Day 353: Lianne La Havas, Ziggy Marley, This reggae version of Katy Perry, Ashtanga with Sophie, These reminders, The day I receive my Yoga Alliance certification and The day #futureplanning is officially incorporated…

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lianna la havas

life is short



think jamaica. hear jamaica. do jamaica

ziggy marley


Krissa Curran Yoga Alliance RYT 200

#futureplanning incorporation

Surprisingly, quite a lot to be grateful for today! 😉 Here we go: Today, grateful I managed to catch Lianne La Havas‘ interview on BBC Breakfast. This chic is awesome. / Think Jamaica. Hear Jamaica. Do Jamaica in our meeting room all day. Awesome. I love working in here! / Especially when I’ve got Ziggy Marley singing about yoga, and Perfect singing about gangja with their reggae version of Katy Perry, blasting all day =D C-h-i-l-l-e-d… is what I am. / Ashtanga class with Sophie and learning to drop back and lift up completely evenly for a change, no hands and all on the breath. Awesome! / Today, is a very special day. And it wasn’t even meant to be. Or at least, I had no idea it would turn out this way. But remember this day. Because today, two very special things happened: 1) I got my official Yoga Alliance RYT 200 accreditation. 2) I found out #futureplanning has been officially incorporated. =D / It all just goes to show that 1) When you do work that matters 2) Gain a bit of perspective; and 3) Let yourself be silently drawn by what it is you truly, really love… everything really does just fall into place. / This really is a wonderful day. Because once again, I have witnessed how quickly and generously the universe gives, when you stop resisting and let your desires align with all you’re meant to be and become. I am so, so grateful…


Day 352: Being put to the test, Sue chat, Kan chat, Kat chat… and a little bit of Bon Iver!

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focus on happy

bon iver skinny love

bon iver skinny love

Sri Dharma once said that in many ways, New York – or any big city for that matter – is the best place to learn yoga. Why? Because it’s so much easier to focus, lead a good life, keep clean, resist temptation when you are living in an ashram in the middle of nowhere. It’s when you go back to city life or the ‘real world’ that you are truly put to the test. How long, how much, can you maintain your focus? How solid is your conviction? More and more I believe the greatest test… is how to stay focused on the truth when your biggest fear and distraction is staring you in the face… “Be the bigger person,” it whispered, “And remember that home is inside your heart.” – Thanks. I’m grateful I stayed silent enough to hear this today. / Sue chat. Kan chat. Kat chat. – what a tongue twister. lol. thanks guys. miss and love you loads! / This.

Day 351: Frannie’s letter, Le Pain Quotidien, The Shard, Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s first music video, Meeting Sam for the 3rd time in the last year and A lesson on Trust…

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brunch with sam

soya mocha, le pain quotidien

granola parfait with fresh fruit

the shard, london bridge

the shard, london bridge

sam and krissa

grace, humility, strength, hope, trust

Dear Frannie, Thank you for your message this morning. Wasn’t expecting that but really, really appreciate it. My thoughts, too, are with you. With love, and hugs. – krissa x / Today, I got to meet Sam for the THIRD time in the last year. How crazy is that! Haha. And then again at Christmas. Wehey, we’re on a roll! =) / Le Pain Quotidien – I just love it! Especially the new branch they opened up next to Borough Market. Perfect place for weekend brunch and catching up with old friends =) / Dear big glass shard sticking out of London Bridge, I have watched you grow and grow and grow over the last 3 years. And I feel like you, too, have watched my life unravel and unfold, under your keen guardianship, over the last 36 months. You were there at the very beginning, one evening in May. And now you are here at the end. Funny huh? Many people look at you and have various opinions. Some people think you are great, ambitious, and a magnificent sight to look at. Others feel like you have “stabbed” London’s skyline and ruined the view for good. Just know that to me, standing there today looking at you in all your glory… you have become an icon, landmark and reflection of perhaps 3 of the best years of my life. And for that, I am grateful. I have nothing but affection and fond, fond memories. / Ryan, how wonderful to stumble upon your music video today. Well done. This puts a smile on my face and this song is still as sweet as the first time I heard it on BGT. Grateful =) / They say life continues to teach you a lesson, again and again and again until you learn it. Over the last 24-48 hours, and because of the last few months, I realised that there is one thing I left out when I set my mantra for this year… When I promised myself to live my life with grace, humility, strength and hope nearly one year ago now, what I didn’t include was Trust. That’s not because I didn’t think it worth it. But purely because I didn’t know then, all the things I know now. You see there was a shift, about halfway through the year, whereby my uncontrollable, ever expansive HOPE slowly and very very subtly began to transform into something much more important and much more grand. My H-O-P-E that was like a balloon that I allowed to soar very high in the sky was soon accompanied by something called Trust. And this Trust was/is the realization that while Hope is a balloon that is inspiring and beautiful and uplifting to watch, Trust is the unshakeable security and peace that weathers all storms. Hope forces us to turn our gaze towards the sky. Trust draws our senses inwards because once you find the Truth, you soon realise that there’s a million heavens and thousands of balloons already soaring inside your heart, waiting for you. All you have to do is close your eyes… 8th July 2012 – I thank the voice inside, calling me home. ईश्वरे विश्वासं करोमि

Day 350: 15 more days of appreciation, Borough Market, The Tate Modern Turbine Hall, The final catharsis and The BSO Reunion…

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tate modern turbine hall

borough market

the glad, borough

blessed are the forgetful...

15 more days of appreciation. I didn’t even realise… Grateful! / Borough Market – I always loved this place. Grateful for the reminder. / The Tate Modern Turbine Hall… – this space always serves its purpose. Today was no different. And so, grateful! / July 7, 2012. Today, the final catharsis. Now you are free. Say thank you. Be grateful… Now let it go and be on your way. And with that, grant yourself peace. / Thank you Saskia for holding my attention for an hour and keeping me present in that space. Present, is exactly where I needed to be. / Grateful for the opportunity to see the girls tonight and get to know Nona a bit better. / Can’t believe the Glad has a new rooftop deck! Just goes to show how long we haven’t been back… It was nice to see. And I’m almost glad for the visual reinforcement of how much things have moved on and changed in the last year. At least, I thought, there were flowers. / Love from afar, without expectations. Love because you want to love, not because you’re expecting anything back. Love like this and you will find peace. Because when you love for the sake of it, everything is a gift. And the minute you realize Love is the greatest gift you can give, you can rest knowing that in love, for love, you did the best you could… You gave it your all. – Perhaps one of the more resonant realisations I’ve had this year. And with that, good night. With love. In love. For love. x

Day 346: Mom’s Gratitude article, A walk through Finsbury Park, Being able to see these purple flowers, This picture of Sue, My local Superdrug and Pretending a country is my client…

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the change blog

finsbury park


purple flowers

superdrug logo

econ doodles

“To say we feel grateful is not to say that everything in our lives is necessarily great. It just means we are aware of our blessings.” – My mom sent me this article from the Change Blog last week. I didn’t read it right away but I’m glad I saved it for today. Because it couldn’t have come more at a more opportune time. Grateful. / I loved my walk through Finsbury Park today and I really am glad it’s right at my doorstep. That… and Superdrug! Convenience is… well, convenient! =p / These purple flowers… I’m grateful I have eyes – and the time – to notice. As one of my favourite quotes from WH Davies goes, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” / Sue – lol, thanks for this! Good to see you’re having fun over there! / When you start to think about an entire country as a client… things get interesting =p My brain says thanks for the challenge.

Day 334: Little creatures, Lunch break freedom, Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity, Catching up with my momma, Embody Wellness Studio, The summer solstice and The day I finally understood why the chicken crossed the road…

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big snail and little snail


21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

why did the chicken cross the road?

embody wellness studio vauxhall london

summer solstice

Dear world, today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Many people are celebrating today because of this. I know my yoga studio was offering a special summer solstice event where people do 108 sun salutations as an offering. At first I was pretty bummed I couldn’t make it. I have been practicing at home the last 2 weeks to save money and give myself time to focus on my own ambitions and various other projects in life… what I did not expect was to visit Embody Wellness studio for an interview and be given a 90 min comp class for free. So I got to practice during the summer solstice after all! =) And you know what the best part was? The opening intention was all about… you guessed it, GRATITUDE! I could not help but smile at the wonderful serendipity of it all. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you Paul and Anya. It was a pleasure meeting you today. And hopefully this is just one of many encounters 🙂 / Today I am grateful for the 1.5 hrs I got to spend catching up with my momma. Thank you for listening. Thank you for holding back the fears I know are in your heart. Thank you for caring. I love you! / Grateful for the eureka moment at Starbucks today. Talk about brain + *wave* 😉 (still) #futureplanning! / You know the moment you step out of the office and take the first big breath of fresh air…? I love that feeling! =) / Today, I found out why the chicken crossed the road. And it BLEW my mind!!! / Today, I saw momma snail + baby snail eating what appeared to be a worm… So cute. So weird. Mind boggling… I didn’t know they did that… Nature’s little critters… gotta love it. =) /  This site… wonderfully inspiring… =) x

Day 265: Filling up the other half of my house, Losing my office keys, The moment Teddy spilled wine and 100 more days of appreciation…

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awkward laughter

Grateful that Kat has finally moved in, and nice to see the house grow warmer and fuller each day =) / Grateful for thinking I’ve lost my office keys and rushing home without locking the doors properly. Were it not for the minor inconvenience of having to leave the comforts of home and the excitement of Kat moving in, and having to go all the way back to work on a Friday evening when everyone has already left and people on the streets have started their weekend, it would not now permanently be ingrained in my head that I do, in fact, have a spare office key. It’s the silver one I never use, and up until now have never spared a moment for thought. But now I will! =) Sometimes, you need to make mistakes, little or large, because life becomes so much easier after that! =) / Today, Teddy spilled red wine on our newly acquired cushions. It was awkward. It was so awkward he laughed like this (see above!). I loved it. =D hahahaha / Day 265 of 365. 100 more days of appreciation… Oh my what to do after this! Who knew gratitude could be so damn addictive. =O =)

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