Day 360: Winning a Jansport Superbreak backpack, Coors Light Jean Claude Van Damme Advert and Being rickrolled again by Dom!

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jansport superbreak winner
jansport superbreak


kim kardashian kisses shango!

A couple of weeks ago I was doing research and stumbled upon this competition Jansport was promoting to win one of their Superbreak backpacks. I had time, and hope… but little did I know I had luck on my side as well =) Got this email today and found out that I actually won =D Hurrraaayyyy! Thanks guys. G-r-a-t-e Grateful! / This Coors Light ad just… Oh, it cracks me up every. single. night! hahaha. Grateful for the laughs and cheap thrills. Take my breath away *boom boom* /  Today, I got rickrolled good! Nice one Dom! 😉 / The moment Kim kisses her bodyguard… a whole new Dash episode I’ve never seen before… =O something to be grateful for… but no one can know!! =O =P


Day 358: Kat cleaning the house, The Stricklands driving me (and the last of my stuff!) back home, Otters holding hands and The day Andres and Behull come to visit…

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grace and krissa

India Wisdom

mom's graduation message 2009

krissa, behull, andres

otters holding hands

Kat – thanks so much for cleaning the house. Spotless and smelling oh-so-good! G-r-a-t-e GRATEFUL =) / Uncle Mark, Donna, Gracie – thanks so much for having me round; for my kickass fake steak (haha) and helping me unload the absolute last of my stuff at home. So glad you got to see Wilber (our home – lol). And really, really hope Ali is doing okay!!! / Mom – thanks so much for my 365 days book on India Wisdom. I just found it again while unloading my boxes and re-read your graduation message to me… Weird, huh? That was 3 years ago… How much things have changed. I, for example, appreciated the beauty of this book so much more today than I probably did back then. But everything in it’s own time. I love you and thanks again for this. It really is wonderful… / When otters hold hands… oh my you just have to be grateful over and over and over again! Oh how this melts my heart. So precious… / Andres, Behull – lovely to see you guys tonight. Good catch-up. Good company. Good food. Good show (even though Kat and I fell asleep impersonating these otters in the middle of it, and you! haha). Grateful x

Day 349: Hangin’ with Tim, Seeing Andrew, Speaking to Badge, This Friday picture and Registering for Self-Employment…

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Don’t know where everyone was today but grateful to have Tim’s company at least =p Thanks buddy! x / Grateful I got to see Andrew today and that he seems to be doing well enough, all things considered! Sincerely hope the leg heals as best as it can… I really do! / Badge, thanks for the chat as I know you were driving!! Hope Tash feels better! And glad she has you to take care of her! x Love to you both, as always! x / Grateful I managed to sort out my self-employment status so I can finally get my UTR number. Who knew there was so much paperwork involved with teaching yoga! Oh well, nearly there… nearly there! =) / Hey wassup dawg? – It’s Friday bitch! … sigh… Sometimes I wonder about my sense of humour. Other days… I just accept I am the way I am and pictures like this make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sorry about the language. But I’m not sorry about the way it makes me feel. lol =p Alright. It’s friday… I’m gonna peace out before I start quoting that and filling this blog with profanities! =p x

Day 344: Futureplanning MM IV, My new Canon printer (which Ash carried!), Macaroons and The Toe Tales of Kat and Krissa!

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let's get down to business



canon printer

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

the toe tales of kat and krissa

MM IV for #futureplanning. Grateful! Now let’s get down to business! / So glad I finally got a new printer for the house! Hurrayyyy!! – Ash, thank you so much for carrying this for me! Hope your arms are all buff now for it! =p / Macaroons… little sweet cakes from heaven! / The Toe Tales of Kat and Krissa… I think these screenshots from my phone say it all… It’s incredible how much we amuse ourselves… hahaha x

Day 341: 23 reasons why today will be the best day ever, Booking my tickets to Edinburgh, This picture from Kat at work, Receiving this report from Mind, Drinks with Protein, Pho Mile, BASE and this Bittersweet Symphony…

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what a nutter!

Mind report

vietnamese rice noodles


Grateful this article landed on my lap today, and for the smile it put on my face =) / Grateful I got my tickets up to Scotland booked today 😉 / I very much appreciate this picture Kat sent me of her at work today. Lol. What a nutter! / Grateful I got this report I requested from Mind today. And so research into Project #2 of 4 begins… =) / Grateful for drinks with Protein and Pho Mile dinner with Kat tonight… / The Verve – I know I indirectly blogged about them already on Day 86 but this song is just so good it deserves its own credit. 😉 x / BASE – what an awesome find 😉

Day 340: The day I become a fully certified DYRT® Yoga Teacher, T-Rex Trying, This scene from “Meet the Robinsons” and Doodlers Anonymous…

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Krissa Curran Dharma Yoga teacher London

trex trying to hit the snooze button

trex trying to catch a butterfly

trex trying to put eyeshadow on she-rex

trex trying to put on eyeshadow

trex trying to reconnect

trex holding hands

t-rex trying wallpaper!

t-rex trying wallpaper!

t-rex trying wallpaper!

Doodlers Anonymous

Day 340 – The day I become a fully certified and registered Dharma Yoga Teacher… There are no words, except: so incredibly honoured, and so, so grateful. Let the journey begin… =) =) =) / I may have gotten straight A’s and a First Class Honours degree from Goldsmith’s… but can I just say… this certification has been more invaluable and is worth so much more than any one of those things. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. / T-Rex Trying to me is like what the Bunny Suicide cartoons are to other people… addictive! It’s crazy how hard this makes me laugh. If I had wallpaper made out of T-Rex Trying images… I swear I would wake up laughing for the rest of my life… What a GREAT idea… Actually… I’m gonna go print some out now… / This scene from Meet the Robinsons… well, let’s just say it is a continuation of my joy =p / Doodles Anonymous… can’t even remember how I found it… but I’m glad I did =) Note to self: must draw more. My response: ok. when are you going to give me time to draw? – Darn, I guess I can appreciate these for now 😉 x

Day 321: Alt J, Glozell and The Cinnamon Challenge, Hula Hoops and Handstands, Tikka Masala and Zoolander…

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alt j

jo hula-hooping!

krissa handstanding

tikka masala


zoolander center for ants

Alt J – excuse the language but f*ckin awesome. These my favourite for today: Intro and Breezeblocks. You could get drunk and sunburnt listening to this music. =) / Glozell, you are friggin nuts. Thank you for the entertainment. I hate to love it! / This is what Jo and I do during our lunch and coffee breaks at work… =p Grateful for the space! =p / Mince meat tikka masala – YUM! / Zoolander… so many precious moments. Unfortunately, I have seen that face all to often =p Grateful / And there you have it. You can see how my day went. Pretty fun stuff. Grateful! =) x

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