Day 360: Winning a Jansport Superbreak backpack, Coors Light Jean Claude Van Damme Advert and Being rickrolled again by Dom!

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jansport superbreak winner
jansport superbreak


kim kardashian kisses shango!

A couple of weeks ago I was doing research and stumbled upon this competition Jansport was promoting to win one of their Superbreak backpacks. I had time, and hope… but little did I know I had luck on my side as well =) Got this email today and found out that I actually won =D Hurrraaayyyy! Thanks guys. G-r-a-t-e Grateful! / This Coors Light ad just… Oh, it cracks me up every. single. night! hahaha. Grateful for the laughs and cheap thrills. Take my breath away *boom boom* /  Today, I got rickrolled good! Nice one Dom! 😉 / The moment Kim kisses her bodyguard… a whole new Dash episode I’ve never seen before… =O something to be grateful for… but no one can know!! =O =P


Day 349: Hangin’ with Tim, Seeing Andrew, Speaking to Badge, This Friday picture and Registering for Self-Employment…

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Don’t know where everyone was today but grateful to have Tim’s company at least =p Thanks buddy! x / Grateful I got to see Andrew today and that he seems to be doing well enough, all things considered! Sincerely hope the leg heals as best as it can… I really do! / Badge, thanks for the chat as I know you were driving!! Hope Tash feels better! And glad she has you to take care of her! x Love to you both, as always! x / Grateful I managed to sort out my self-employment status so I can finally get my UTR number. Who knew there was so much paperwork involved with teaching yoga! Oh well, nearly there… nearly there! =) / Hey wassup dawg? – It’s Friday bitch! … sigh… Sometimes I wonder about my sense of humour. Other days… I just accept I am the way I am and pictures like this make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sorry about the language. But I’m not sorry about the way it makes me feel. lol =p Alright. It’s friday… I’m gonna peace out before I start quoting that and filling this blog with profanities! =p x

Day 343: Finishing my yoga demo, London Pleasure Gardens, Indian curries at Brick Lane, The Five-Year Engagement and Hanging out with Andres and Shaun!

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yoga joke

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

london pleasure gardens

brick lane curry

krissa, shaun, andres


Glad I got to do my yoga demo today… and that it didn’t turn out like this! =p / London Pleasure Gardens – perfect weather for it! What an awesome way to spend the day with the boys =) / Shaun, what can I say. It was sooo nice seeing you today! It has been way too long. And honestly… I cannot wait til you take me up on a plane!! Super excited and super chuffed! Oh man, this takes road trips to a whole new level! =O =D / Andres… you’re not too bad yourself! =p Especially when you’re knackered! haha / Brick Lane curries = YUM! / The Five-Year Engagement… so long, you actually feel their pain! On purpose? I hope so! At least the ending and intermittent laughter made up for it! 😉 x

Day 321: Alt J, Glozell and The Cinnamon Challenge, Hula Hoops and Handstands, Tikka Masala and Zoolander…

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alt j

jo hula-hooping!

krissa handstanding

tikka masala


zoolander center for ants

Alt J – excuse the language but f*ckin awesome. These my favourite for today: Intro and Breezeblocks. You could get drunk and sunburnt listening to this music. =) / Glozell, you are friggin nuts. Thank you for the entertainment. I hate to love it! / This is what Jo and I do during our lunch and coffee breaks at work… =p Grateful for the space! =p / Mince meat tikka masala – YUM! / Zoolander… so many precious moments. Unfortunately, I have seen that face all to often =p Grateful / And there you have it. You can see how my day went. Pretty fun stuff. Grateful! =) x

Day 316: Baba Hanuman, The day Anna sleeps over, Our MasterChef Cook-Off and 21 Jump Street…

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krishna das baba hanuman

fresh cucumber yoghurt salad VS tzatziki

MasterChef cook off

21 jump street

This feelingnothing can take it away. x / Grateful for the day Anna comes round to see the new house for the first time and challenges me to a Master Chef cook-off. Though… sorry to say this, banans, but I totally win this round! 😉 Better luck next time =p / 21 Jump Street – so funny I have now seen this film 2 days in a row… and laughed equally as loud and hard both times =D

Day 311: Covering my mentor, teaching my 8th yoga class and the Sh’boss boys…

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door of opportunity

taking a leap of faith


Perhaps the greatest honour, is when a teacher turns to a student and puts the chalk in his hand. When someone believes in you that much, it is hard not to believe in yourself. So thank you, Mark, for turning today on its head and reminding me that you never really know what the day has in store for you until it’s over. Every second, a million other decisions are being made in the world that will – whether you know it or not – have some sort of effect in your life. This may be immediate, or it may come as a ripple that arrives minutes, hours, days… years later. Who knows? Thank you for keeping me on my toes and giving me the opportunity to learn and be challenged once again; the opportunity to practice humility and remember that I am nothing but a vessel, through which all learnings and inspiration find expression. From here, it only gets better. Grateful. / On a lighter note… this audition by the Sh’boss boys… is The cutest thing ever. “One day, we was listening to the wadio. And we started wappin!” Lord you could only wish your kids were this cute!

Day 301: 300 days of appreciation, Finishing my first 6-week teaching course, Having my class observed by Mark, The Dictator and Adele, Live at the Royal Albert Hall…

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day 300

the dictator

yogi pranayama


300 days of appreciation. And not a single bad day in between… / My colleague asked me the other day if gratitude really works, and if I can honestly say I haven’t had a bad day in the last 200++. To which I responded, “You will never have a bad day, if you can be grateful for at least one thing that happened. Because just that one thing, would have given your day purpose.” I truly believe this. And I am grateful it’s something I learned sooner rather than later. / Today, I taught my 6th yoga class, which was technically the end of my first 6-week teaching course. So far, I have taught 10 people in total, with an average of 4-5 per class. 4 of those were men. 2 of which were brand new to yoga. 1 of those men bought a mat from me. And the other just signed up to a 10-day, unlimited, special induction package at Indaba. Every Saturday morning, my students come to class. They lay their mats and they offer up their practice. They are focused and hungry, eager to learn more. They teach me as much as I teach them. And I am grateful for that. Jo, Dani, DJ, Kav, Behull, Sarah, Louise, Illy, Claire, Saral… It has, and will continue to be, my pleasure. / Mark, thank you so much for taking the time today to observe and give feedback on my class. Your comments and ongoing mentorship, belief and support are much appreciated. And it can only get better from here =) / The Dictator – so wrong, it’s right. I have not laughed so hard in a film in such a long time. This is definitely one to have on DVD! / Adele, my dear. I don’t know how many times I am going to be grateful for you on this blog. But what can I say? Tonight, I am grateful I got to watch a rerun of you performing Live at the Royal Albert Hall. I only wished I could have been there. You have a gift. And that gift is being able to put into lyrics, melodies and chords, feelings that would have otherwise driven us mad from despair on the inside. You give voice to the 10 million ++ people that have been fortunate enough to hear your music. And your success is proof that when it’s real, Love can only ever be inspiring. No matter the outcome. This moment – magic. x

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