Day 198: Hello Panda, Chilli Rice Crackers, YouTube, Tom Crouch and my Uncle Mike!

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hello panda


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Doesn’t matter how old I get, I will always be grateful for Hello Panda’s! One of the best childhood snacks ever. / Grateful for chilli rice crackers. Another morish thing I can add to my list! If you’ve had this before, I bet you any money you are salivating right now wishing you had a pack! 😉 Just wait til the day I blog about wasabi peas =p / I know I’ve posted a lot of YouTube videos and links, but I don’t think I’ve been grateful yet for YouTube itself. Truly, a magician’s hat of undiscovered talent. I love how you can surf and surf and surf this site, following your nose from one click to another, one recommended video to the next until you come out of your trance with a whole string of new content and music and video clips to keep you merry and amused. / Having said that, today I’m grateful my YouTube meanderings led me to this page. Have been listening to Tom Crouch’s acoustic rendition of ‘Louder’ all day at work. That and the original by Sian Evans. I love! / Grateful we got the website content plan done and handed over on time! / Grateful for my Uncle Mike and getting the chance and the time to speak to him tonight. Now here’s one uncle that has been there for me from the start, since I was a super ‘kulit’ little girl threatening to burn his friends’ houses down (apparently!) =p It might be ages in between our catch-ups and reunions but, Uncle Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for always keeping one eye out for me and never failing to let me know that I am missed on that side of the planet. My thoughts are with you all, now more than ever. Lots of love x


Day 123: Charlie Brown, Princi Bakery, L’Eto Caffe & Russian Honey Cake…

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writer's block

Snoopy-And-Charlie-Brownprinci wardour streetl'eto caffe wardour streetrussian honey cake
I never really understood – or I guess appreciated – the point, subtle charm and humour of Charlie Brown until today. But I’m glad I stumbled upon this again. / Thank you, Coldplay, for the inspiration. Here’s to running wild and glowing in the dark. / Love Princi bakery on Wardour Street. / Love L’Eto Caffe, too! / And lord, if god ever made a cake – this would be it! Russian Honey Cake = YUM!

Day 106: Acroyoga in London, Gumby, Free Gym Pass & Learning to base properly…

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gumbyIt was a big step, but I finally made it to my first Acroyoga class in London, after nearly 4 months on the ground. And boy did I love it! =) So thank you, Anna, for getting this class organised. And Bryony for supporting. Am so glad I’m finally learning how to be a base and not just a flyer. (Though if I had my way, I’d always be flying!) / I am grateful for these memories. You will never forget your first flight. / Loved how this guy called Daniel (I think it was Daniel?) brought up Gumby in class today. I have not thought about Gumby in aaaages! Probably because I used to have nightmares about him when I was little? / Click here for funny spoof of Inception trailer, Gumby style! / Thanks to the gym guys working at reception tonight. Would not have had my extra 30 min workout if it weren’t for you =) Gym class heroes fo sho! 😉

Day 87: Jimmy Eat World, Road Map Playmats & Morph…

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jimmy eat world

road map play matmorphI knew eventually I’d go the full cycle and come back to my beloved alternative rock tracks… What can I say? It’s the default rhythm of my heart… Jimmy, hello again. Welcome back to my world. / Love the new office mat that finally arrived today =D Now we just need a box of Hot Wheels to finish it off! 😉 / Watched my first episode of Morph today – and it certainly won’t be my last! Apparently we have a ‘build your own Morph’ kit at home… Maybe I will play Frankenstein and take one to work. The mine and Graham’s can be friends… lol =P

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