Day 335: 30 more days of appreciation, This Bruce Weber ad for Armani, This Chillstep Dubstep Forest Mix and Eating at Pho Vietnamese with Sue!

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30 days

Bruce Weber: Wet and Wild for Armani

Bruce Weber: Wet and Wild for Armani

Bruce Weber - Wet and Wild for Armani

pho vietnamese restaurant wardour street

pho vietnamese restaurant wardour street

30 more days of appreciation… Hmmm… Not sure how I feel about this! What am I going to do when this blog is over??? 😉 No worries, I got it covered =) Watch this space! Grateful! / This short film for Armani by Bruce Weber is… ummm… beautiful… in every way. Freak-in. Hell. G-r-a-t-e-f-u-l. or what! Die now please? lol / This track is just… chiiiiiillllllaaaaxxxxiiingggg. Love it! Take me away, take me away! =) / Pho = YUM = Grateful! Thanks Sue! Great suggestion. Great catch up. Great, great… oh yea, GRATEFUL! =D x


Day 188: Sumalee Thai Restaurant, Newtown, Calvin Harris and Sydney!

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sumalee thai restaurant bank hotel newtown sydney



calvin harris

i heart sydney

Grateful for dinner at this amazing restaurant called Sumalee in Newtown. / Grateful I got to visit Newtown, which is to Sydney what Camden is to London =) Lots of character and refreshing change from the urban CBD I’ve been living in the last few days. / Grateful for the company. Good chemistry. Good crowd. Well done, Louis, for organising at the last minute! / Grateful for Calvin Harris. Most especially for this song last night! =D / Today was the first day that I really fell in love with Sydney. I love this city. x

Day 157: Running around DB with my sister, Sakesan with Rad and Dessert Nights with Kan and Kez…

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alix and krissa go running

alix and krissa go running

sakesan hong kong

Rad, Krissa and Kanchan at Sakesan

Krissa, Kan and Kez at Portobello Cafe

I will always treasure my runs back in DB, especially when I’ve got my sister next to me, on her bike, keeping pace =) / Grateful for the opportunity to try the food and Salaryman Cocktail at Sakesan, this new Japanese Robatayaki Bar-Restaurant in Soho. / For a Salaryman, mix: Sake, Lychees, Grapefruit juice, Lemongrass syrup and fresh mint. / Rad, so great seeing you again. I miss you loads and it just never is long enough!! Need I say…? – ROLL WITH IT! / Kan & Kez – nothing like Banofee Pies, Mocha Cheesecakes and fresh cups of coffee to kickstart conversations about religion, spirituality, food blogs, history, the american civil war, wedding plans, visas and the little itty bitty, juicy details of each other’s lives that keep us oh so entertained. Love you both. Enough, clearly, to pass on my cold! =p x

Day 156: Happy Feet 2, Something Borrowed and Nha Trang…

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happy feet 2
existentialist krill happy feet 2
something borrowed
something borrowed

I loooooved Happy Feet 2! Even funnier, cuter, more heartwarming and thought-provoking that I expected. I mean, c’mon, there were existentialist krill that made the whale in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sound calm and enlightened =p / Quotes of the day:  Sven on Sven Think: If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours. / Will: Everything has got an end. See here? This is where I end, right here at my tail! This cannot be all that we are! There has got to be something beyond this swarm! / Bill: What are you doing? Will (tapping his little krill feet at the butt-end of an iceberg): I don’t really know. But it brings out my happy! – I’ll tell you what. This film brings out my happy! / Something Borrowed – an unconventional and modern love story that makes you question your moral values and not just what is right and wrong… but also whether there is such a thing as being ‘justifiably right’ or ‘acceptably wrong’. I love this movie because it’s the first film (of this genre) I’ve seen that encourages you to ask, “What would I, really, do if I was in their shoes?”. It makes the very good point that you can’t always blame people for making the wrong choices. But that failing to act on your part, and fight for yourself and what you believe and what you’re worth, is equally culpable. It’s the first film I’ve seen in a while that gives you the happy ending you want but never thought Hollywood would ever let you see… =) In short: If you both want it and you both will it, it will be yours… Oh, would you look at that? Seems this ain’t so different from Happy Feet 2 after all! =P And no… SPOILER ALERT: She doesn’t end up with the best friend. 😉 / Love this vietnamese restaurant on Wellington Street. / Thanks Mom, Dad and Alix for taking me to Racing the Planet. Overlander next? =P

Day 140: The Medina of Marrakech, Souks, Tajines, Witnessing my first exorcism ritual and Experiencing a whole new culture for the first time…

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marrakechmedina marrakechmedina marrakechmedina marrakechmedina marrakechspices marrakechspices marrakechmoroccan dye and silkmoroccan silkmoroccan dyemedina of marrakechlamb tajinevegetable cous cous marrakech
It is very very rare these days where I can go somewhere new and be completely surprised and intoxicated by a completely alien and foreign culture. So today I am grateful that visiting the old Medina of Marrakech injected and enthused me again with the thrill and sheer joy of traveling. By this I refer to the rush of butterflies to the stomach, the drop-jaw expression, the wide eyes and conflicting desires to rush towards the next best thing and linger just another moment longer in admiration. / I love the souks of the old city and the colours dripping of its ancient walls. / I am in love with Moroccan food, slow and tenderly cooked in these generously-sized tajines! / By far the most surreal and unforgettable experience of the day was witnessing this man and who I can only assume to be his 100-year-old father, play the sintir (Moroccan lute) in their humble sitting room and perform an exorcism ritual before our eyes. Amazing.

Day 104: Vietnamese Squid Bites, Cheesy songs at The Diner, Getting the 4th campaign live on time and Ovington Slumbers…

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vietnamese calamarithe diner londonslumber party
Grateful for Vietnamese Calamari (Vietnamese food twice in one week! Great I know!) / Grateful for cheesy songs at The Diner that unifies everyone in the restaurant; dissolving the partitions between each booth; inspiring everyone to look at each other with unabashed guilty pleasure and sway side to side, clapping hands in the air to songs like ‘The Boys of Summer’ and John Waite. / Grateful Dom worked his ass off and we got the 4th campaign live for one of our Client’s on time despite technical difficulties on Thursday! / Grateful for Friday night slumbers and general catching-up with the Sooze. Although I wouldn’t say reading excerpts of “The Power of Now” outloud at 2am would call for ‘light’ reading =p

Day 100: 100 Days of Appreciation, 12-month Platinum (International) Gym Membership, Vietnamese Coffee and Vermicelli!

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serenity prayer

fitness first platinumvietnamese coffeebun ga nuong

100 Days of Appreciation and I feel like I’m on Everest. =)

Thank you, Fitness First, for my special 12-month gym package which allows me access to all Platinum and Blue coded gyms here and all over the world. / Thank you for my free gifts. / And thank you for the extra 2 months I get at the end of it! / I heart vietnamese coffee and bun ga nuong (grilled chicken and vermicelli salad). / And I’m glad that in this lifetime, I got to visit the country that created it all! =)

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