Day 364: Every time Granny waves goodbye from her window, Seeing Aunty Lorna & Callum’s new house, Catching up with Aunty Pauline and The Bungo…

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granny's house
the bungo, glasgow
Alan, Grandad, Callum, Granny, Lorna, Krissa, Pauline
krissa & joy

Grateful today for Alan driving Joy and I to Granny’s house, and every time Granny waves good-bye from her window until your car drives out of sight. / Grateful to have finally seen Lorna and Callum’s new home =) Because it really is lovely! / The Bungo – perfect place for dinner, dessert aaaand one too many rounds of drinks. Thank you, Joy, for recommending and for rushing over after work =) Great seeing you again, as always! =) / Aunty Pauline, it’s 3.54 am and I’m tired, but I’m grateful for having another late night catch up and heart-to-heart with you in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for always being so supportive. Much love to you all, – k. x


Day 363: Beautiful Scottish weather, Melancholia, Being back at Pauline & Alan’s, Bryan, Kris, Mally and Gill!

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Who would’ve thought Scotland would have better weather than England! But there you go… Grateful for the opportunity to walk around Edinburgh this afternoon, soak up a bit of sun and feel the buzz of a regular afternoon on George St. / Bryan, thank you so much for your time today. Definitely worth it! / Gill, lovely to meet you, and Mally and Kris… and everyone else =) I have every faith… / Melancholia – artistically, intelligently, I appreciate your brilliance and I commend you on your success. I wasn’t really expecting an apocalyptic film (that’s two now this week + 3 planetary coincidences, recent dreams included!) but for what it was, I can’t fault it. And judging by the reviews, neither can the critics! / Aunty Pauline, Alan – it’s good to be back =) x


Day 359: Blackmill, Tita Dolly’s Bloom Book, The Owl and Pussycat, Shoreditch House Green Machines, Friends of Friendly Advice and The day Kat tried to trick me into sticking tampons in our fridge…

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graduation message from tita dolly


shoreditch house green machine


Blackmill – ohhhh I love that I found you today!! So beautiful I took 20 minutes out of my day to just listen, lie in bed and just… be… Mmmm grateful!! =) / Tita Dolly, yesterday I found a book on Indian Wisdom that my mom gave me when I graduated. Today, I found this book from you. And this time I actually read the whole thing from beginning to end… My favourite? “If you want change, begin it. If you want love, give it. If you want hope, embody it. Start immediately and do it flamboyantly. Once you’ve begun, don’t turn back. Change and growth can be painful and challenging at times, but as Lauren Bond said, ‘Every flower has to go through a lot of dirt.’ Life is about choices, growth and taking chances. It is about pushing through and moving forward. It is about loving courageously and not holding back. It is about finding a brighter, better way. You owe it to yourself and to the world to make the most out of the stuff that’s in you. Bloom into your incredibly, gloriously, brilliantly beautiful self. The world is waiting…” This was the passage on the very first page and is the reason I dropped what I was doing to sit on the floor this afternoon and just read the whole thing. If you are reading this, I wanted you to know that this put a smile on my face and lit a candle in my heart. And I’m glad it took me this long to find this book again, because it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you and with love always, I hope you are well… – krissa x / The Owl and Pussycat – cute little pub and great place to start the evening for some #futureplanning. Thanks for the drinks MS! (Even if I did get them wrong!!) / Kat, thanks so much for taking the time out tonight to have a chat. Know you’ve had a long day! But much appreciated! =) / These Green Machine smoothies at Shoreditch House… Oh my YUM! / Tonight, Kat tried to trick me into putting tampons into the fridge. I… yea. I dunno. I’m… grateful? =P yea, nice one FUNNY GUY! x

Day 358: Kat cleaning the house, The Stricklands driving me (and the last of my stuff!) back home, Otters holding hands and The day Andres and Behull come to visit…

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grace and krissa

India Wisdom

mom's graduation message 2009

krissa, behull, andres

otters holding hands

Kat – thanks so much for cleaning the house. Spotless and smelling oh-so-good! G-r-a-t-e GRATEFUL =) / Uncle Mark, Donna, Gracie – thanks so much for having me round; for my kickass fake steak (haha) and helping me unload the absolute last of my stuff at home. So glad you got to see Wilber (our home – lol). And really, really hope Ali is doing okay!!! / Mom – thanks so much for my 365 days book on India Wisdom. I just found it again while unloading my boxes and re-read your graduation message to me… Weird, huh? That was 3 years ago… How much things have changed. I, for example, appreciated the beauty of this book so much more today than I probably did back then. But everything in it’s own time. I love you and thanks again for this. It really is wonderful… / When otters hold hands… oh my you just have to be grateful over and over and over again! Oh how this melts my heart. So precious… / Andres, Behull – lovely to see you guys tonight. Good catch-up. Good company. Good food. Good show (even though Kat and I fell asleep impersonating these otters in the middle of it, and you! haha). Grateful x

Day 334: Little creatures, Lunch break freedom, Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity, Catching up with my momma, Embody Wellness Studio, The summer solstice and The day I finally understood why the chicken crossed the road…

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big snail and little snail


21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

why did the chicken cross the road?

embody wellness studio vauxhall london

summer solstice

Dear world, today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Many people are celebrating today because of this. I know my yoga studio was offering a special summer solstice event where people do 108 sun salutations as an offering. At first I was pretty bummed I couldn’t make it. I have been practicing at home the last 2 weeks to save money and give myself time to focus on my own ambitions and various other projects in life… what I did not expect was to visit Embody Wellness studio for an interview and be given a 90 min comp class for free. So I got to practice during the summer solstice after all! =) And you know what the best part was? The opening intention was all about… you guessed it, GRATITUDE! I could not help but smile at the wonderful serendipity of it all. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you Paul and Anya. It was a pleasure meeting you today. And hopefully this is just one of many encounters 🙂 / Today I am grateful for the 1.5 hrs I got to spend catching up with my momma. Thank you for listening. Thank you for holding back the fears I know are in your heart. Thank you for caring. I love you! / Grateful for the eureka moment at Starbucks today. Talk about brain + *wave* 😉 (still) #futureplanning! / You know the moment you step out of the office and take the first big breath of fresh air…? I love that feeling! =) / Today, I found out why the chicken crossed the road. And it BLEW my mind!!! / Today, I saw momma snail + baby snail eating what appeared to be a worm… So cute. So weird. Mind boggling… I didn’t know they did that… Nature’s little critters… gotta love it. =) /  This site… wonderfully inspiring… =) x

Day 318: The day we got everyone round for Dim Sum… and Aunty made us high!

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kat and teddy

kav and arthur

kriss and kav

not quite dim sum!

kat petting teddy

krissa <3s kat

seed growing

Tonight. So much fun. I don’t know what the hell Aunty put in our food but it sure as hell made for a very good evening! 😉 =D =) Grateful! x PS – Helen, thank you for coming and for the chocs! Should’ve started snapping photos sooner! x / Shakespeare once said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” – today this point was proven to me. And I couldn’t be more grateful. So thank you. With love, hugs and our friendship always, – k. x

Day 315: Day 2, Mind Body Spirit Festival 2012, AcroYoga Performance and A Bit Of What You Fancy…

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a bit of what you fancy

fresh yoghurt and berries

a bit of what you fancy

mind body spirit festival 2012 stage artist badge

anna and krissa doing beach pose acroyoga

krissa and bryony acroyoga

folded leaf acroyoga

superyogi acroyoga

lifted baddhakonasana acroyoga

anna, nat, krissa, bryony acroyoga

reverse bat acroyoga

downdog scorpion pyramid

closing pyramid

Thank you, Anna, for choreographing and organising this Acroyoga sequence… and for inviting me to be a part of it all. This has truly been a great week for yoga! =) Bry, Nat, Maria… t’was fun hangin’ – literally 😉 / Kav, thank you so much for coming to watch and support, and for capturing as much of it on film as possible. Meant a lot to have someone from home there in the audience =) x / A bit of what you fancy… great way to start the day with Kat, Aunty Janice and Teddy. x

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