Day 258: First day of Easter weekend, Teaching my first class in the park, Trashy TV marathon and The O.C.!

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finsbury park

finsbury park

yoga in the park

made in chelsea

keep calm and marry prince harry

the o.c.

Grateful for the day off and the first day of this long Easter weekend =) / Grateful for the gorgeous weather this morning and teaching my first mini-class in the park. / Grateful for Finsbury Park Cafe, which has a decent and broad enough menu. Ohhh weekends with Kat are going to be glorious =) / Grateful for the group chill-out session in Jo’s living room, snacking on guacamole and trashy TV, cosy and warm away from the cold outside. / Grateful for 2 hours worth of re-runs watching The O.C. Californiaaaa… Califooorniaaaaaa… HERE WE COME! I tell ya, you should’ve seen our expressions when Summer mentioned, “the end of 2003 and beginning of a new year!” It was something along the lines of: =O Followed by a unanimous: “Oh. my. god. That was NINE YEARS AGO!! Oh… where did all the time go?!


Day 206: Valentine’s Day and my personalised Innocent smoothie bottle…

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personalised smoothie bottle

Grateful for Valentine’s Day, and all the people today that consciously, and without even knowing it, put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. To everyone I saw buying cards for their loved ones, pulling out roses from the cupboard, rushing off from work to get to that dinner table as quickly as possible… To everyone who carried their huge bouquets and oversized presents on the bus, and smiled when I asked them what they were doing tonight… Your love infused London today, and made it feel like spring. Thank you. / Jo, what can I say. You’ve done it once again and I cannot help but be grateful for you, AGAIN, on this blog!! =p How and when you have the time to do this, lord knows. You really are amazing. Thank you for this. And for having the biggest heart in the world. Love you chica. x

Day 133: Christmas Lights, Christmas Shopping, Lionel Shriver, Lynne Ramsay, Misha B and Little Mix…

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xmas lights london 2011

xmas lights london 2011

covent garden christmas 2011


I love Christmas and the festive mood affecting all of London right now =) / I love Christmas shopping and finding the perfect pressent you know will put a massive smile on people’s faces =) / Lionel Shriver, Lynne Ramsay… The book and film adaptation of WNTTAK is very good… harrowing (to say the least!). I can appreciate it from a thought-provoking and story-telling point of view. But I can’t possibly be thankful for the mood it put me in after! =( But here is my positive spin on it: I guess that means you did a great job and if your intention was to make people think and feel, then you definitely achieved what you set out to do. / Congratulations, Miss Misha B, this was the first time I truly felt something while listening to you sing. And rest assured it was far from ‘less than perfect’. =) / Little Mix, you were a lot amazing tonight. Don’t know who to vote for now… Hmmm… =)

Day 112: Club de Fromage, Cold Leftover Pizza and the John Lewis Christmas Ad…

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club de fromageJohn-Lewis-Christmas-Advert-2011cold pizzaGrateful for Club de Fromagethe blue cheese, gorgonzola and stinking bishop of all cheese fests. Loved every friggin’ stinkin’ moment of it! / If anything is going to pull at your heartstrings this Christmas, this ad will be it. =) Captured here, is a very precise feeling and memory I believe we can all relate to. Wonderful and heartwarming. Well done, Adam & Eve. / Jo, thanks for preparing dinner and heating up the pizzas, onion bhajis and samosas. Though I don’t think these were anywhere near as fully appreciated as they were at 4am in the morning! =p

Day 98: Halloween, Whipped Cream, Happy Balloons, Cardiff and Gas Fireplaces…

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cardiff roath parkgas fireplacedalai lama costumewhipped creamhappy balloonsDictators, Deviants & Do-Gooders
 Thank you Daneka & Co. for the awesomely themed “Deviants, Dictators & Do-Gooders” Halloween party. And everyone who came for making the effort to dress up. I have to say it was slightly disorientating sitting in a room full of the world (and history’s!) most hated men. / I love how everyone forgot about names and formality and resorted to calling each other by their costume name. e.g. “Hey Dalai! Can you pass the crisps?” “Sure thing, Amin.” / Another funny quote for the night – KC: So, Maverick, how did you and Jesus and Hitler form a band together? Maverick: Well, Jesus’ Dad taught me how to play the drums… And that’s how we all met. KC: Oh, so God taught you how to play the drums? Awesome! =P / Whipped Cream – perfect as trick or treat! / How can you not like balloons that make you smile? =) / Cardiff, I’ve always said that from the moment we met, you were the first place in the UK that really felt like it could be “home”. It was nice being back – “surreal… but nice.” / LC, thank you for the warmth. I always did, and always will, treasure our endless stories and chats. Much love. x

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