Day 42: New House, Kanchan and random nights out in Reading…

September 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Living Roomkitchenbathroomkitchen 2patio

I’ve tried to really refrain from posting mid-day because who really knows what the highlights of the day are until it’s over?

However, I think today I have reason to break the rules because:

1) I have just moved into my new house.


2) I will be somewhere in the middle of Reading tonight which means, though not quite a field in the middle of Wales, I have no idea when I will next have access to the internet.


SO – Day 42:

Thank you, Kanchan, for the lead and for urging and encouraging me, again and again, to “please just look at the link! The house looks amazing!”

Thank you, Tom, for the keys to my new home, for my french toast and raspberry breakfast, and then for my watermelon and chicken pita lunch on a tray.

And thanks in advance, Henry, for whatever tonight might bring.

Off to pack now.



Day 41: Ed Sheeran, Celebrity Big Brother, T-minus 14 hrs and footing the bill for family…

September 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

ed sheeran

Celebrity Big Brother

Step aside dubstep.

Step in, Mr Ed Sheeran with your catchy mix of gospel, grime, reggae, jazz, folk, dance and good ol’ London rappin’.

You’ve got the beachside, sun-and-surf sprightliness of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

The rocking, urban mightiness of Jay-Z.

The comforting ballad and purity of John Mayer.

And the dark and addictive restlessness of Eminem and Linkin Park.

How you do it. I do not know.

But keep on at it. And I will follow.

Today, thanks for being my personal Radio.


CBB – trashy TV or not, you’re a great excuse to bring the family together.

And you also keep my friend, Dani, busy every day – logging all of that drama and romance and quarrels.

And she so adores you.

And I find that amusing.

And so I have to be thankful for that.



Thank you, self, for getting this far.

For getting everything you need to and for giving with all your heart.

Tom orrow, a new start.


Today I’m thankful I’ve finally reached that age and stage in my life/career where I can sincerely treat the people I love to a nice meal out without having to worry about my bank account.

Independence at last.

Day 23: Unconventional meetings, “Schedules”, Yum Yum and Caravans…

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

pincha mayurasana

Hmm. Where do I begin?

1) Thank god I am finally getting there with my Pincha Mayurasana pose! Still not holding it for as long as I like, but I’m getting there. I very much appreciate my new yoga spot in the office. What a great way to unwind from writing proposals =)

2) Random office DJ sessions. I think Jo, Dom, Tim and I make a pretty decent crew. Learned a little bit more about Garage (which I still don’t get), DnB and Dubstep (which Jo still doesn’t get! haha) in between writing proposals and organising briefs.

plank pose

– “So, Tim. Here’s your brief…” –

3) I love the people I work with. Have I said that already? Well, I’m saying that again. And I love days like today at work. Amazing how much you can get done when you have a decent team around you, who are willing to work hard, play hard.

4) Thank you, Tom, for a very pleasant and funny night out. I never thought the words “schedule” (“sheh-jhool”) and “data” (“dah-tah”) could provide so much entertainment. Cannot wait to move in and go for another dinner at Yum Yum (floor-seating section this time!).

5) Oh, and thanks for the ride around in the caravan. =D


The End.

Day 19: The smell of fresh coffee beans, “workics” and marble bathrooms…

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

coffee beans90 minutes of intense yoga on a virtually empty stomach finally got to me this morning, but at least there was coffee to perk me up (but barely!).

Ever wonder why an alcoholic is called an alcoholic? But a person that’s addicted to shopping is called a shopaholic, and someone that loves chocolate is a chocoholic? Why not just keep the same suffix for all and call them shopics, chocolatics and yes, even, “workics”? – funny conversation we had in the office today. Based on which, I’d probably be called a caffeinic or a coffic just for writing this blog!

And then I guess one has to appreciate hotel-style marble bathrooms. Went to see a beautiful house today – very spacious, very zen, very eco, very tempting. We’ll see how it goes. But yes, kudos to the marble bathroom; a shelf full of Lonely Planet books (intimidating and impressive at the same time), an abundant presence of buddhas and lots of frozen lime. At the very least, a pleasant evening that deserves a bit of thanks. So thanks =)

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