Day 271: Happy boss and happy clients, Fiona’s birthday lunch, DJ’s laugh, Hayfever and This new singing habit of mine…

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Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre


i sing because i'm happy

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Grateful for the end of another successful and productive business trip. As an Account Manager, there is nothing more rewarding than having a happy boss and a happy client. =) My work is done… (for now!) / Grateful for lunch at Bistro de la Gare with Fiona, Jo, Tim and Zahur. Short but sweet. I did not have the raclette this time but good to know I don’t have to go all the way to Borough Market to get some! / Thank you Deej and Dani for organising theatre tickets tonight. Hayfever was hilarious, and being at the theatre in general was such a nice treat. Now write this blog in the manner of the word… winsome! 😉 (awhhh shucks!) / DJ’s laugh. In all its variations… Grateful!! I think my favourite one is the one I call THUNDER. I tell you, when DJ laughs like this, you feel it vibrating around the cavern and in between all the ribs of your ribcage! Powerful stuff indeed! And scarily, mightily infectious! MUAHAHAHAHA. / So here’s the thing. Over the last couple of weeks or so… I have begun to sing… A LOT. Sing AND hum… EVERYWHERE. At work. In the shower. On the tube. On the way to work. Coming home from work. With friends. On my own. Consciously. Unconsciously. It’s madness! It’s happiness! It’s gratitude… It’s sooo out of tune. / Maoz – probably the closest thing I’ve come to my Just Salad salads since I’ve come back from New York. YUM! Thank you Mr. Maoz for my free falafel and avocado. Nice and very much appreciated surprise =)


Day 178: Waking up to this view in the morning, Partnered productivity, Shit girls say, Shit new age girls say, Shit single girls say and Vegetarian Katsu Curry!

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morning view

brain rubix cube

yasai katsu curry

What a wonderful and inspiring view to wake up to in the morning… Every day a new day. Grateful! =) / Really impressed with amount and progress of work Louis and I have been making this week working more collaboratively. Awesome. / Shit girls say, Shit new age girls say, Shit single girls say… great distraction from work and well worth the tears of laughter streaming down mine, Jo’s and Louis’ face. Not to mention the stitches in my tum! I wish none of these were true, but alas, we have been sussed out. BIG time. I would quote the best quotes… but then I’d be transcribing all 3 videos from start to end so just trust me and watch it! All of it! And then all the other episodes too. OMG, hold on, I think I’m just getting a download moment. / Loved my yasai katsu curry with Jo and Dani tonight. Who says being vegetarian is hard! =p

Day 88: Evernote, Richard Carlson, Abdi the Football Star, Banana & Date Smoothies and a little bit of perspective…

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evernoterichard carlsonAbdi Football Superstar & SEO MaestroSainsbury's banana and date smoothie
Today, I appreciate my boss sparing a few moments to ask whether I’m coping alright with the amount of work coming in this week. The answer is yes, for now, and thank god for Evernote! Their slogan? – “Remember Everything” / Thanks, Richard, for writing a book that we all can learn a little bit from. And for calling it something unforgettable. I guess today I’m grateful that I have lived enough and gone through enough to realize what really matters, and what’s definitely not worth the grievance or any more than five seconds of my time (because time is always precious). Perspective, is a wonderful pair of binoculars to have acquired. Though it comes at a price, it makes it so much easier to see the small stuff for what they really are (small), and the big stuff even grander. / Love, love, love Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Banana & Date smoothie. Best post-yoga drink and rejuvenator ever! / Finally, Abs, thank you so much for that email. Absolutely pissed myself laughing. So here is your moment of fame once and for all. Congrats! You are, indeed, a superstar, a TV star, and an all-round Internet sensation. Fame at last. =D

Day 20: The Stricklands, the sound of children’s laughter and silly tongue twisters…

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kids laughing

August 2006 – Goldsmith’s College, Halls of Residence

August 2007 – Trundle House

August 2008 – Brockley

August 2010 – Greenwich

August 2011 – Hammersmith

After five years of helping me haul my stuff back and forth, north and south, east and west across London…

After five years of providing me with a home away from home…

After five years of watching the little ones grow…

And after five years of warmth radiated from a truly beautiful family…

I think it’s time I make myself clear:

Thank you.

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