Day 299: Green Tea Ice-Cream and Dinner with Kat at Dotori…

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green tea ice cream

Dotori – good to know there’s a decent Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant just around the corner =) / Especially when their Green Tea ice-cream is this good!!! YUM! Lolo, this one’s for you =) x


Day 294: Teaching my 5th yoga class, Power Naps, Anna’s Birthday Party and Tash’s Sticky Toffee Pudding…

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power nap

tash, teddy, anna, bridge, george, paul

Grateful for all those who came to my 5th yoga class today. / Grateful for power naps. / Grateful for being present at Anna’s birthday BBQ and celebrations today. This photo makes me smile, because it reminds me of home, and a very wonderful time in my life. / Badge, thanks for dropping us off at the tube =) / Tash, your sticky toffee pudding concoction tonight was absolutely divine. One day, your kids are gonna love you for this!! 😉 / Grateful my local Sainsbury’s had mange juice, “catheter” bags and straws in stock. Made my birthday treat so much easier to arrange =)

Day 288: Paul Curran, Panda Cheese, Hazelnut Chocolate Cake and Picadillo!

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number 1 pop!

dad, krissa and alix

alix and dad

2 mochas, kavesh, white chocolate and hazelnut chocolate cake

hazelnut chocolate cake


panda cheese

Today is my daddy’s birthday. And I am grateful for the day he was born. Because the day he was born was the first day of a life that would eventually complete my mother’s and mine. So Dad, when you read this (because I know you will eventually!), I just wanted to let you and everyone know that I am forever grateful for the life, the upbringing, the guidance and all the opportunities you have provided for me, Mom and Alix. I love you. – krissa (queen of the dafties!) x / Hazelnut Chocolate Cakes from Chez le Boulanger = SO YUM! Next birthday cake? I think so!! / Homemade Picadillo soup with lots of veg, lots of soy mince and lots of ginger… YUM! / Today, I peed and cried and roared with laughter because of 2 things: Ashley and Pudsey’s semi-final performance and this Panda Cheese advert. Trust me, you HAVE to watch these! =) / Anna, thanks so much for lending me the £8. I really need to stop walking out of the house without my wallet! =/

Day 286: Meeting the Mackenzies, Olivomare, Honeycomb Froyos and Crucifix Lane…

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Ali, Maria, Tita Karina and Krissa

Krissa loving her froyo!

olivomare froyos

maria and krissa in matching coats!

crucifix lane

crucifix lane

Ali's post-rave hotdog

Thank you Tita Karina and Maria for treating Ali and I to dinner tonight. It was a pleasure meeting you both =) / Olivomare – apparently the best seafood in town. I wouldn’t know, of course! But what I can vouch for is their fresh frozen yoghurt! Honeycomb froyos?? O.M.G. =O =D / Crucifix Lane – super cool venue. Cannot wait to come back here and dance like mad for longer next time (maybe when I am not teaching yoga the next day?!). Maria, thanks for taking us. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your night (or should I say morning? =p) x

Day 260: Chez Le Boulanger, Napoleons and Romeo!

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Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Napoleon Custard

Let’s see… Cute little French cafe with warm, unpolished wooden furniture and fittings, trays and trays of cakes and pastries and salads and bread, the best fresh orange juice, and tall cups of soy mochas, plenty of seats, free WiFi and a chatty, friendly chap running the place called Romeo… who then gave us 2 paper bags of free pastries each at the end of a long day and night… How could I not be grateful! =)

Day 243: Miho Apartments, Haagen Daazs, Barney the Dinosaur chairs and Jessica!

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MiHO Apartments Caledonian Road

cookie crunch haagen dazs

justin bieber and barney the dinosaur

Grateful for another brilliant Dharma class this week. Thank you Jessica, and for taking a few minutes after class to answer my questions. / Thank you Nikki for showing me around the Miho Apartment flats. I feel so relieved now that Kat and I have some sort of back up property that will do! / Grateful for all the estate agents that got back to me today. I particularly love how my persistence has finally garnered the attention of my most favoured property managers, enough to have a whole string of viewings booked for the next few days. / Thanks Arthur and Kav for waiting for me after class. And for the late night dessert at Haagen Daazs to catch up after my long stint away =) / Grateful for Haagen Dazs’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Crunch creation! YUM! / Grateful for the moment I realised Jo’s empty chair looks like Barney the dinosaur. Because that meant we could take silly photos like this at work. Just another typical day, eh? =)

Day 213: Pancake Day, Kleenex, Lemsip and Veet…

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pancake day




veet face wax

Grateful for Pancake Day. And the fact that I actually made it to Pancake Day this year! / Grateful for Kleenex! / Grateful for Lemsip! Although I have a feeling I might have OD-ed on this today! / Grateful for Veet. I take it back. I think these may actually be better than the Parissa kit I blogged about on Day 138. It’s so much less hassle and probably more effective! =) / I have come to the conclusion that there is a reason why I’ve gotten ill now. I begged for the chance to get some down time to unwind before this course. I guess this was the universe’s way of saying chill the f*ck out and stop working, stop moving, stop thinking and stop planning. In a way it’s true. I wouldn’t have put my laptop down had I not been so ill I couldn’t even bear to look at it. I may be ill, but I sure am grateful! 😉 x

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