Day 324: Gary Schyman, Praan, RelaxDaily No 27, The Best DnB Song Ever, The Secession Studios, Grasshopper… and the Kardashians!

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Thank you, Gary, for composing this song. It’s beautifully uplifting. I would go out and buy a piano now if I could just to learn how to play this song! =) / Grateful my YouTube hopping today took me to the RelaxDaily channel. Looks like today is going to be piano appreciation day! / The Secession Studios – I think I have listened to this track about 50x today. I wonder why… Daring to dream big perhaps? 😉 / This, truly is, one of “the best dnb songs ever“. Sunny day + The Verve + a bit of epic dnb = big fat YES PLEASE! =D / Grasshopper, I quite like this video of yours. Very inspiring… and timely. I’m glad I found it =) x / There is a light at the end of the tunnel (which isn’t even a bad tunnel really! =p). And I’m running straight for it. Whatever the outcome, it will be a good one. =) x / PS – I have a secret to tell. I… ermm… I secretly love the Kardashians… =/ There, I said it! DAMMIT!


Day 259: Electric Blankets, Take Me Out, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice…

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take me out

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

BGT - Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey

BGT - Mr Zip

the voice uk

Grateful for electric blankets! / (1 x trashy TV) + (1 x brilliant new show) + (n x talent) = 100% compensation for 1 x entire Saturday working on #futureplanning. / Take me out – well, when you’re looking for mindless and incredibly shallow entertainment on a Saturday evening… this is it! “Noh likeh? Noh lighteh!”/ As for The Voice – let’s just say when you have Will.I.Am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny from The Script all together, throwing mock-insults by trying to out-sing and out-talent each other, it just makes really good TV. Quote of the week: “We’re gonna whop-whop-whop-whop-WHOP their ass!” (Need I say who this was?) / Britain’s Got Talent – so worth it just to fall in love, dance with a dog and, well… find me keys and me phone 😉

Day 211: The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Froyos with Saral, My Berghaus Rucksack and The New Girl…

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berghaus rucksack

krissa's travel itinerary

the new girl

Grateful for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and their song, “Skeleton”. / Grateful for froyos after yoga with Saral. Especially when I go a little naughty and top my froyo up with a cookie! / Grateful I got to see the girls again at Costa. Short but sweet. / Grateful for my new Berghaus rucksack (now fat and plump with my skilful packing!). / Grateful for my super organised itinerary, all filed and categorised in chronological order! – I have to admit I’m getting a little nervous-giddy now. That’s a LOT of planning. And a lot of concentration required on my part to make sure I am where I’m supposed to be, at the right place, at the right times! Eek! / Grateful for The New Girl. Nothing like some last minute laughter to bring the weekend to a close.

Day 205: Sophia Grace, Watching Alka Seltzer tablets dissolve in water and Bento’s Sketchbook…

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I very much appreciate all the Sophia Grace videos on Youtube. Do yourself a favour and laugh a little (or a lot) by clicking on this. And then this. Now proceed to find more! / I love watching Alka Seltzer tablets fizz and dissolve in water. At first, it’s this chaotic, hyperactive, exhausting frenzy to watch and be a part of. Imagine being that Alka Seltzer tablet and jumping into a pool of water like that. Really think of that feeling. Now think of the silence, the harmony, the still- and the sweetness of that solution once everything calms, the f*ck, down. Ahhh… It’s great, no? =) / Grateful I found this blog and was informed of this book, Bento’s Sketchbook. Definitely one I have to pick up and read at some point. Thought it was apt for tonight 😉 – “No matter what artistic field you work in, there are a lot of sound observations in Bento’s Sketchbook to mull over. The challenge, as any artist/composer/writer/Maker of Things knows, is getting to that point where the thing’s presence starts to assert its energy back at you. You know when this is happening (“this is where the looking changes”): the music starts to play in your head when you’re somewhere else, or the ideas from the page keep repeating themselves silently. That’s presence asserting itself.”

Day 101: Finding the one spare treadmill at the gym, working up a sweat in winter, The Global Appreciation Project, 71 Degrees North and Angellica Bell…

November 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

treadmill runners71_degrees_north_2011_cast71 degrees north - ice plunge - angellica bell
I love it when you go to the gym and manage to nab one of the last remaining treadmills while everyone else seems to be running around already like mad chickens, rushing for the 6.30pm Zumba class or the finish lines inside their head. / I love the gym, period. It has been way too long! / I am so grateful I finally broke a proper sweat today while running. You can’t stick a girl who grew up in tropical conditions in the middle of winter with no way of opening up those pores! It’s the most niggling, frustrating feeling, feeling yourself swell up slowly every day like a balloon with no release. But at least I’ve found my outlet now! =) Thank god! / I’m glad I stayed up late last night pursuing this one train of thought that kept circling my head. I’ve bought the domain: There’s nothing on it yet. It’s still in my head. But I have ideas. So look out for this space in the next year or so! =) / Thoroughly enjoyed the finals of 71 Degrees North tonight. Though I really must stop choking up every time someone has a proud moment. Angellica Bell, well done. It just goes to show how will power, determination, inner strength and a little bit of insanity can get you through the chilliest and darkest of places. =)

Day 85: AUS 6 – NZ 20, Young’s Cod Steaks, Listening to Kav play the guitar & Johnny!

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johnny x factor - kylie minogueAustralia VS New Zealand Rugbyyoung's cod steaksAnother early morning wake up call to watch the rugby semi-finals. Thank god for alarm clocks and persistent snooze buttons! / Really enjoyed lunch on the patio with Kav – 4 Young’s cod steaks; free pouring of brown, whole wheat fusilli; few bits of porcini mushrooms, 1 x can of broad beans, 1 x OXO veggie stock cube, 1 x spoonful of butter and freshly cracked black pepper = YUM. / Thanks Kav and Sy for helping to do the dishes. / Kav – great listening to you play new songs on the guitar (or at least, songs I haven’t heard you play before) / Johnny. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny… What can I say? You had the whole house in hysterics last night with your ridiculous performance. You might be a joke (I don’t really know if we’re genuinely expected to take all this seriously??) – but the whole nation will keep watching because laughing that hard is just so good for the soul!

Day 82: Around the world in 80 days, Rushing to work and realizing you have an extra 20 mins before your call, The One Ronnie and Bourneville…

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around the world in 80 days

the one ronnie - blackberry sketchbournville chocolate

Day 82… Had I lived in Verne’s world, I could’ve gone around the world and then some. I guess in many respects I still have. So I suppose today I am grateful that I’ve done one lap and survived long enough to pass on the map to others, albeit a work in progress. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere… / Jo, thank you for dumping the rubbish and asking if I’m okay. Asking “How are you?” is such an underrated and understated act of kindness. 3 words. That’s all it takes to show someone you care. / Andrew, thank you for the link to this One Ronnie blackberry sketch – I really need those 3 minutes of pure entertainment. / I love it when you’re rushing for a call and realize you still have an extra 20 minutes to prepare. It’s like waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have 3 more hours of sleep 😉 / Gotta love all the dirty jokes that come out when you’re playing pool. Ab, Dom, Tim – very impressed with your pool shots today. Whether it was pure skill or pure fluke, I don’t care. Hats off. / Rooke, thanks for the Bourneville. Was exactly what I was craving tonight.

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