Day 256: HK Diner, This photo of Hong Kong, my new Zipcard and Abhishek!

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krissa and abhishek, st lucia 2011

Grateful for this beautiful photo of Hong Kong. Perhaps “home” is not so hard to recognise after all! =) / Grateful for HK Diner. It means that when we’re feeling homesick for a little bit of home comfort and Tsui-Wah, there’s a little corner of London that we can run to ūüėČ Plus, it means Kat and I have somewhere to go to when we need to sign contracts for our new home =D / Grateful for the arrival of my new Zipcard. Now I finally have access to a car… or two… or three… =D / Rooke, thanks for meeting me and dropping off my post. Much appreciated. / Ab, always a pleasure catching up and so happy to hear you’re happy and doing well =) Your mentoring and friendship are, at least, one of the great things that came out of that place. I will forever be grateful for ‘Dil-Logic’ and all your many many inspiring and entertaining quips. Keep me posted ūüėČ And I will see you soon enough =) x


Day 193: When family and friends call in a sickie to see thee and the HK$6000 Scheme…

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hk $6000 scheme

call in sick

I will not mention names, but I am extremely grateful for all those people that have purposefully taken the time off today and tomorrow, ¬†just to spend time with me for the 24 hours I am in Hong Kong. I’m grateful for the people that woke up especially early today so they could hop on a ferry at 9 am in the morning to visit me on my little island hideaway, and spend time with me before a potentially significant job interview back in town at noon. Grateful for the people that have/will call in sick tomorrow just so that they can see me off, again. There are no words to describe how…unworthy and undeserving this makes me feel. But also how extremely grateful and overwhelmed I am because of it. Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your company. Thank you for your effort. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your love. / Extremely grateful for being a HK resident that has successfully qualified for the HK$6, 000 scheme. Glad and relieved to say at least I have managed to repay my Dad about 80% of the money he has graciously loaned me over the last few months… Much appreciated. x

Day 192: Snapshots of my week, Reconciling invoices, Surprising my Dad and Alix at home, Finger limes and Delilah!

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krissa's work station

krissa's energy supply

krissa's junk tray

krissa's breakfast cereal

krissa's dinner

krissa's paper tray!

krissa's clothes trail

krissa's running shoes



Grateful for catching flight 5 of 14. / I really am grateful for this business trip. Last minute but most definitely worth it. I think the pix above summarise the week quite nicely =p / Grateful Jo and I managed to reconcile and organise the last set of invoices for the year! / Finger limes – umm… perhaps the most awesome things I’ve encountered and had the excitement and pleasure of eating in a while?! Try this with a slice of brown toast and avocadoes. YUM! The original recipe actually came with Tuna tartare, but obviously couldn’t have that. But the veg option is just as good! / Grateful for Delilah and her acoustic performance of ‘Time’. Powerful, beautiful, painful, and true. Like all great songs are. / Grateful for the look on my Dad and sister’s face when I surprised them last night =) Priceless. x

Day 164: Patrick Creelman, Cafe O, Schoolbus Smoothies, Maxim’s Palace and the look on my sister’s face when I gave her the Peace bracelet she wanted…

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patrick creelman

cafe o hong kong

cafe o hong kong

krissa and kanchan

Maxim Palace Restaurant, City Hall, Hong Kong

Maxim Palace Restaurant, City Hall, Hong Kong

There is something about Patrick Creelman’s classes that just really, really makes me smile… on my face and in my heart. Smile through all the pleasure-pain of his classes. And so I guess, in that sense, he really does embody and exude the founding essence of Anusara Yoga. GRATEFUL. / Anusara¬†(a-nu-sar-a): ‚Äúflowing with Grace‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúflowing with Nature‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúfollowing your heart”… No wonder I love it. Maybe this one after Dharma? Ohhh and the stakes get high! =p / I will always love Cafe O. The perfect post-yoga retreat. This first image is how I will always remember it, jumping out of a cab on Arbuthnot Road at ridiculous hours of the morning, making a silent salute in my head and already imagining the taste of their scccrrrumptious Schoolbus Smoothie in my mouth. YUM! / For a Schoolbus Smoothie, mix:¬†strawberries, frozen yoghurt, banana, honey,¬†muesli¬†and milk. And then feel yourself all ready and prepped and¬†energized¬†for the day! =) / Glad I got to have one last quick catch-up and update with Kan. Love and see you soon! x / I love the look on my sister’s face when, at bedtime, I surprised her with the Peace bracelet she’d been eyeing and (not so) secretly wishing for at the shop. Little things… always the little things… =) / Maxim’s Palace Dim Sum, City Hall – one of the best places for proper dim sum in Hong Kong. YUM! Though I have to say it was a challenge going to a place like this on a veggie diet! Yam puffs were good though! =)

Day 163: Missing my flight, Going back to my first ever yoga studio, Eka Pada Rajokapotasana, Tick Tock Wheel and my Schrade Tough multi-tool…

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cathay pacific take offkrissa doing eka pada rajokapotasana krissa doing hanumanasanaschrade tough multi tool So when you realize you have missed your flight back to London and that this isn’t the first, second, or third… but the fourth¬†time this has happened to you… what have you got to be grateful for? Well, I guess I am grateful for having parents that love me so much they are actually ecstatic about the news and believe I am worth paying the ¬£300 re-booking fee to have me here an extra day. / Today I’m grateful for the intensive 2-hour Anusara yoga class I attended with my mom. / I absolutely love this pose! – the eka pada rajokapotasana, i.e. the one-legged king pigeon pose. / I love that I got to try what they call the ‘Tick Tock’ Wheel transition from a backbend (chakrasana) flipping over and onto my feet (uttanasana). Here’s another pose I’m now determined to master! See here: / I love that I was able to sneak into Studio Room No. 1 after class to practice these poses a little longer. This was where I had my first ever¬†Hatha 1 yoga class back when I was 17. This is where it all began… =) / Grateful for the surprise presents my folks got and handed over to me during dinner. While I loved the full-size micro-fibre, quick-dry towel and the stackable plastic cutlery, I have to admit my favourite was this Schrade Tough¬†multi-tool kit. I love gadgets! And I have a feeling this one will keep me busy and well-equipped for a good long while =) I think I’m ready to go hiking now!

Day 159: The ginormous Wellcome grocery in the North Plaza, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Dad’s old shirts and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika…

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wellcome supermarket discovery bay


dad's old shirts

hatha yoga pradipika

Grateful this new Wellcome grocery has opened up in DB. Nothing beats strolling through a nice, big, gourmet supermarket like this one =) They even have a whole wall for just ‘Fruit and Nuts’! Heaven or what! / I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Especially when they are shaped like Christmas trees! =) / Grateful for Dad’s old, hand-me-down shirts. Now I don’t need to go to GAP to get me some oversized shirts to wear with my leggings =p / Grateful for the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Second book I’ve read from my yoga course list. It might not be as soulful as the Bhagavad Gita. But it’s sort of like reading a Jack Kerouac novel… It doesn’t feel that special while you’re reading it. But on reflection, you realize you remember quite a lot. It feels great being able to walk into your next Hatha or Power 2 class and find that when your guru says “Now activate your Mula Bandha and tuck your chin under in Jalandhara Bandha…”, it actually makes sense¬†=) So here’s to learning about Kumbhakas, Mudras, Bandhas and Pranayamas! Om Shanti x

Day 158: Chamonix, AKU Hiking Boots, 0-Degree Sleeping Bags and Karrimor Goose Down Jackets…

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aku hiking boots

sleeping bag

karrimor goose down parka

If ever you are in Hong Kong and in need of real, quality hiking gear for CHEAP, head on down to Chamonix in Mong Kok. This place is amazing. Overlander is definitely a much more relaxing and pampered shopping experience, and if you have a discount card like my parents do you can get up to 20% off. BUT Chamonix has this cosy, underground backpacker feel to it and has equally good stuff with a ridiculous 30% discount off everything all year round, as long as you pay more than HK$300 (£25 Рor the price of one t-shirt!) and pay in EPS/Cash (which is peanuts and easily done!). I managed to get these hiking boots, an extreme-weather lightweight sleeping bag, thermal underwear, this Karrimor Goose Down Jacket (in orange) and a 100 lumen (blinding!!!) head torch for a grand total of just HK$3, 500 (£291)! Ridiculous or what! =D / Mom & Dad, thank you for lunch at Watami and again for taking me to all these shops and waiting for me patiently (even lending me your EPS card at the very last minute when I needed it to qualify for certain aforementioned discounts! =p) / Lin Рalways nice catching up with you. Be strong, as always. You have a good heart and good intentions. And when you have that, the world is gracious. Love you x / Aimee РThanks for sorting out and confirming my booking. Hopefully those crazy cousins of mine will get in touch soon! =)

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