Day 340: The day I become a fully certified DYRT® Yoga Teacher, T-Rex Trying, This scene from “Meet the Robinsons” and Doodlers Anonymous…

June 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Krissa Curran Dharma Yoga teacher London

trex trying to hit the snooze button

trex trying to catch a butterfly

trex trying to put eyeshadow on she-rex

trex trying to put on eyeshadow

trex trying to reconnect

trex holding hands

t-rex trying wallpaper!

t-rex trying wallpaper!

t-rex trying wallpaper!

Doodlers Anonymous

Day 340 – The day I become a fully certified and registered Dharma Yoga Teacher… There are no words, except: so incredibly honoured, and so, so grateful. Let the journey begin… =) =) =) / I may have gotten straight A’s and a First Class Honours degree from Goldsmith’s… but can I just say… this certification has been more invaluable and is worth so much more than any one of those things. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. / T-Rex Trying to me is like what the Bunny Suicide cartoons are to other people… addictive! It’s crazy how hard this makes me laugh. If I had wallpaper made out of T-Rex Trying images… I swear I would wake up laughing for the rest of my life… What a GREAT idea… Actually… I’m gonna go print some out now… / This scene from Meet the Robinsons… well, let’s just say it is a continuation of my joy =p / Doodles Anonymous… can’t even remember how I found it… but I’m glad I did =) Note to self: must draw more. My response: ok. when are you going to give me time to draw? – Darn, I guess I can appreciate these for now 😉 x


Day 312: My stack of Indaba flyers, 3 for £5 orange and carrot juices at M&S and My basic Photoshop skills…

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

M&S Orange and Carrot juice

Indaba yoga studio

dharma mittra yoga flyer

Don’t know what I’m more grateful for, the fact that M&S had this amazing 3 for £5 deal on orange and carrot juices… or the fact I managed to hold all 3 bottles in one hand while I took this picture. 😉 Either way, grateful! / Thank you, Ellen, for leaving this stack of flyers out for me. Grateful =) / Were it not for my basic Photoshop skills, I would not have managed to put this flyer together in time to print tomorrow and distribute on Friday. And so… Grateful! 😉 x

Day 300: Last Holiday, Michael Jackson and Triton Lite…

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last holiday

michael jackson

triton lite WP theme

Last Holiday – feel good film with Queen Latifah on a quiet, Friday night in. Grateful. Not so much because it is an Oscar-quality film, but more because the idea of a small-town woman from humble and modest beginnings, thinking she has brain tumours and is about to die, finally realizing the value of life and taking chances, is something that ties in nicely with what I’m doing tonight. / Michael Jackson – tonight, I’m grateful I remembered this song and found the perfect space for you on my G.A.P. project. Thank you. Whatever you might or might not have done in this life, there is no doubt your music changed and made a difference to the world. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for these lyrics. I am, I am… trying. / “Towfiq” – thank you for creating the Triton Lite WP theme. You’ve just given me the perfect platform I was looking for! =) Grateful.

Day 194: Strong tailwinds, Lai See Packets, My office in the sky and Dharma Mittra’s Maha Sadhana DVD…

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lai see packet

cx 253 hong kong london

krissa's office in the sky

krissa's easyjet campaign idea

krissa's easyjet campaign idea - the escape

krissa's easyjet campaign idea - always sunny

london night view from the sky

dharma mittra

Grateful I made it to flight 6 of 14. And that it turned out to be one of the smoothest, fastest flights from HK to London yet. 1 hr ahead of schedule and with little to no turbulence. Thank god for strong tailwinds eh! =) / Grateful I got a whole row to myself so I could turn this flying hotel into my personal office and sleeper! / Grateful for my Maha Sadhana DVD, which brought me great comfort and  inspiration on the plane. I cannot wait to meet this dude. 3 more weeks =)

Day 107: The Reel, Irresistible, The Caboodle Collective and Pizza East…

November 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

the reel logothe reel cafe 1001irresistiblecaboodle collectivepizza east
Grateful for being invited to attend The Reel event at Cafe 1001 tonight. Free entry. Free wine. Free films = Good company. Good talent. Good show. Good night! / Grateful for the time I spent at Irresistible as a fresh fish out of uni – so eager and goddamn determined! Great to see you guys doing well and I love the new set-up =) To be introduced to the new marketing/PR manager and have her say “Oh, so YOU’RE Krissa – the one that got away!” was one of the highlights and most rewarding moments of my day. So thanks! =) / Thank you for choosing my design/concept for the Caboodle Collective. It still gets me every time =) / Thanks Kat for flashing your magic key and getting us into Pizza East for cheap. Although, it was so good I would have paid full price for it anyway! Will have to come back next time when it’s a bit earlier to try out the rest of the menu and dessert! =p

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