Day 351: Frannie’s letter, Le Pain Quotidien, The Shard, Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s first music video, Meeting Sam for the 3rd time in the last year and A lesson on Trust…

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brunch with sam

soya mocha, le pain quotidien

granola parfait with fresh fruit

the shard, london bridge

the shard, london bridge

sam and krissa

grace, humility, strength, hope, trust

Dear Frannie, Thank you for your message this morning. Wasn’t expecting that but really, really appreciate it. My thoughts, too, are with you. With love, and hugs. – krissa x / Today, I got to meet Sam for the THIRD time in the last year. How crazy is that! Haha. And then again at Christmas. Wehey, we’re on a roll! =) / Le Pain Quotidien – I just love it! Especially the new branch they opened up next to Borough Market. Perfect place for weekend brunch and catching up with old friends =) / Dear big glass shard sticking out of London Bridge, I have watched you grow and grow and grow over the last 3 years. And I feel like you, too, have watched my life unravel and unfold, under your keen guardianship, over the last 36 months. You were there at the very beginning, one evening in May. And now you are here at the end. Funny huh? Many people look at you and have various opinions. Some people think you are great, ambitious, and a magnificent sight to look at. Others feel like you have “stabbed” London’s skyline and ruined the view for good. Just know that to me, standing there today looking at you in all your glory… you have become an icon, landmark and reflection of perhaps 3 of the best years of my life. And for that, I am grateful. I have nothing but affection and fond, fond memories. / Ryan, how wonderful to stumble upon your music video today. Well done. This puts a smile on my face and this song is still as sweet as the first time I heard it on BGT. Grateful =) / They say life continues to teach you a lesson, again and again and again until you learn it. Over the last 24-48 hours, and because of the last few months, I realised that there is one thing I left out when I set my mantra for this year… When I promised myself to live my life with grace, humility, strength and hope nearly one year ago now, what I didn’t include was Trust. That’s not because I didn’t think it worth it. But purely because I didn’t know then, all the things I know now. You see there was a shift, about halfway through the year, whereby my uncontrollable, ever expansive HOPE slowly and very very subtly began to transform into something much more important and much more grand. My H-O-P-E that was like a balloon that I allowed to soar very high in the sky was soon accompanied by something called Trust. And this Trust was/is the realization that while Hope is a balloon that is inspiring and beautiful and uplifting to watch, Trust is the unshakeable security and peace that weathers all storms. Hope forces us to turn our gaze towards the sky. Trust draws our senses inwards because once you find the Truth, you soon realise that there’s a million heavens and thousands of balloons already soaring inside your heart, waiting for you. All you have to do is close your eyes… 8th July 2012 – I thank the voice inside, calling me home. ईश्वरे विश्वासं करोमि


Day 325: Bubbleology, The moment Calvin Harris and Example collaborate together, Plamil organic chocolate, Drops of Jupiter and The Fortune-Telling Book of Names…

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plamil organic orange chocolate with cranberries cocoa 60%

bubbleology, soho, london

bubbleology, soho, london

bubbleology, soho, london

drops of jupiter

train drops of jupiter 5 hr phone conversation


Calvin Harris + Example = Catchy new track called ‘We’ll be coming back‘ = More good times ahead = Grateful! / Plamil organic orange chocolate with cranberries, 60% cocoa… Grateful. YUM! Thanks Louis! / Bubbleology – a little piece of home =) Cute set-up, yummy drinks… Aunty, Uncle, Kat – thanks for the invite. We gotta get us some Assam tea to take home! / Drops of Jupiter – not quite 5 hours, but close enough. And I am, truly grateful. / Grateful for the moment this passage was read out to me, alongside another equally intriguing. Call it irony, coincidence, serendipity or fate… Call it nothing. Call it everything. Either way, I’m grateful. / Thank you for putting a smile on my heart, and on my face. 3 weeks + 1, 476 days ago, I probably would have said the same thing. x

Day 315: Day 2, Mind Body Spirit Festival 2012, AcroYoga Performance and A Bit Of What You Fancy…

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a bit of what you fancy

fresh yoghurt and berries

a bit of what you fancy

mind body spirit festival 2012 stage artist badge

anna and krissa doing beach pose acroyoga

krissa and bryony acroyoga

folded leaf acroyoga

superyogi acroyoga

lifted baddhakonasana acroyoga

anna, nat, krissa, bryony acroyoga

reverse bat acroyoga

downdog scorpion pyramid

closing pyramid

Thank you, Anna, for choreographing and organising this Acroyoga sequence… and for inviting me to be a part of it all. This has truly been a great week for yoga! =) Bry, Nat, Maria… t’was fun hangin’ – literally 😉 / Kav, thank you so much for coming to watch and support, and for capturing as much of it on film as possible. Meant a lot to have someone from home there in the audience =) x / A bit of what you fancy… great way to start the day with Kat, Aunty Janice and Teddy. x

Day 260: Chez Le Boulanger, Napoleons and Romeo!

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Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Chez le Boulanger, Upper Street

Napoleon Custard

Let’s see… Cute little French cafe with warm, unpolished wooden furniture and fittings, trays and trays of cakes and pastries and salads and bread, the best fresh orange juice, and tall cups of soy mochas, plenty of seats, free WiFi and a chatty, friendly chap running the place called Romeo… who then gave us 2 paper bags of free pastries each at the end of a long day and night… How could I not be grateful! =)

Day 249: 9GAG, Tuk Tuk and claiming that corner seat at the cafe…

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tuk tuk

tuk tuk restaurant, soho

cafe window seat

Today I pissed, cried and weed with laughter because of this site. Do it. / Grateful for Tuk Tuk… No, not that Tuk Tuk… This one! =) / Grateful for grabbing the corner seat at Patisserie… Best seat in the house for future planning. Night! x

Day 240: Shoreditch House, Mini Eggs, Pitted Dates and Kat’s Teddy!

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shoreditch house

shoreditch house 2

mini eggs

pitted dates

Ok, ok… I know they don’t look too appetising but I friggin love pitted/dried dates. / Those – and mini eggs! I guess that means Easter’s finally here! Well, soon enough! You definitely know the weather’s shifting for the good when you leave the office and it’s back to being bright(er) outside! =) / Today I’m grateful for visiting and having dinner at Shoreditch House for the first time. Man that place is a real treat. Thanks, Kat! Cannot wait for our summer days by the poolside… Oh lordy lord. It’ll be like DB summers all over again – but older, sexier and more glam. In my head at least =p / HI TEDDY AND KAT! THANK YOU FOR READING. GOOD NIGHT YOU CRAZY LOVED-UP CHICKS! XXX (Oh yea, Teddy, I mean it was great to finally meet you! =) )

Day 239: Making all 14/14 flights, Having that spare seat next to you on the plane and Lunch at Bill’s Cafe…

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air new zealand sky couch

bill's cafe restaurant

Ladies and gentlemen… I did it! I successfully made all 14 / 14 flights in the last 2 months! Hurray! That’s 14 / 14 flights successfully boarded. Only ONE double-booking. And 2 overnight coach sleepers. Either I have shaken off my bad luck or this WorldMate app is awesome… or I am just too broke and too experienced to make any more excuses and mistakes =p Either way. I’m here. I’m back. The pressure is off. For now! Grateful! / Don’t you love it when you get that spare seat next to you on the plane so you can put your feet up and semi lie down on a long-haul flight? Grateful! PS – umm… ok so somehow I gotta get me on one of these new Air NZ flights with the sky couches in them?! How cosy does that look! Lush. / You know what else is cool? This quirky little cafe called Bill’s in Islington. What a lovely way to ease back into the swing of things in my Londontown. Grateful x

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