Day 326: This morning, Liquid Dub, Liquid DnB, Moustache Smilees, Aunty’s Bracelet and Foyles…

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good morning!

moustache smilee

buddhist bracelet from aunty janice


This morning reflects my mood =) grateful! / This is actually the most chilled out track list in the world. Especially the opening remix of¬†Sweetheart of Kairi. Man you just feel like a balloon lifting higher and higher, getting smaller and smaller in the sky listening to this… =) Awesome. Grateful. / And this… well, this is just powerful! ūüėČ / Today, I discovered you could make moustache smilees! I know! ={O! The conversation went like this:¬†Joanna:¬† holy shit¬†can’t wait to hear this story¬†:S¬†me:¬† haha……yea…..¬†Joanna:¬† okay defo lunch date¬†me:¬† lol thought so¬†=[p¬†woah¬†hahahah¬†its a sticky tongue motuh with a moustache!¬†new smileee!!¬†Joanna:¬† Haha i love it¬†=[)¬†=[(¬†;[P¬†me:¬† )¬†oh¬†Joanna:¬† haha¬†me:¬† OMG¬†it has a tache!!!¬†HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA – Yea. In short? GRATEFUL! / Aunty, thank you so much again for my prayer beads. I will look after them and keep it close to me always =) / Thank you also for offering to bring home some presents for my sister. Really appreciate it =) / I ‚̧ Foyles. Best. Bookstore. Ever. x



Day 324: Gary Schyman, Praan, RelaxDaily No 27, The Best DnB Song Ever, The Secession Studios, Grasshopper… and the Kardashians!

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Thank you, Gary, for composing this song. It’s beautifully uplifting. I would go out and buy a piano now if I could just to learn how to play this song! =) / Grateful my YouTube hopping today took me to the RelaxDaily channel. Looks like today is going to be piano appreciation day! / The Secession Studios – I think I have listened to this track about 50x today. I wonder why… Daring to dream big perhaps? ūüėČ / This, truly is, one of “the best dnb songs ever“. Sunny day + The Verve + a bit of epic dnb = big fat YES PLEASE! =D / Grasshopper, I quite like this video of yours. Very inspiring… and timely. I’m glad I found it =) x / There is a light at the end of the tunnel (which isn’t even a bad tunnel really! =p). And I’m running straight for it. Whatever the outcome, it will be a good one. =) x / PS – I have a secret to tell. I… ermm… I secretly love the Kardashians… =/ There, I said it! DAMMIT!

Day 278: Clothes swapping, Matrix & Futurebound and more birthday cards!

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clothes swap

clothes swap

matrix & futurebound

birthday cards

I love clothes swapping. Especially with my Kit-Kat. / Matrix & Futurebound = 3oh3! mixed with a bit of Chase & Status = the latest thing to get my fists pumping and heart thumping and foot stomping at work (and future runs)! = GRATEFUL! =D / Thank you Uncle Donnie, Aunty Noreen, Hanna, Uncle Alan, Aunty Pauline and Joy for my birthday cards =) Hopefully see you all soon xxx

Day 197: Jakwob, Jak dub, Reggae wub, Bob wub, Emo wub, Jo dub, Step wub, Wub wub… DJ Fresh, LIVE!

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dj fresh live

krissa, tim, jo

jo, dom and krissa

krissa, dom and tim

Jakwob, Jak dub, Reggae wub, Bob wub, Emo wub, Jo dub, Step wub, Wub wub… So many variations of dubstep inspired by tonight’s acts at the Garage. But ultimately one conclusion: I ‚̧ (wub) dub. / So grateful for HMV hosting¬†Next Big Thing tonight. Seeing DJ Fresh LIVE was so much fun. And probably unbeknownst to the company around me, more meaningful than I let on. You see, Louder¬†was the song I blogged about a good 6 months ago. This song got me out of bed and strapping on my running shoes to, quite literally, run my heart out in DB. To hear this and Hypercaine¬†LIVE, 6 months on… and to hear¬†Louder played acoustically so you could actually pay attention to the lyrics… Well, it was perfect in every way =) Faster. Louder. Stronger. Better. Thankful. Grateful. Appreciative. x / Happy Birthday Dom Dom! / Anna, Bryony – awesome class as always. Actually, probably more fun… and funnier than usual today. =) x

Day 74: Radical Face, Real-time Countersignatures, Quantum DNB, the ‘ATI’ blog & the Pride of Britain Awards…

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radical face

All That Is Interesting Blog

Pride of Britain Awards 2011

Thanks, Rooke, for the late night / early morning song recommendation. I can imagine this track by Radical Face is perfect for a cross-country road trip or a really long train ride… one through the middle of a dessert or expansive grassland, with wild horses galloping in unison in the distance – swift like the wind – or where men fight for their land, women, children and freedom in very slow and dramatic motion. At least – those are the scenes I am taken to when I listen to this song… =) / I love that one of our Clients are back in town. How convenient is it to have a quote signed and countersigned right there and then on the spot without having to faff around with typing, emailing, signing, scanning, countersigning, scanning and emailing back and forth! Signed. Sealed. Soon to be delivered. YAY! / I read on a Youtube comment today that listening to dubstep is like listening to alien-speak. Well if that’s the case, then boy have I found my mothership! Am so thrilled I discovered Quantum DNB today. This channel is going to keep me well pumped and feeling invincible for a good few months I reckon! Time to get hyper-caine again! / Similarly glad I found this blog today. At first I was just beguiled by their most recent article on ‘amazing oceanic creatures‘ and was utterly fascinated by what’s called a Pacific Barreleye (a large fish with a big, see-through head like a lightbulb!). But then I scrolled through and found the most amazing articles and images of lightning storms over the grand canyon, ‘the end of the earth’ (picture of a jigsaw-edged Nullarbor cliff wall in Southwest Australia), the 105-degree drop of Mount Thor and so much more! I could easily spend the day reading this and growing more and more inspired to go see these places first hand! / I’m glad I watched the Pride of Britain¬†awards tonight. Though I really don’t know how I keep choking up watching these shows! First X-Factor. And now this! I’m not even pregnant and my tear ducts are already quick to let loose! But in all honesty – I really did find this show and the people awarded on it very inspiring. As soon as this Llew Davies guy was presented with teacher of the year – being told to remember and realize that his path of influence doesn’t just stop with his kids, but with their kids and potentially their kids after that… after that… after that… – it made me think wow, what a truly respectable and rewarding profession. I know I have my own teachers that have left a lasting impression in my mind so, true to fashion, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge these people and make a more formal gesture of appreciation while I still can. So here’s a big shout-out to Mr Davis, Mr Lant, Mr Stitch and of course, Mr Ben Astley! For my love of all things Media. For pushing me harder while Running. For making History and the general process of learning such a joy and thing to look forward to. And for my passion and appreciation for English Literature and the art of the written word… You have each inspired and helped to shape the world and the life I have made for myself today. So thanks! I hope you are all well wherever you are in the world!

Day 38: Dirty Chai’s, my desk at work, Chase & Status and annual leave – approved!

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101010 digital mural

I loooove the new 101010 mural on the wall.

 I officially have the best seat in the house.


Ah, think of all the proposals that will come out of this inspired space…

Bouncing along to this Chase & Status¬†song…

Sipping on my overpriced but oh so delicious Chai Tea Latte & single shot of espresso cocktail…

(the key ingredients of a so-called ‘Dirty Chai’)


Thanks, Graham, for getting this organised over the long weekend.

And Paul Kemp for the artwork.


Thanks, Louis, for approving my days of leave this year and next =)


Now I actually have to get my yoga interview scheduled!


Ahora, tengo que revisar mi espanol! 


Now my visa really needs to get sorted quickly ’cause, baby, I can hear Africa calling!


Day 23: Unconventional meetings, “Schedules”, Yum Yum and Caravans…

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pincha mayurasana

Hmm. Where do I begin?

1) Thank god I am finally getting there with my Pincha Mayurasana pose! Still not holding it for as long as I like, but I’m getting there. I very much appreciate my new yoga spot in the office. What a great way to unwind from writing proposals =)

2) Random office DJ sessions. I think Jo, Dom, Tim and I make a pretty decent crew. Learned a little bit more about Garage (which I still don’t get), DnB and Dubstep (which Jo still doesn’t get! haha) in between writing proposals and organising briefs.

plank pose

– “So, Tim. Here’s your brief…” –

3) I love the people I work with. Have I said that already? Well, I’m saying that again. And I love days like today at work. Amazing how much you can get done when you have a decent team around you, who are willing to work hard, play hard.

4) Thank you, Tom, for a very pleasant and funny night out. I never thought the words “schedule” (“sheh-jhool”) and “data” (“dah-tah”) could provide so much entertainment. Cannot wait to move in and go for another dinner at Yum Yum (floor-seating section this time!).

5) Oh, and thanks for the ride around in the caravan. =D


The End.

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