Day 146: The first snow of the season, Christmas pub lunches and Rebecca Ferguson…

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london snow 2011

rebecca ferguson

rebecca ferguson

rebecca ferguson

It might be icy cold and horribly uncomfortable to the bone, but you gotta admit there’s a childlike excitement that bubbles inside you when it first begins to snow… There’s nothing like a fairy-light and ticklish snowflake that lands on your cheek to remind you Christmas time has come =) / I love the festive mood everyone gets into around Christmas. I love how you can walk into a pub at lunch time and everyone around you is flushed with warmth (and alcohol!), merrily stuffed with their roast chickens and gravy, greasy fat chips and big fat burgers. / Jo, Dom – glad we at least had this downtime before the mad rush in the afternoon. Hope you guys (and everyone else in the office) has a wonderful Christmas break! Lord knows we need it! / I love Rebecca Ferguson. Truly, what a soothing, soulful and nurturing sound. When you listen to her, it’s like listening to the wind blowing through the trees, and feeling the minutest quiver and vibrations of violin strings in beautiful, vocal form. There is a nervous texture in her voice that I find so endearing. But I think that’s part of her charm. Honest. True. Effortless. Love, love, love. x / Thank you Graham, for my Developer 101 lesson this morning. Much appreciated! =)


Day 134: Swami Nikhilananda, Shawarma, Therapeutic Flying and Balancing a Mermaid on my feet…

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swami nikhilananda

chicken shawarma with riceacroyogamermaid pose acroyoga
‎”May we always remember that our life on earth has a purpose larger than we see…” – Thank you, Swami Nikhilananda, for translating the Bhagavad Gita to make it more accessible to the rest of the world and people like me who don’t (yet) understand Sanskrit. I look forward to more learning, more growing and more understanding over the upcoming months. / I love the picture above, not because I’ve been to Texas or because I was at a yoga conference recently. Not even because I did this pose myself! I love the picture above because finally, I’m becoming stronger acting as a base and I actually got our yoga teacher flying this while balancing on my little feet. =) Woohoo! After all, you can’t really say you do acroyoga unless you can base and fly. =) / 7 minutes – that’s how long I kept someone flying for while learning more of the therapeutic, recovery and massage sequences of acroyoga =) / Chicken Shawarma = YUM! NOM! x

Day 81: Party Rock Anthem, Social Media Policies, Biometrics, Drama Students & HR!

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LMFAO Party Rock Anthem
HAHAHA. Oh man, why have I not seen this LMFAO music video until now! And I thought the song was ace. This video makes it 10x better! Everyday I’m shuh-fuh-lin… (Someone really needs to get over the weekend!) / I love days like today when my brain really feels the squeeze, but in a good way! Been reading up a lot on social media policies, particularly those of the top companies that have set the standard codes of conduct and etiquette for all – IBM, Intel, Kodak, etc. I forgot how much I love learning. I miss this part of Uni. I miss the intellectual stimulation. BUT am glad I got the cognitive cogs turning again today. I think I’m going to have to go back to Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe soon… And we all know what a challenge that one is! / Thank you, Fiona, for listening and picking up on the cues. Very much appreciated your help today. / I absolutely love people that talk with their hands. I just had dinner with 3 actors and I swear there’s never a dull moment. I love how drama students just know how to deliver a line. I love their vocal inflections that act like a hook that keeps you engaged throughout their stories. I love how they can just jump into character and spit out an accent without even thinking about it. And I really love when they create, literally construct images and objects and scenarios out of thin air using just their hands – like micro charades. It’s like watching someone mould clay, except there is no Play-Doh. Just a whole lot of grappling with air. / Glad I got my biometrics done today. One step closer…

Day 74: Radical Face, Real-time Countersignatures, Quantum DNB, the ‘ATI’ blog & the Pride of Britain Awards…

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radical face

All That Is Interesting Blog

Pride of Britain Awards 2011

Thanks, Rooke, for the late night / early morning song recommendation. I can imagine this track by Radical Face is perfect for a cross-country road trip or a really long train ride… one through the middle of a dessert or expansive grassland, with wild horses galloping in unison in the distance – swift like the wind – or where men fight for their land, women, children and freedom in very slow and dramatic motion. At least – those are the scenes I am taken to when I listen to this song… =) / I love that one of our Clients are back in town. How convenient is it to have a quote signed and countersigned right there and then on the spot without having to faff around with typing, emailing, signing, scanning, countersigning, scanning and emailing back and forth! Signed. Sealed. Soon to be delivered. YAY! / I read on a Youtube comment today that listening to dubstep is like listening to alien-speak. Well if that’s the case, then boy have I found my mothership! Am so thrilled I discovered Quantum DNB today. This channel is going to keep me well pumped and feeling invincible for a good few months I reckon! Time to get hyper-caine again! / Similarly glad I found this blog today. At first I was just beguiled by their most recent article on ‘amazing oceanic creatures‘ and was utterly fascinated by what’s called a Pacific Barreleye (a large fish with a big, see-through head like a lightbulb!). But then I scrolled through and found the most amazing articles and images of lightning storms over the grand canyon, ‘the end of the earth’ (picture of a jigsaw-edged Nullarbor cliff wall in Southwest Australia), the 105-degree drop of Mount Thor and so much more! I could easily spend the day reading this and growing more and more inspired to go see these places first hand! / I’m glad I watched the Pride of Britain awards tonight. Though I really don’t know how I keep choking up watching these shows! First X-Factor. And now this! I’m not even pregnant and my tear ducts are already quick to let loose! But in all honesty – I really did find this show and the people awarded on it very inspiring. As soon as this Llew Davies guy was presented with teacher of the year – being told to remember and realize that his path of influence doesn’t just stop with his kids, but with their kids and potentially their kids after that… after that… after that… – it made me think wow, what a truly respectable and rewarding profession. I know I have my own teachers that have left a lasting impression in my mind so, true to fashion, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge these people and make a more formal gesture of appreciation while I still can. So here’s a big shout-out to Mr Davis, Mr Lant, Mr Stitch and of course, Mr Ben Astley! For my love of all things Media. For pushing me harder while Running. For making History and the general process of learning such a joy and thing to look forward to. And for my passion and appreciation for English Literature and the art of the written word… You have each inspired and helped to shape the world and the life I have made for myself today. So thanks! I hope you are all well wherever you are in the world!

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