Day 351: Frannie’s letter, Le Pain Quotidien, The Shard, Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s first music video, Meeting Sam for the 3rd time in the last year and A lesson on Trust…

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brunch with sam

soya mocha, le pain quotidien

granola parfait with fresh fruit

the shard, london bridge

the shard, london bridge

sam and krissa

grace, humility, strength, hope, trust

Dear Frannie, Thank you for your message this morning. Wasn’t expecting that but really, really appreciate it. My thoughts, too, are with you. With love, and hugs. – krissa x / Today, I got to meet Sam for the THIRD time in the last year. How crazy is that! Haha. And then again at Christmas. Wehey, we’re on a roll! =) / Le Pain Quotidien – I just love it! Especially the new branch they opened up next to Borough Market. Perfect place for weekend brunch and catching up with old friends =) / Dear big glass shard sticking out of London Bridge, I have watched you grow and grow and grow over the last 3 years. And I feel like you, too, have watched my life unravel and unfold, under your keen guardianship, over the last 36 months. You were there at the very beginning, one evening in May. And now you are here at the end. Funny huh? Many people look at you and have various opinions. Some people think you are great, ambitious, and a magnificent sight to look at. Others feel like you have “stabbed” London’s skyline and ruined the view for good. Just know that to me, standing there today looking at you in all your glory… you have become an icon, landmark and reflection of perhaps 3 of the best years of my life. And for that, I am grateful. I have nothing but affection and fond, fond memories. / Ryan, how wonderful to stumble upon your music video today. Well done. This puts a smile on my face and this song is still as sweet as the first time I heard it on BGT. Grateful =) / They say life continues to teach you a lesson, again and again and again until you learn it. Over the last 24-48 hours, and because of the last few months, I realised that there is one thing I left out when I set my mantra for this year… When I promised myself to live my life with grace, humility, strength and hope nearly one year ago now, what I didn’t include was Trust. That’s not because I didn’t think it worth it. But purely because I didn’t know then, all the things I know now. You see there was a shift, about halfway through the year, whereby my uncontrollable, ever expansive HOPE slowly and very very subtly began to transform into something much more important and much more grand. My H-O-P-E that was like a balloon that I allowed to soar very high in the sky was soon accompanied by something called Trust. And this Trust was/is the realization that while Hope is a balloon that is inspiring and beautiful and uplifting to watch, Trust is the unshakeable security and peace that weathers all storms. Hope forces us to turn our gaze towards the sky. Trust draws our senses inwards because once you find the Truth, you soon realise that there’s a million heavens and thousands of balloons already soaring inside your heart, waiting for you. All you have to do is close your eyes… 8th July 2012 – I thank the voice inside, calling me home. ईश्वरे विश्वासं करोमि


Day 350: 15 more days of appreciation, Borough Market, The Tate Modern Turbine Hall, The final catharsis and The BSO Reunion…

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tate modern turbine hall

borough market

the glad, borough

blessed are the forgetful...

15 more days of appreciation. I didn’t even realise… Grateful! / Borough Market – I always loved this place. Grateful for the reminder. / The Tate Modern Turbine Hall… – this space always serves its purpose. Today was no different. And so, grateful! / July 7, 2012. Today, the final catharsis. Now you are free. Say thank you. Be grateful… Now let it go and be on your way. And with that, grant yourself peace. / Thank you Saskia for holding my attention for an hour and keeping me present in that space. Present, is exactly where I needed to be. / Grateful for the opportunity to see the girls tonight and get to know Nona a bit better. / Can’t believe the Glad has a new rooftop deck! Just goes to show how long we haven’t been back… It was nice to see. And I’m almost glad for the visual reinforcement of how much things have moved on and changed in the last year. At least, I thought, there were flowers. / Love from afar, without expectations. Love because you want to love, not because you’re expecting anything back. Love like this and you will find peace. Because when you love for the sake of it, everything is a gift. And the minute you realize Love is the greatest gift you can give, you can rest knowing that in love, for love, you did the best you could… You gave it your all. – Perhaps one of the more resonant realisations I’ve had this year. And with that, good night. With love. In love. For love. x

Day 348: Getting to wear Kat’s denim and baseball jackets and “This is Home” by Switchfoot…

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wrangler denim jacket

baseball jacket


The one good thing about Kat being away in France for business is that in exchange for taking my leather jacket, I now get to wear her denim and baseball ones 😉 Lol. Well, you gotta be grateful for something right? 😉 / “This is home” by Switchfoot. Been listening to it all day. Love it =) x

Day 347: Hanging with Sue at the American Club, Finding spare earphones at home, Nabbing the one spare table at Starbuck’s, Green Naked smoothies, The day my printer cable arrived and TriYoga!

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american club singapore

white apple earphones


Naked Antixoxidant Green Smoothie

Canon printer usb cable


Ok, so technically I wasn’t exactly with Sue at the American Club in Singapore… But I might as well have been! 😉 Grateful! Thanks for the time, chica! Miss you! / Grateful I found this spare set of earphones lying on the floor of our living room. My last ones are busted! / You know that feeling when you spot the last spare table at a really busy restaurant or cafe… and your heart starts to race as you look around really quickly to see if anyone has noticed… and then absolutely running for it to claim what is now rightfully yours…? Yea. That. I love that! 😉 / Naked’s super green antioxidant smoothies. I love! Iron in a bottle. Hurray! / Well whatdya know! My printer cable actually arrived! Wehey! / TriYoga… possibly couldn’t get any more different in terms of look, feel, space, mood from Indaba… But there is something characteristically charming about this place. Look at it! =) Just signed up for a 2 week tester to take a whole bunch of Ashtanga classes for a change. Haven’t done a pure Ashtanga class in years! Just something I feel will benefit and strengthen my practice even more. Need to get in touch with those deep down bandhas!! See how it goes =) The body knows what it wants. 😉 x / PS – Happy 4th of July!!! Thank you Leela for taking the time to teach tonight anyway =)

Day 344: Futureplanning MM IV, My new Canon printer (which Ash carried!), Macaroons and The Toe Tales of Kat and Krissa!

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let's get down to business



canon printer

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

MM IV for #futureplanning. Grateful! Now let’s get down to business! / So glad I finally got a new printer for the house! Hurrayyyy!! – Ash, thank you so much for carrying this for me! Hope your arms are all buff now for it! =p / Macaroons… little sweet cakes from heaven! / The Toe Tales of Kat and Krissa… I think these screenshots from my phone say it all… It’s incredible how much we amuse ourselves… hahaha x

Day 341: 23 reasons why today will be the best day ever, Booking my tickets to Edinburgh, This picture from Kat at work, Receiving this report from Mind, Drinks with Protein, Pho Mile, BASE and this Bittersweet Symphony…

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what a nutter!

Mind report

vietnamese rice noodles


Grateful this article landed on my lap today, and for the smile it put on my face =) / Grateful I got my tickets up to Scotland booked today 😉 / I very much appreciate this picture Kat sent me of her at work today. Lol. What a nutter! / Grateful I got this report I requested from Mind today. And so research into Project #2 of 4 begins… =) / Grateful for drinks with Protein and Pho Mile dinner with Kat tonight… / The Verve – I know I indirectly blogged about them already on Day 86 but this song is just so good it deserves its own credit. 😉 x / BASE – what an awesome find 😉

Day 338: Girl Model documentary, Iron Rich Foods, Khloe and Lamar, Hallway convos with Kat and Working on The Fallen…

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girl model documentary

iron rich foods

khloe and lamar

school hallway

the fallen

I’m grateful for the documentary, “Girl Model”. Not because it’s a particularly joyful topic… But because it made me grateful that I didn’t have to live my life this way. / Today… I practically ate a whole garden full of iron-rich foods… I’ve been feeling really really low on energy lately and something just wasn’t feeling right… Did some research. Bought some goods. Ate them all. Now feeling much much better. Thank god for that! / Is it bad to say I love The Kardashian show so much I now follow the spin-off about Khloe and Lamar?? Oh no… Maybe I should have kept that too myself! =| =p / I like how Kat and I can literally plant ourselves anywhere in the house and still feel comfortable. Now that’s a good house! Grateful! / On the way home… just thinking as I do… Maya threw a brick down on me from heaven and told me what I had to do. So when I couldn’t sleep this evening… guess what I did? I went ahead and started working on The Fallen! Yea, remember that?! =p Now let’s hope this version of the bridge sticks! And let’s hope all the rest of my #futureplanning goes well so I can finally have the time and means to support myself and write this book once and for all! Patience, they say, is a virtue… x

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