Day 345: Camden Parkway… and My handstand workshop with an ex-professional acrobat… from Mongolia… in a church!

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abandoned church

handstand workshop

camden parkway

the currans

Today, I went to a handstand workshop… with an ex-professional Acrobat… from Mongolia… in a church… … … I don’t think you can get any more random than that! It was a killer. But the conditioning was great! Thanks Sainna! And thanks for the head’s up, Maria. If this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will! =p / Tonight, this street provided the canvas I needed to step into a world that used to be mine. For a few hours, I indulged a younger version of myself. It was nice. It was what it was. Nothing more. Nothing less. And for that I am grateful. / This screenshot of my crazy familia made me smile today. And was a nice reminder of the people and things that matter. I love you! xxx


Day 321: Alt J, Glozell and The Cinnamon Challenge, Hula Hoops and Handstands, Tikka Masala and Zoolander…

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alt j

jo hula-hooping!

krissa handstanding

tikka masala


zoolander center for ants

Alt J – excuse the language but f*ckin awesome. These my favourite for today: Intro and Breezeblocks. You could get drunk and sunburnt listening to this music. =) / Glozell, you are friggin nuts. Thank you for the entertainment. I hate to love it! / This is what Jo and I do during our lunch and coffee breaks at work… =p Grateful for the space! =p / Mince meat tikka masala – YUM! / Zoolander… so many precious moments. Unfortunately, I have seen that face all to often =p Grateful / And there you have it. You can see how my day went. Pretty fun stuff. Grateful! =) x

Day 232: Day 5, Inca Discovery Tour, Peru

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inca trail checkpoint

inca trail checkpoint

5 am coca tea

the closest thing to a shower we got every morning

krissa at 14,000 ft

there's always time and energy for one more headstand!

krissa at the top of dead woman's pass

best way to wake up from a post-hike siesta!

Inca Trail Day 2 – Today was the most challenging of this trek, with the goal of climbing and pulling ourselves up the steep, 70-degree slope to Dead Woman’s Pass, 13, 769 ft above sea level (that’s higher than what most people sky dive from between 10,000 and 12,500 ft). / Today, I am grateful for reaching this summit, which is the highest point I have ever personally, independently and physically dragged my self up in my life so far. / I am chuffed for being the 4th one to reach this point, and the 2nd female in the group to do so. / Grateful for not having altitude sickness and for whatever god-given speed it was that suddenly hit me and allowed me to fly down that mountain and reach our 2nd base camp way before everyone else. Boy, what a thrill that was!! / Thank you, Dad, for all the hikes we’ve done together. I couldn’t have had better preparation and training for this 🙂 Wish you’d have been here! This one’s for you 🙂

Day 220: Day 5, DY LOAY TT 200-HR Intensive.

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mala beads

70 hours of yoga complete. / 2.5 hrs of asanas. Many many pincha mayurasanas =) Many thanks to Paul for those intuitive, subtle, subtle cues to finally get me in this pose – and hold it! Ohhh that class was so worth it just for that glorious triumph at the end! Grateful. / Grateful for anatomy class. Now at least I have a better understanding of what’s going on inside the body as well as out when getting into the poses. / Grateful for my first set of mala beads. Thank you DMJ for preparing them for me to wear. I will cherish these always. With love and gratitude, k. x

Day 174: 9.43km run, my first protein shake and Top Gear’s India special…

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sculptress chocolate protein shake


Today I ran about 9.43 km on the treadmill. I could’ve made it to the usual 10km except I was literally kicked out for being the last one there on a Friday night. And while it’s annoying I didn’t make it to the end, I’m grateful I was at least on track to doing it within the hour as planned. Better, quicker, fitter next time! =) / Grateful for purchasing my first tub of protein shake. I’ve always wanted to play with one of these! Shake, shake, shake away! / Watched Top Gear’s India Special tonight. What a laugh! So there’s the plan solidied. India in 2013. Done. x

Day 160: Power 2 in the morning, Family Hike at noon and Acroyoga with my mom and sis in the evening…

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acroyoga with krissa and cintykrissa and cinty doing pinchamayurasanaacroyoga with krissa and cintyacroyoga with krissa and alixacroyoga with krissa and cintyacroyoga with krissa and alixacroyoga with krissa and cintyacroyoga with krissa and cintykrissa does a headstand
Today, I am grateful for having a body that will endure pretty much whatever I put it through. / Grateful for the Power 2 class this morning. It’s funny… There’s not a lot of things I will get out of bed for in the morning. But promise me yoga and I will roll out of bed, gladly, at 5.30 am just as I have every other day this week =) / Grateful for our last family hike of the year. / Really, really happy I got to practice some Acroyoga and mess around with my mom and sister on the beach this afternoon… I have really, really missed this.

Day 157: Running around DB with my sister, Sakesan with Rad and Dessert Nights with Kan and Kez…

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alix and krissa go running

alix and krissa go running

sakesan hong kong

Rad, Krissa and Kanchan at Sakesan

Krissa, Kan and Kez at Portobello Cafe

I will always treasure my runs back in DB, especially when I’ve got my sister next to me, on her bike, keeping pace =) / Grateful for the opportunity to try the food and Salaryman Cocktail at Sakesan, this new Japanese Robatayaki Bar-Restaurant in Soho. / For a Salaryman, mix: Sake, Lychees, Grapefruit juice, Lemongrass syrup and fresh mint. / Rad, so great seeing you again. I miss you loads and it just never is long enough!! Need I say…? – ROLL WITH IT! / Kan & Kez – nothing like Banofee Pies, Mocha Cheesecakes and fresh cups of coffee to kickstart conversations about religion, spirituality, food blogs, history, the american civil war, wedding plans, visas and the little itty bitty, juicy details of each other’s lives that keep us oh so entertained. Love you both. Enough, clearly, to pass on my cold! =p x

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