Day 333: Kazi from Starbucks, Lunchtime productivity and my 1hr catch up with Dani…

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starbucks productivity

phone chat

To the man called Kazi from Starbucks… thank you so much for giving me my half-price frappuccino and free dose of soya milk today. Totally unexpected. And totally grateful =D / Team work makes the dream work… Indeed! lunchtime #futureplanning… GRATEFUL! / Dani, grateful for our random 1hr catch up on the phone today. Hurray! =) x


Day 260: Chez Le Boulanger, Napoleons and Romeo!

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Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Napoleon Custard

Let’s see… Cute little French cafe with warm, unpolished wooden furniture and fittings, trays and trays of cakes and pastries and salads and bread, the best fresh orange juice, and tall cups of soy mochas, plenty of seats, free WiFi and a chatty, friendly chap running the place called Romeo… who then gave us 2 paper bags of free pastries each at the end of a long day and night… How could I not be grateful! =)

Day 238: Long-ass layovers, Getting up to speed on my blogs, My iPad, the AA Admirals Club and MasterCard’s Free WiFi Zone at JFK…

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blog update

ipad 2 black

Ok, I’ll keep this short but sweet. Today I’m grateful for long-ass layovers. Long-ass layovers means time to reflect, time to get back up to speed with this blog, and plenty of time to read Autobiography of a Yogi, which has been impossible to put down except to write this blog (something, in case you haven’t noticed, I am equally passionate about! Apart from furthering my yogic studies that is :p ). / Grateful for the AA Admirals Club, not because I can get in, but because from the outside, it’s the perfect place to steal a bit of free WiFi if you know where to sit 😉 It might be slow and frequently cut off as it’s sensitive to the throng of moving bodies around Miami airport and JFK. But at least it’s something! / Further grateful for the airport officer that informed me of the MasterCard WiFi lounge ‘just around the corner’ (:p) from where I’d been sitting near the AA Admirals Lounge. Another good reason all travelers should invest in a MasterCard-endorsed Cash Passport. 🙂 / You know what else I have really come to appreciate and love? This iPad! The world, portable and instantly accessible (well, if you’re near the AA Admirals Lounge that is! :p) at your fingertips. Can’t believe the new iPad has just come out as well! Has it really been that long?? But I just bought this thing!! / Ok. So I’m grateful for catching flight 13 of 14 from Miami to New York. Just… one…more… to go. And with that, I guess I bid thee farewell. Until I resume my life… and karma… back in London. Hope you have a good weekend. With love, k. x

Day 195: Finishing my yoga essays, Viber and Labrinth…

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DYLOAY Pre-Training AssignmentDYLOAY Pre-Training AssignmentViberFreeiPhoneCalls


Grateful I’ve finally finished and sent off the two yoga assignments that have been sitting in the back of my head for a while! / Grateful for Viber. Viber = free phone calls = more conversations with momma, poppa, alix and kanchan! Anyone else wanna hop onboard? =) It’s FREE!!! / Today is Labrinth appreciation day. Click here for original version of ‘Let the sun shine’. And here for acoustic version. Happy Friday! Enjoy =) x

Day 176: Homemade sushi, YouTube to mp3, Finding 3 months’ worth of contact lenses and Meeting someone who’s missed more flights than I have…

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Krissa, Illy and Sarah enjoying homemade sushi

homemade sushi

contact lens

songs for lolo

Grateful for the Japan Centre and homemade sushi! YUM! NOM! YUM! / Grateful for having to pack up my room today. It meant I found 3 months’ worth of contact lenses that had been tucked away and hidden all this time! How on earth I managed without them, who knows! / Grateful for the site YouTube to mp3. I know it’s ‘bad’ and poor practice and shows ill support towards the hardworking music industry to rip these songs of Youtube music videos… But today, I really couldn’t have been more grateful. Because when you have to turn around a funeral playlist and make sure it is in Manila and ready to load onto an iPod in less than 24 hours… you will do whatever it takes to make sure your grandpa’s favourite songs get there on time! / I’m so glad our Acroyoga class is getting busier and busier. And I love that the ‘old school crew’ are still showing up =) / I am extremely grateful for locker room chatter and meeting someone who has missed more flights in her life than I have. Around 20 or so short-haul flights apparently. Boy do I feel good! =p x

Day 172: Padma Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, a further extension on my yoga pass and not knowing anything…

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padma sarvangasana

matsyasana fish pose

no idea giraffe

Today I did Padma Sarvangasana (Lotus shoulder stand) for the first time, followed by its nice and relaxing counterpose: Matsyasana (fish pose)… Awesome! / Thank you, Susan, for extending my pass. Very much appreciated. / Thanks, Dom, for coming out and sparing 5 mins to chat in the cold. Appreciated. / Thanks Jo, for your company and lunch at the veggie indian restaurant. Good call! / Thanks Kat for answering my call at work! =p / Socrates once said that true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. Today I’m grateful for having the courage to say, “You know what? I just don’t know.” / Sometimes, admitting we don’t have all the answers is the greatest consolation.

Day 145: Teddy Brookes Osteopathy and Leigh!

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teddy brookes osteopathy london mayfair cambridge

teddy brookes osteopathy london mayfair cambridge
Thank you Teddy, for the amazing treatment today. I am still awake, though I have no doubt you were right and the only reason I still am is because I’m fighting sleep. I have to say you’ve come a long way in the last 12 to 16 months. And it’s noticeable in your appearance, your presentation, your demeanour, your treatment and your professionalism. I have nothing but pride and rest assured I’ll be rooting for you on the sidelines, waiting for that tipping point. Cannot wait until my back pain is gone! Woot! / If anyone is looking for an osteopath in mayfair or cambridge, here’s your man! =) / Leigh, great catching up with you today, as always. Looking forward to our coffee in January! love and hugs x

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