Day 356: Ash’s birthday celebrations, Carnaby Street and The moment your room becomes your mood board…

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my yoga mood board

#futureplanning mood board

#futureplanning mood board

#futureplanning mood board

#futureplanning mood board

carnaby street, london

carnaby street, london

ash, krissa, kat, ted

birthday boy!

birthday boy!

The moment your room becomes your mood board… Grateful! – Grateful for the cellotape. Grateful for the blank white walls. Grateful for the reminders. This is how. And this is why. / Carnaby Street – I love you more and more. You’re like my spiritual candy shop. =) / Ash – happy belated birthday celebrations! I love my new necklace! Hahaha. Very classy. Tell Josh he did well =p Hope you had a good rest of the night buddy. See you at The Force soon 😉 xxx Love x


Day 342: Brain scans, Catch-up with DJ, Jamaican economics, Sorting out my yoga insurance, Zoo Lates and Getting paid!

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kerry, dj, krissa 2006

jamaica map

yoga health insurance

zoo lates




penguin feeding time!

giant moths


restless tiger

restless tiger

dani and krissa

look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better - albert einstein


right brain creativity

Grateful for my catch-up with DJ today… This photo was taken way back in 2006 when we were just finishing high school. Can’t remember what I said, but it must have been something along the lines of: “Hey Deej… guess what? One day, we gonna make it BIG!” 😉 What’s that you say? Oh. Oh yea… #futureplanning! 😉 / Been thinking a lot about Jamaica economics recently. Don’t ask me why. Just know that I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about something other than chicken for a change! =p / Grateful for Yoga-Link and being able to sort out my insurance today =) Good to see #futureplanning Project #3 out of 4 is well under way =) / Nothing like hanging out at the Zoo (and watching a man stuff a condom up his nose!! =S) on a friday night 😉 Thanks Illy! =p x / I love pay day as much as I love chocolate. Hurray!!! Honestly, that felt like eternity! =/ =D / Today, I saw the first concrete part of my dream come to life… it’s like I hooked a scanner/printer up to my brain and hit the green button… #futureplanning is now #currentlyhappening =D

Day 337: Maha Sadhana, Maria’s Birthday and Sunday afternoon Yogi BBQs…

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maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

maha sadhana indaba yoga

chocolate banana with vanilla ice-cream

happy birthday maria!

london summer sunset

Maha. Sadhana. ❤ / Happy Birthday, Maria! What a great day indeed =) x / Paul, Steve… thanks so much for hosting this BBQ. Much appreciated. Food and company were great =) xxx

Day 93: Alexandra Curran.

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alexandra curran - world's best sister

alexandra curran - world's best sister

alexandra curran - world's best sister

So I could be thankful for a lot of things today. For instance, I could be thankful for the fact that Jo managed to conduct her first ever “official” studio meeting today under my guidance and gentle steering. And for the huge smile on her face once it was over, and problem-free at that! / I could be thankful for catching up on X-Factor and Johnny’s brilliant performance on Saturday night (Unfortunately, I do have to quote Gary here and say: “Johnny I really enjoyed that [cue: sheepish grin].”) / I could be thankful for Kelly Clarkson’s new single and Bruno Mars’ sexy, James Brown-inspired performance. / I could be thankful for pragmatism, because when you have nothing left to lose, frankness comes easy. / But for today, those things are going to have to be parked to the side because today, nothing else can surpass the massive amount of appreciation and gratitude I have for having my sister in my life. Alix (Alexandra, Impy, Panini) – Happy, Happy 10th Birthday. Growing up an only child for 14 years, I prayed and I prayed and I prayed to have a younger brother or sister to play with and take care of. And on this day, exactly one decade ago, I got you. And ever since, I have had the honour, the pleasure and the pride of being your ‘Ate’. I love you. And thank you for all the love you have shown me in the last ten years. I hope you had a wonderful day. See you at Christmas x

Day 80: Jamie’s Italian, Ravioli Nachos & Tim!

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jamie's italian

Jamie's Italian Islingtonravioli nachos


Challenge of the day: Guess which table we sat at.

And then guess which glass window I walked straight into trying to find the entrance to this place!

Thanks, Louis, for treating us to lunch even though it was for your birthday, and you weren’t even here! Good team bonding. And even though Graham couldn’t make it – at least he enjoyed the brownie dessert we took back for him to help fuel his afternoon 😉 / Today, I think we all appreciated the complete and scrumptious novelty that is ravioli nachos. That’s right. Crispy. Ravioli. Nachos. Yum?! / Thanks, Tim, for all the help finishing off those quotes. Long day but we got there in the end =)

Day 76: Lemon Sorbet, The House of Marley, the look on someone’s face when they realize you haven’t forgotten their birthday, signing off designs & colleagues that work late to get the job done!

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lemon sorbet house of marley earphones
I love lemon sorbets – especially when you spoon them out of a coffee mug! / I love when you give someone a birthday present when they least of all expect it. And the even more humbling realization that you haven’t forgotten their birthday… / I love these earphones and everything about The House of Marley. 1Love, man. 1Love. / I am so glad we finally got this set of design concepts signed of. Moving on! / Thanks, G,  for staying the extra hour after work on a Friday night. Very much appreciated.

Day 49: Thorpe Park, Stealth, Saw, Colossus and a little thing called Inertia…

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stealth thorpe park

I came. I saw. I conquered.

“From 0 to 80 mph, 205 feet high, in 2.4 seconds” – Stealth.

Now if you don’t feel grateful to be alive after this, I don’t know what else will.


Happy Birthday, Badger!

Thank you, and Tash, and Martin, and Danielle, and James for a great day out.

Best I say this now as I probably won’t have any voice left tomorrow!

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