstein


right brain creativity

Grateful for my catch-up with DJ today… This photo was taken way back in 2006 when we were just finishing high school. Can’t remember what I said, but it must have been something along the lines of: “Hey Deej… guess what? One day, we gonna make it BIG!” 😉 What’s that you say? Oh. Oh yea… #futureplanning! 😉 / Been thinking a lot about Jamaica economics recently. Don’t ask me why. Just know that I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about something other than chicken for a change! =p / Grateful for Yoga-Link and being able to sort out my insurance today =) Good to see #futureplanning Project #3 out of 4 is well under way =) / Nothing like hanging out at the Zoo (and watching a man stuff a condom up his nose!! =S) on a friday night 😉 Thanks Illy! =p x / I love pay day as much as I love chocolate. Hurray!!! Honestly, that felt like eternity! =/ =D / Today, I saw the first concrete part of my dream come to life… it’s like I hooked a scanner/printer up to my brain and hit the green button… #futureplanning is now #currentlyhappening =D


Day 209: John Butler Trio, Emeli Sande, Navajo Joe, Mazuma and Ginger Nut Crunch granola bars with apple juice…

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john butler trio


navajo joe

rad, krissa, dani, jo



Now here’s the brief: Find something that moves you, inspires you, thrills you, encapsulates you, drives you, encourages you, challenges you and defines Love to you as much as this man’s love affair with his guitar. You can watch John Butler Trio’s 5-minute guitar instrumental and wonderpiece called “Ocean” here. / For a more commercial but still catchy tune, listen to Emeli Sande’s “Read all about it”. Then sing, shout, scream all about it like I do =) Anyone else thing Professor Green is like Britain’s answer to Eminem? / Today I’m grateful for Navajo Joe, not just because it’s a cool and trendy Mexican place in Covent Garden I never knew about… But more importantly because it played host and diner to me, Dani, Jo and RAD – who is currently in town. GRATEFUL for this reunion =) (And for meeting Rad’s friend, Raj, too! More the merrier!) You have no idea how much I love these chicks. =) / When all else fails and you’ve run out of cereal, thank god for unwanted granola bars you can break into you apple juice. Weird? Perhaps. Worth it? Very much! And appreciated! 😉 x / Grateful for Mazuma. Mazuma = money for old phones. Incredibly easy. Incredibly worth it.

Day 193: When family and friends call in a sickie to see thee and the HK$6000 Scheme…

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hk $6000 scheme

call in sick

I will not mention names, but I am extremely grateful for all those people that have purposefully taken the time off today and tomorrow,  just to spend time with me for the 24 hours I am in Hong Kong. I’m grateful for the people that woke up especially early today so they could hop on a ferry at 9 am in the morning to visit me on my little island hideaway, and spend time with me before a potentially significant job interview back in town at noon. Grateful for the people that have/will call in sick tomorrow just so that they can see me off, again. There are no words to describe how…unworthy and undeserving this makes me feel. But also how extremely grateful and overwhelmed I am because of it. Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your company. Thank you for your effort. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your love. / Extremely grateful for being a HK resident that has successfully qualified for the HK$6, 000 scheme. Glad and relieved to say at least I have managed to repay my Dad about 80% of the money he has graciously loaned me over the last few months… Much appreciated. x

Day 89: Inamo, E-tables, the sound of crickets in the morning & saving £400 on my yoga course…

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inamo restaurant, wardour streetthe sound of crickets

Glad we finally managed to round up the troops and go on a staff lunch to Inamo for Graham’s birthday. What more appropriate place is there to take a bunch of digital wiz kids (“maestros”) than a restaurant with E-tables installed in front of every seat. That’s right, E-tables! / I actually quite like my new alarm clock… who knew crickets chirping could be such a lovely sound to wake up to, especially now that it’s getting colder. Anything to prolong the summer and mimic the spring, I am grateful for! / Thanks mom, thanks dad. Very much appreciated. Because of you, I’ll be able to hit the right timing, and my flights to New York will practically be free. Love and gratitude x

Day 86: Mylo Xyloto, £20, The Verve & Catching a thief going through my bag…

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coldplay paradisethe verve bar£20 note
Thank you, Coldplay, for Mylo Xyloto and Paradise. Cannot wait to have the full album to listen to =) / I love things called The Verve – I love the band. I love the venue. If there was chocolate called ‘The Verve’, I’d probably love that too! / I never really appreciated the value of £20 until today. With £20 you can buy a tank top from Top Shop; a decent meal or two at China Town or Bayswater, or Covent Garden or Soho… With £20 you can get a haircut or a pair of Havanas; two drinks at Dirty Martini’s or a trip to the movies… Me? I spent £20 creating a memory of one last night night out in London my cousin, Sy and I will remember and laugh about years down the line 😉 / Thank. god. I. caught. the. sad. and. pitiful. man. that. was. trying. to. steal. stuff. out. of. my. bag! … and had the mouth enough to tell him so myself!

Day 81: Party Rock Anthem, Social Media Policies, Biometrics, Drama Students & HR!

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LMFAO Party Rock Anthem
HAHAHA. Oh man, why have I not seen this LMFAO music video until now! And I thought the song was ace. This video makes it 10x better! Everyday I’m shuh-fuh-lin… (Someone really needs to get over the weekend!) / I love days like today when my brain really feels the squeeze, but in a good way! Been reading up a lot on social media policies, particularly those of the top companies that have set the standard codes of conduct and etiquette for all – IBM, Intel, Kodak, etc. I forgot how much I love learning. I miss this part of Uni. I miss the intellectual stimulation. BUT am glad I got the cognitive cogs turning again today. I think I’m going to have to go back to Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe soon… And we all know what a challenge that one is! / Thank you, Fiona, for listening and picking up on the cues. Very much appreciated your help today. / I absolutely love people that talk with their hands. I just had dinner with 3 actors and I swear there’s never a dull moment. I love how drama students just know how to deliver a line. I love their vocal inflections that act like a hook that keeps you engaged throughout their stories. I love how they can just jump into character and spit out an accent without even thinking about it. And I really love when they create, literally construct images and objects and scenarios out of thin air using just their hands – like micro charades. It’s like watching someone mould clay, except there is no Play-Doh. Just a whole lot of grappling with air. / Glad I got my biometrics done today. One step closer…

Day 41: Ed Sheeran, Celebrity Big Brother, T-minus 14 hrs and footing the bill for family…

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ed sheeran

Celebrity Big Brother

Step aside dubstep.

Step in, Mr Ed Sheeran with your catchy mix of gospel, grime, reggae, jazz, folk, dance and good ol’ London rappin’.

You’ve got the beachside, sun-and-surf sprightliness of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

The rocking, urban mightiness of Jay-Z.

The comforting ballad and purity of John Mayer.

And the dark and addictive restlessness of Eminem and Linkin Park.

How you do it. I do not know.

But keep on at it. And I will follow.

Today, thanks for being my personal Radio.


CBB – trashy TV or not, you’re a great excuse to bring the family together.

And you also keep my friend, Dani, busy every day – logging all of that drama and romance and quarrels.

And she so adores you.

And I find that amusing.

And so I have to be thankful for that.



Thank you, self, for getting this far.

For getting everything you need to and for giving with all your heart.

Tom orrow, a new start.


Today I’m thankful I’ve finally reached that age and stage in my life/career where I can sincerely treat the people I love to a nice meal out without having to worry about my bank account.

Independence at last.

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