Day 363: Beautiful Scottish weather, Melancholia, Being back at Pauline & Alan’s, Bryan, Kris, Mally and Gill!

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Who would’ve thought Scotland would have better weather than England! But there you go… Grateful for the opportunity to walk around Edinburgh this afternoon, soak up a bit of sun and feel the buzz of a regular afternoon on George St. / Bryan, thank you so much for your time today. Definitely worth it! / Gill, lovely to meet you, and Mally and Kris… and everyone else =) I have every faith… / Melancholia – artistically, intelligently, I appreciate your brilliance and I commend you on your success. I wasn’t really expecting an apocalyptic film (that’s two now this week + 3 planetary coincidences, recent dreams included!) but for what it was, I can’t fault it. And judging by the reviews, neither can the critics! / Aunty Pauline, Alan – it’s good to be back =) x



Day 340: The day I become a fully certified DYRT® Yoga Teacher, T-Rex Trying, This scene from “Meet the Robinsons” and Doodlers Anonymous…

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Krissa Curran Dharma Yoga teacher London

trex trying to hit the snooze button

trex trying to catch a butterfly

trex trying to put eyeshadow on she-rex

trex trying to put on eyeshadow

trex trying to reconnect

trex holding hands

t-rex trying wallpaper!

t-rex trying wallpaper!

t-rex trying wallpaper!

Doodlers Anonymous

Day 340 – The day I become a fully certified and registered Dharma Yoga Teacher… There are no words, except: so incredibly honoured, and so, so grateful. Let the journey begin… =) =) =) / I may have gotten straight A’s and a First Class Honours degree from Goldsmith’s… but can I just say… this certification has been more invaluable and is worth so much more than any one of those things. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. / T-Rex Trying to me is like what the Bunny Suicide cartoons are to other people… addictive! It’s crazy how hard this makes me laugh. If I had wallpaper made out of T-Rex Trying images… I swear I would wake up laughing for the rest of my life… What a GREAT idea… Actually… I’m gonna go print some out now… / This scene from Meet the Robinsons… well, let’s just say it is a continuation of my joy =p / Doodles Anonymous… can’t even remember how I found it… but I’m glad I did =) Note to self: must draw more. My response: ok. when are you going to give me time to draw? – Darn, I guess I can appreciate these for now 😉 x

Day 316: Baba Hanuman, The day Anna sleeps over, Our MasterChef Cook-Off and 21 Jump Street…

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krishna das baba hanuman

fresh cucumber yoghurt salad VS tzatziki

MasterChef cook off

21 jump street

This feelingnothing can take it away. x / Grateful for the day Anna comes round to see the new house for the first time and challenges me to a Master Chef cook-off. Though… sorry to say this, banans, but I totally win this round! 😉 Better luck next time =p / 21 Jump Street – so funny I have now seen this film 2 days in a row… and laughed equally as loud and hard both times =D

Day 301: 300 days of appreciation, Finishing my first 6-week teaching course, Having my class observed by Mark, The Dictator and Adele, Live at the Royal Albert Hall…

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day 300

the dictator

yogi pranayama


300 days of appreciation. And not a single bad day in between… / My colleague asked me the other day if gratitude really works, and if I can honestly say I haven’t had a bad day in the last 200++. To which I responded, “You will never have a bad day, if you can be grateful for at least one thing that happened. Because just that one thing, would have given your day purpose.” I truly believe this. And I am grateful it’s something I learned sooner rather than later. / Today, I taught my 6th yoga class, which was technically the end of my first 6-week teaching course. So far, I have taught 10 people in total, with an average of 4-5 per class. 4 of those were men. 2 of which were brand new to yoga. 1 of those men bought a mat from me. And the other just signed up to a 10-day, unlimited, special induction package at Indaba. Every Saturday morning, my students come to class. They lay their mats and they offer up their practice. They are focused and hungry, eager to learn more. They teach me as much as I teach them. And I am grateful for that. Jo, Dani, DJ, Kav, Behull, Sarah, Louise, Illy, Claire, Saral… It has, and will continue to be, my pleasure. / Mark, thank you so much for taking the time today to observe and give feedback on my class. Your comments and ongoing mentorship, belief and support are much appreciated. And it can only get better from here =) / The Dictator – so wrong, it’s right. I have not laughed so hard in a film in such a long time. This is definitely one to have on DVD! / Adele, my dear. I don’t know how many times I am going to be grateful for you on this blog. But what can I say? Tonight, I am grateful I got to watch a rerun of you performing Live at the Royal Albert Hall. I only wished I could have been there. You have a gift. And that gift is being able to put into lyrics, melodies and chords, feelings that would have otherwise driven us mad from despair on the inside. You give voice to the 10 million ++ people that have been fortunate enough to hear your music. And your success is proof that when it’s real, Love can only ever be inspiring. No matter the outcome. This moment – magic. x

Day 300: Last Holiday, Michael Jackson and Triton Lite…

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last holiday

michael jackson

triton lite WP theme

Last Holiday – feel good film with Queen Latifah on a quiet, Friday night in. Grateful. Not so much because it is an Oscar-quality film, but more because the idea of a small-town woman from humble and modest beginnings, thinking she has brain tumours and is about to die, finally realizing the value of life and taking chances, is something that ties in nicely with what I’m doing tonight. / Michael Jackson – tonight, I’m grateful I remembered this song and found the perfect space for you on my G.A.P. project. Thank you. Whatever you might or might not have done in this life, there is no doubt your music changed and made a difference to the world. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for these lyrics. I am, I am… trying. / “Towfiq” – thank you for creating the Triton Lite WP theme. You’ve just given me the perfect platform I was looking for! =) Grateful.

Day 289: Avocado and poached egg on toast, Meghan Currie, The day I listened to my gut and The Avengers…

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meghan currie

meghan currie

meghan currie

buying snacks at the cinema

poached eggs with avocado on toast

the avengers

knowledge intuition wisdom


The Breakfast Club’s avocado and poached egg on toast is actually a mountainfull of YUM! / Meghan Currie – I am so grateful someone shared your link on my newsfeed today. I mean, someone that mixes yoga with music with film and art??? wow. Honestly, what an inspiration! / Grateful for the opportunity to watch the Avengers on this lovely Bank Holiday Monday. I love going to the cinema! / Sometimes, you need to say thank you, disregard what you’ve been told, and follow your gut anyway. Your gut is what measures up and balances everything you know, everything you feel, and everything you’ve experienced in a very fine, very subtle chemistry. And that is something no one else could possibly attempt but you. Of course, sometimes you need a little guidance still, a little bit of help. A little bit of providence… to make sure it’s all okay. Just remember to say thanks when things are well received. Because without providence, letting go and trusting your gut would probably have been much much harder. And irrefutable trust in the outcome, whatever that may be, a real challenge for those who lack faith… So thanks. I am grateful for whoever, and whatever, it is that has been looking out for me all these months. I am not the doer. You are. =) x

Day 253: Screen on the Green, Byron Burgers, Werner Herzog and Learning to live my dash…

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Byron burgers, Islington

screen on the green

screen on the green

Into the Abyss

tombstone quote

Today I’m grateful for Byron Burgers and a cosy and hezzelig lunch with Dani, and our little ray of sunshine on the table =) / There’s absolutely nothing better than a bit of Sunday afternoon escapism at the cinema. Grateful I got this time to completely unwind and not think about anything… Well, anything other than the questions Werner Herzog poses in his documentary on the death penalty in Texas. This may not be the most feel-good film in the world. But at least it makes you feel something. And it sparks conversations and debates and perhaps a deeper look at yourself and how you see the world afterwards. / I’m grateful for the opportunity and the consciousness to live my dash, every day to the fullest. May we never lose sight of the important things in life. The end.

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