Day 315: Day 2, Mind Body Spirit Festival 2012, AcroYoga Performance and A Bit Of What You Fancy…

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a bit of what you fancy

fresh yoghurt and berries

a bit of what you fancy

mind body spirit festival 2012 stage artist badge

anna and krissa doing beach pose acroyoga

krissa and bryony acroyoga

folded leaf acroyoga

superyogi acroyoga

lifted baddhakonasana acroyoga

anna, nat, krissa, bryony acroyoga

reverse bat acroyoga

downdog scorpion pyramid

closing pyramid

Thank you, Anna, for choreographing and organising this Acroyoga sequence… and for inviting me to be a part of it all. This has truly been a great week for yoga! =) Bry, Nat, Maria… t’was fun hangin’ – literally 😉 / Kav, thank you so much for coming to watch and support, and for capturing as much of it on film as possible. Meant a lot to have someone from home there in the audience =) x / A bit of what you fancy… great way to start the day with Kat, Aunty Janice and Teddy. x


Day 314: Day 1, Mind Body Spirit Festival 2012, Helping Clare, Trentemoller and Retail therapy…

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presenter assistant badge, mind body spirit 2012

Indaba Yoga and Dharma Mittra flyers

indaba yoga dharma mittra flyer

yoga shala, mind body spirit festival 2012

yoga gives back charity

yoga shala, mind body spirit festival 2012

clare connolly dharma mittra yoga

mind body spirit festival 2012 london

mantra lounge, mind body spirit festival 2012

mind body spirit festival 2012

shopping for 2

Thank you, Clare, for getting the coffee and croissant this morning =) Had a lovely time helping you out at the Mind Body Spirit festival and so glad everything came together in the end =) We did good =) / #53 reason it’s awesome living with Kat: same size, same likes, same budget, same house makes for very easy shopping trip 😉 Gotta love that retail therapy. Grateful! =) / Very much appreciated my one-on-one hang out with Aunty Janice… grateful! =) / Thanks, Anna, for introducing me to Trentemoller… fave new band of the week. Grateful! =) x

Day 302: Futureplanning MM II, AcroYoga with Kavesh, Edgware Road, Beirut Express and (The smell of fresh) Melons…

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AcroYoga Dragon pose

AcroYoga Dragon pose

beirut express

cantaloupe melon

#futureplanning. status: 3 hrs + 14 mins further down the line… GRATEFUL. =) / AcroYoga playtime with Kavesh. Grateful! / Going to Edgware Road for the first time and having amazing falafels at Beirut Express. Grateful! / Melons. Grateful! (PS – admit it, you can smell it now, can’tcha! =p ) x

Day 295: New Acro friends, Fresh lemonade, Figuring out how to empty the hoover and My new pink clothes…

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fresh lemonade

sand dune

stained clothes

Grateful for the 2 new people I got to practice acro yoga with today. At least my base-ing is getting better =) / Love fresh lemonade, especially after class =) / Grateful I finally figured out how to empty our hoover and could do a proper clean! / Grateful, at least, that it was not my white clothes that were in the wash today… Well, we did say we needed more clothes!

Day 287: Teaching my 4th yoga class, Bone stacking, Catch up with Banans and Tas!

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stacking yogis

krissa and anna

krissa and anna

krissa, anna and a very dodgy catheter bag!

krissa and anna

krissa and anna


Grateful for the opportunity to teach my 4th yoga class today. / And the moment Behull, Kavesh and I decided to stack our bones on top of each other into a 3-tiered table! / Grateful for the long overdue catch up with Banans today. Thank you, for continuing to be a part of my life. Love you x / Grateful for the always great food at Tas! =) x

Day 160: Power 2 in the morning, Family Hike at noon and Acroyoga with my mom and sis in the evening…

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acroyoga with krissa and cintykrissa and cinty doing pinchamayurasanaacroyoga with krissa and cintyacroyoga with krissa and alixacroyoga with krissa and cintyacroyoga with krissa and alixacroyoga with krissa and cintyacroyoga with krissa and cintykrissa does a headstand
Today, I am grateful for having a body that will endure pretty much whatever I put it through. / Grateful for the Power 2 class this morning. It’s funny… There’s not a lot of things I will get out of bed for in the morning. But promise me yoga and I will roll out of bed, gladly, at 5.30 am just as I have every other day this week =) / Grateful for our last family hike of the year. / Really, really happy I got to practice some Acroyoga and mess around with my mom and sister on the beach this afternoon… I have really, really missed this.

Day 148: The Dragon Pose, Patisserie Valerie and the moment a friendship reaches new levels…

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acroyoga dragon

patisserie valerie logo

dani and krissa

dani and krissa

Loved ending class today with the almighty dragon pose =) One day I’ll bring my camera so I don’t have to keep stealing these off the internet! =p / Loved it even more when I realized the XX was part of our yoga playlist for today. Friggin’ good taste or what! =D / I love tea times at Patisserie Valerie. / I love how you can spend 2 hours at a coffee shop catching up with a friend and walk away from it feeling your friendship has just hit a new level. Dani – thanks for a great afternoon and throwing me a lifeline! Very much appreciated. Love x / PS – you can tell from the picture above that we really used to not like each other… hahaha. joke! =p x

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