Day 109: Finding a half-pack of paracetamol in my drawer, Vitamin C, Caramel Frappuccinos and the 3rd bus in line…

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open pack of paracetamol

vitamin c

starbucks caramel frappuccino
Grateful for finding some panadol at the bottom of my drawer at work. Lord knows I needed it. / Grateful for the Vitamin C I had stashed in my kitchen. Lord knows I’m needing it! / Grateful for the 2 buses that left me in the cold in the middle of nowhere. Taught me to practice my patience, even though I was freezing my tooshie off in my gym shorts outside! It also reminded me about something I’ve been thinking about for a while… Standing there shuffling my feet about to keep warm, I realized that no matter how uncomfortable, unwanted, annoying, tiring or frustrating a situation is, there will always and eventually be a moment of reprieve. Eventually, you will be grateful for something. Even if it’s as simple as being grateful that the worst or the discomfort is finally over. So tonight, after waiting 10/15/20 mins in the cold, I was eventually grateful for the bus that finally came to take me home. / I love me some caramel frappuccinos – especially when the espresso and soya milk is free! YUM.


Day 108: Fresh Peppermint Tea, Carte Noire’s Man Cafe, Hot Mugs, The Batman Family and the word “Sanative”…

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peppermint teacarte noir man cafeCarte Noir Man Cafebatman family
I love it when you have a hot mug radiating between your frozen hands. / I love it when your tea is so hot you can feel the steam cool and condense on your face, like a mobile steam bath. / I love peppermint tea, especially with a bit of honey squidged into it! / I love Carte Noire’s latest campaign and for having a “Mel Gibson in What Women Want” moment of inspiration. Ladies (and Gentlemen!), may I introduce to you: the Man Cafe. Hel-lo Mr Cool! Sigh. As if I couldn’t love coffee any more! / Mom, Dad, Alix – thank you for being so persistent and continuing to ping me and ping me and ping me at work until I finally switched on my webcam. This made my day. You crazy chicks. I love you. x / Word of the day: Sanative – conducive to physical or spiritual health and well-being; healing. Glad this flashed up on our screensaver today. Now that’s a word I won’t be forgetting any time soon =)

Day 38: Dirty Chai’s, my desk at work, Chase & Status and annual leave – approved!

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101010 digital mural

I loooove the new 101010 mural on the wall.

 I officially have the best seat in the house.


Ah, think of all the proposals that will come out of this inspired space…

Bouncing along to this Chase & Status song…

Sipping on my overpriced but oh so delicious Chai Tea Latte & single shot of espresso cocktail…

(the key ingredients of a so-called ‘Dirty Chai’)


Thanks, Graham, for getting this organised over the long weekend.

And Paul Kemp for the artwork.


Thanks, Louis, for approving my days of leave this year and next =)


Now I actually have to get my yoga interview scheduled!


Ahora, tengo que revisar mi espanol! 


Now my visa really needs to get sorted quickly ’cause, baby, I can hear Africa calling!


Day 19: The smell of fresh coffee beans, “workics” and marble bathrooms…

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coffee beans90 minutes of intense yoga on a virtually empty stomach finally got to me this morning, but at least there was coffee to perk me up (but barely!).

Ever wonder why an alcoholic is called an alcoholic? But a person that’s addicted to shopping is called a shopaholic, and someone that loves chocolate is a chocoholic? Why not just keep the same suffix for all and call them shopics, chocolatics and yes, even, “workics”? – funny conversation we had in the office today. Based on which, I’d probably be called a caffeinic or a coffic just for writing this blog!

And then I guess one has to appreciate hotel-style marble bathrooms. Went to see a beautiful house today – very spacious, very zen, very eco, very tempting. We’ll see how it goes. But yes, kudos to the marble bathroom; a shelf full of Lonely Planet books (intimidating and impressive at the same time), an abundant presence of buddhas and lots of frozen lime. At the very least, a pleasant evening that deserves a bit of thanks. So thanks =)

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