Day 279: Stumbling upon tickets to see the Dalai Lama and On Plate, Still Hungry…

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dalai lama 2012

dalai lama

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

on plate, still hungry exhibition

I don’t even remember what random train of thought it was, or WWW surfing I did, that brought me to this page today… But boy am I grateful! Because twenty days from today, I will be lucky enough to be sitting in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And what a day that will be =) / On Plate, Still Hungry – cool exhibition. Well done, Protein, and thank you, Kat, for inviting =) Can’t wait to have one of these hanging in our kitchen =) x


Day 271: Happy boss and happy clients, Fiona’s birthday lunch, DJ’s laugh, Hayfever and This new singing habit of mine…

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Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre

Hayfever, Noel Coward theatre


i sing because i'm happy

maoz logo

Grateful for the end of another successful and productive business trip. As an Account Manager, there is nothing more rewarding than having a happy boss and a happy client. =) My work is done… (for now!) / Grateful for lunch at Bistro de la Gare with Fiona, Jo, Tim and Zahur. Short but sweet. I did not have the raclette this time but good to know I don’t have to go all the way to Borough Market to get some! / Thank you Deej and Dani for organising theatre tickets tonight. Hayfever was hilarious, and being at the theatre in general was such a nice treat. Now write this blog in the manner of the word… winsome! 😉 (awhhh shucks!) / DJ’s laugh. In all its variations… Grateful!! I think my favourite one is the one I call THUNDER. I tell you, when DJ laughs like this, you feel it vibrating around the cavern and in between all the ribs of your ribcage! Powerful stuff indeed! And scarily, mightily infectious! MUAHAHAHAHA. / So here’s the thing. Over the last couple of weeks or so… I have begun to sing… A LOT. Sing AND hum… EVERYWHERE. At work. In the shower. On the tube. On the way to work. Coming home from work. With friends. On my own. Consciously. Unconsciously. It’s madness! It’s happiness! It’s gratitude… It’s sooo out of tune. / Maoz – probably the closest thing I’ve come to my Just Salad salads since I’ve come back from New York. YUM! Thank you Mr. Maoz for my free falafel and avocado. Nice and very much appreciated surprise =)

Day 231: Day 4, Inca Discovery Tour, Peru

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team puma starting on inca trail

ariel, victor, krissa and arif on inca trail

urubamba river

quinoa fields, peru

incan statues

incan ruins

Inca Trail Day 1 – Grateful to have started our 4-day trek to Macchu Picchu. / Grateful for every step of the 7km we walked today and every natural wonder our eyes feasted on along the way, from quinoa fields to snow-capped mountains, hummingbirds and undulating, rolling waves of overgrown and dense jungle. / Thank you to all the porters who carried the bulk of our stuff up and down these steps. / And to the chef for making the effort to buy me fake soy meat for dinner. / Thank you to G Adventures for putting together this amazing tour – I was so not expecting this… This is the most pampered I have been on any camping trip. Definitely worth every penny. And then some!

Day 230: Day 3, Inca Discovery Tour, Peru

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weaving ladies of saqsaywaman, peru

weaving ladies of saqsaywaman, peru

weaving ladies of saqsaywaman, peru

weaving ladies of saqsaywaman, peru

cute peruvian baby

weaving at saqsaywaman, peru

llamas and alpacas, peru

llamas in peru

llamas in peru

llamas in peru

llamas in peru

llamas in peru

alpaca wool blanket

peruvian pants

ollantaytambo, peru

Inka's Garden Hotel, Ollantaytambo, Peru

victor, ariel, arif, krissa

team puma

Here are some of the things I’m grateful for today: Our guided tour through the Sacred Valley of the Incas / Visiting the weaving ladies of Saqsaywaman (yes, it sounds like sexy woman with an accent!). / Seeing llamas and alpacas roaming freely before me, and learning how to distinguish the two. / Visiting the market stalls and finding my perfect yoga blanket made of thick and comfortable alpaca wool. (Apparently wool, being a natural fibre, is better for asanas and meditation as it neutralises the ground or earth currents which would otherwise detract from and distract one’s practice… That, and it keeps you warm and therefor comfortable for longer!) / Finding my perfect hippie pants (trousers?! – I don’t know how to speak anymore. Too much traveling and cross culture communication!) / Realising another reason why I love this country… I’m in quinoa heaven! This stuff is everywhere – there are fields and FIELDS of this stuff! Growing tall and wild and all clustered in different colours! – and today’s vegetable quinoa soup at lunch was just… Mmmm. YUM! / Grateful for my cute and cosy little room at the Inka’s Garden hotel in Ollantaytambo. / Loved the ridiculous behaviour and pre-dinner chill out at the boys’ room. / Grateful to have witnessed and experienced this charming little town tucked away between the rolling valleys of Urubamba. The end.

Day 229: Day 2, Inca Discovery Tour, Peru

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cusco from the sky

travelex card


giant corn peru

giant vegetables in peru

g adventures tour cusco

cusco peru

cusco peru

cusco, peru

cusco, peru

cusco, peru

cusco, peru

viva el peru

Grateful for flight no. 10 of 14 from Lima to Cusco. Sooo far so good 😉 / Grateful I’ve finally just been reimbursed for the extra flight I booked back to Lima by accident… Erm… So it turns out I don’t just miss flights, I tend to double book them as well 😐 / Cusco, te quiero! Currently 11, 200 ft above sea level and grateful not to have altitude sickness. 2, 580 ft more to go 🙂 Am actually quite chuffed because I just found out that although Macchu Picchu itself is only 7, 970 ft above sea level, the highest point on our trek is when we reach Dead Woman’s Pass at 13, 780 ft. Which means… I will have surpassed the last biggest mountain climb I did when I was 14 up Mt Kinabalu in Borneo (13, 435 ft). SWEET! / Here are other things I’m grateful for today: Travelex Cash Passports (another thing all global nomads should have in their pockets!); our new tour guide, Max; G Adventures for organising this whole trip; getting to know Cusco; how easily my Spanish is coming back to me 🙂 – the challenge is to only speak Spanish to the locals as much as possible. Hasta ahora, todo va bien! Seeing how HUGE vegetables grow in this country! Apart from the 10p sized corn kernels, I’ve now seen pumpkins as large as a cow’s head and avocadoes half the size of bowling pins! You know what else I’m grateful for? How tall I feel in this country :p I’m like a giant. It’s great for the ego :p lol. / Grateful for tea and dessert with everyone. Man that apple strudel and condensed milk tart biscuits were good! YUM. / Happy International Women’s Day ladies. Much love, x.

Day 194: Strong tailwinds, Lai See Packets, My office in the sky and Dharma Mittra’s Maha Sadhana DVD…

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lai see packet

cx 253 hong kong london

krissa's office in the sky

krissa's easyjet campaign idea

krissa's easyjet campaign idea - the escape

krissa's easyjet campaign idea - always sunny

london night view from the sky

dharma mittra

Grateful I made it to flight 6 of 14. And that it turned out to be one of the smoothest, fastest flights from HK to London yet. 1 hr ahead of schedule and with little to no turbulence. Thank god for strong tailwinds eh! =) / Grateful I got a whole row to myself so I could turn this flying hotel into my personal office and sleeper! / Grateful for my Maha Sadhana DVD, which brought me great comfort and  inspiration on the plane. I cannot wait to meet this dude. 3 more weeks =)

Day 187: Australia Day, The smell of rain, Not having to wear a suit to work, Hot desking and DJ!

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australian flag

smell of rain

casual clothes

macbook pro

last night a dj saved my life

dj and krissa

I might have been working all day, but I’m glad I was here on Australia Day. Nice and timely =) / I love the smell of rain. One of the best things in the world =) / I love that I have a job where I don’t have to wear a suit into work every day =) / I love that my job allows me to travel and work from pretty much anywhere in the world. So long as I’ve got this laptop with me, I’m all sorted! / I love DJ. Forever and ever one of the bestest friends I will have in the world. Thank you for being in my life. And thank you for staying on the line with me while I tried to sort out the ghost in my room =S Love you (and chocolate milk!) long time! xxx

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