Day 155: Christmas morning, booking my flights to Peru, my new OMM 35L rucksack and the fattest turkey I ever did see!

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christmas tree

wrapping paper

omm 25l rucksack

christmas turkey

christmas turkey

Grateful for Christmas morning and waking up to a tree stuffed full of presents =) / Thanks, Mom and Dad, for my new OMM 25L rucksack. Just what I need! =) / Glad I finally bit the bullet and booked my flights to Peru. AND am even more chuffed I get to spend a few hours in Miami beforehand =D / Mom – thank you very much for dinner. It ain’t Christmas without turkey. And it ain’t proper turkey unless it’s momma’s turkey! This has got to be the biggest, fastest bird I have ever seen. It was SCARY. And we were clearly defeated! NOM!


Day 154: Christmas Eve, Stocking Pressies and The Curran Times!

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christmas stockingsthe currans

Grateful for traditions, especially around Christmas time. So tonight I’m grateful for: hearty family dinners to warm us up from the inside; single malt whiskey to keep me pacified and mum throughout a 2-hour, bilingual Noche Buena church service; my sister running around preparing churros, hot chocolate and (skimmed!) milk to leave by the window for “Santa”; the moment the clock strikes midnight so we can all open our stocking presents. / Grateful for my new Charles & Keith aviators; my new corduroy jeggings (radical I know!); my N-rit campack towel and my new yoga gear… Can’t wait til tomorrow! =D / So, so, so glad The Curran Times – our first online family newsletter – is finally done. And so grateful Campaign Monitor was so easy to set up and use! =) / MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! =)

Day 152: Full body massages, my new Havaianas and spending the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents with my sister…

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full body massage
silver Havaianas
christmas wrapping station
Am so grateful for that massage! Was feeling so much like a tightly wound alarm clock until that just took all the knots and crosses out of my muscles and bones! Ahhh… relief at last! Until tomorrow’s yoga class that is! / Grateful for my new havaianas. Surprising how 18 degrees can feel hot compared to London at the moment! / Even more than receiving presents, how I love wrapping them! =D / Am so grateful all my presents got to Hong Kong in once piece and intact! Phew!

Day 150: Finishing my handover, My Black Diamond Jawbone Jambox and getting a clock that sums up my life…

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jawbone jambox

krissa's world clock

So glad I finished my handover on time today! The holiday begins… NOW! =D / Thank you, Louis, for our Christmas presents today. This Jambox thing is awesome =) I’m hoping it’s not just conference calls to Sydney I’ll be using this for? =p / Speaking of Sydney… thank you, Tom, for my Christmas present tonight. I cannot believe how accurately this clock sums up my life! Now I’ll always know when it’s time to call home, family and friends; when it’s time to work; when it’s time to pray; and when it’s time to focus on where I am in life, right here, right now. Amazing =) x

Day 146: The first snow of the season, Christmas pub lunches and Rebecca Ferguson…

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london snow 2011

rebecca ferguson

rebecca ferguson

rebecca ferguson

It might be icy cold and horribly uncomfortable to the bone, but you gotta admit there’s a childlike excitement that bubbles inside you when it first begins to snow… There’s nothing like a fairy-light and ticklish snowflake that lands on your cheek to remind you Christmas time has come =) / I love the festive mood everyone gets into around Christmas. I love how you can walk into a pub at lunch time and everyone around you is flushed with warmth (and alcohol!), merrily stuffed with their roast chickens and gravy, greasy fat chips and big fat burgers. / Jo, Dom – glad we at least had this downtime before the mad rush in the afternoon. Hope you guys (and everyone else in the office) has a wonderful Christmas break! Lord knows we need it! / I love Rebecca Ferguson. Truly, what a soothing, soulful and nurturing sound. When you listen to her, it’s like listening to the wind blowing through the trees, and feeling the minutest quiver and vibrations of violin strings in beautiful, vocal form. There is a nervous texture in her voice that I find so endearing. But I think that’s part of her charm. Honest. True. Effortless. Love, love, love. x / Thank you Graham, for my Developer 101 lesson this morning. Much appreciated! =)

Day 137: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Winter Wonderland and Fixing a Bug (specifically an ant)…

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eternal sunshine of the spotless mindwinter wonderland
I love this film. / And though my mind might be a dalmatian right now, I am grateful for all my spots. For as long as they exist, I am reassured of my sanity and all that was real in my life. May they last as long as they need to. Then may the sun shine all the brighter because of it. / Loved Winter Wonderland tonight. Glad I finally made it. / Grateful I did not spill the mustard and ketchup of my bratwurst *all* over myself, and only on my navy blue cardi! / Glad I finally found the perfect template for our family’s Christmas newsletter and fixed the bug that kept me up late last night! Goddamn WordPress is so addictive! =/ x

Day 133: Christmas Lights, Christmas Shopping, Lionel Shriver, Lynne Ramsay, Misha B and Little Mix…

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xmas lights london 2011

xmas lights london 2011

covent garden christmas 2011


I love Christmas and the festive mood affecting all of London right now =) / I love Christmas shopping and finding the perfect pressent you know will put a massive smile on people’s faces =) / Lionel Shriver, Lynne Ramsay… The book and film adaptation of WNTTAK is very good… harrowing (to say the least!). I can appreciate it from a thought-provoking and story-telling point of view. But I can’t possibly be thankful for the mood it put me in after! =( But here is my positive spin on it: I guess that means you did a great job and if your intention was to make people think and feel, then you definitely achieved what you set out to do. / Congratulations, Miss Misha B, this was the first time I truly felt something while listening to you sing. And rest assured it was far from ‘less than perfect’. =) / Little Mix, you were a lot amazing tonight. Don’t know who to vote for now… Hmmm… =)

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