Day 348: Getting to wear Kat’s denim and baseball jackets and “This is Home” by Switchfoot…

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wrangler denim jacket

baseball jacket


The one good thing about Kat being away in France for business is that in exchange for taking my leather jacket, I now get to wear her denim and baseball ones ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lol. Well, you gotta be grateful for something right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ / “This is home” by Switchfoot. Been listening to it all day. Love it =) x


Day 319: My new H&M harem pants, The XX VCR remix and passing another checkpoint in life…

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H&M harem pants

the xx vcr remix

good news!

lost in translation

Today, I wore these pants. / Today, I listened to this music. / Today, I got this text. / Today, I feel… you guessed it! – grateful! ๐Ÿ˜‰ / That feeling when you’re navigating a new city for the first time and feeling a little lost… and then suddenly you see a McDonald’s or a Starbuck’s and breathe a sigh of relief because at least that is something familiar… and at least, you sort of know where you are now. and it doesn’t make sense but you feel that little bit safer standing underneath that yellow or green glow. and then, to top it all off, you realize the landmark or checkpoint you’ve been looking for is actually right there, just around the corner… reassuring you you’re going the right way… – I just got that feeling =) x / Sometimes, we are forced to make decisions we don’t want to make. Not because they’re wrong, but because in the moments right before, during the agonising delivery, and immediately after, you cannot help but think of the 1, 001 ways you could have maybe done it different. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, years to know if you really made the right decision. Some people never even find out at all. So when you are forced to make a decision you really hadn’t wanted to make, and receive news like the one above the very next day… what can you do but smile, throw your hands in the air and go,ย well I’ll be damned… you had it coming all along. /ย Thank you, whoever, whatever you are. For I am nothing without your guidance. x

Day 314: Day 1, Mind Body Spirit Festival 2012, Helping Clare, Trentemoller and Retail therapy…

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presenter assistant badge, mind body spirit 2012

Indaba Yoga and Dharma Mittra flyers

indaba yoga dharma mittra flyer

yoga shala, mind body spirit festival 2012

yoga gives back charity

yoga shala, mind body spirit festival 2012

clare connolly dharma mittra yoga

mind body spirit festival 2012 london

mantra lounge, mind body spirit festival 2012

mind body spirit festival 2012

shopping for 2

Thank you, Clare, for getting the coffee and croissant this morning =) Had a lovely time helping you out at the Mind Body Spirit festival and so glad everything came together in the end =) We did good =) / #53 reason it’s awesome living with Kat: same size, same likes, same budget, same house makes for very easy shopping trip ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gotta love that retail therapy. Grateful! =) / Very much appreciated my one-on-one hang out with Aunty Janice… grateful! =) / Thanks, Anna, for introducing me to Trentemoller… fave new band of the week. Grateful! =) x

Day 248: Pesto, Natarajasana #8 and Ankle pants…

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Natarajasana 8


Pesto – so underrated and under-appreciated! / Thanks Donna for bringing my charger down! / Tonight, Mark was like a drill sergeant, disguising what felt like a mini master class as a Dharma 2 or 3! But you know what, it got me into this pose for the first time. Natarajasana – the Dancer pose – Variation #8. Status: Accomplished. Next! =) / Cut off pants. I like. Grateful to have mine back. Gracias. x

Day 245: David Andrew, Kat’s Birthday Party and getting my Carhartt jacket back!

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potential new house

kat chan

kat chan

carhartt jacket

Thank you, David Andrew, for showing me what could potentially be my new home. / Thanks, Phil, for the better than average house viewings and the entertaining chats between properties. It makes such a difference having an estate agent you actually can have a proper conversation with! / Today, I finally got my Carhartt jacket back. Ohhh how I have missed you sooo!! Thank you. / Thanks, Sue, for holding on to that stuff for me! / Kat, Happy Birthday. This is how you will be remembered on this day: Happy, Gift-Ted and a budding photographer! =) Love love x

Day 166: Trench Coats, Trainspotting, Tortellini with Spinach and Kat!

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trench coat

trainspotting choose life

spinach tortellini

krissa and kat

Today, it was cold. It was wet. It was freezing. I was extremelyย grateful for my new, long trench coat. Thanks momma! / I love trainspotting. I love the film. And I love Jo’s and my version of it even more. Because this means sitting on a bench at one of the Highbury & Islington platforms for an HOUR catching up… because it was too cold and too expensive to go outside… and because we just missed each other so god damn much! / I love tortellini. Especially when it’s stuffed and served with spinach… and a bit of Kat on the side! =P / I love Kat. And I am so grateful for the moment she came up to me by the poolside in Year 8, just before I was about to dive in, to ask if I was any good at swimming. “Yes,” I said. “I’m really good at breaststroke!”. And that was it, the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. And today, 12 years later, I am just so so so happy to see her so so so happy. Good times for all ahead. That is all. The end =)

Day 165: 28kg Suitcases, Silk Pyjamas and another Safe Flight…

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giant suitcase

silk pyjamas

Am grateful that my suitcase was so damn heavy and actual weighed MORE than when I went out to Hong Kong (which is impressive considering I had a 5L slow cooker and a whole bunch of other presents wrapped inside my bag!). / Am grateful because it means I have been given more this year than I expected. / And am even more grateful because it gave me the opportunity to witness human kindness once again. So I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the random stranger at Manor House tube station who was kind enough to help me lug this beast up the stairs after a very long journey home. / Thank you, momma, for my new silk pyjamas. They are SO comfortable =D / Am grateful for another safe flight and a beautifully smooth landing despite the moment of turbulence on the plane. / I am, truly, grateful for every minute I had tonight to curl up in bed and forget things were any different. Thank you and good night. x

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