Day 202: Flight Route Maps, Chewbacca Hats and Wall Angels…

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

flight route map

chewbacca hat

wall angel

Grateful for flight route maps. 1) There is an elegance and beauty in this highly ordered and very precise chaos. 2) They are a great inspiration for this personal side project I’m working on =) Whoda thunk it! / Grateful for crazy chewbacca hats. Man, they are warm! / Grateful for wall angels and Teddy’s creative osteopathic treatment sessions. Hopefully these exercises will help me train my lazy ass! =p


Day 183: The Biggest Selling Tracks of the 21st Century, Aunty Lorna and Uncle Callum, my new Tucano work bag, Radiopaq Wires and Joy!

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uncle callum and aunty lorna

nelly and kelly


eminem 8 mile

wheatus teenage dirtbag

kings of leon sex on fire

tucano bag

Radiopaq logo

Grateful for catching flight no. 2 of 14 back to London. / Grateful for my Aunty Lorna and Uncle Callum for putting me up this weekend. / Grateful I got to spend more time with the family than if I’d just gone snowboarding the whole time. / Grateful for my late night chat in bed with Joy and watching my cousin grow up! Exciting time ahead =) / Grateful for the Top 50 biggest selling tracks of the 21st century showing on TV this morning. It’s like someone dug up my old iPod from a time capsule and plugged it into the TV. Flashbacks include: Kelly Rowland & Nelly with Dilemma. Eamon with Don’t want you back. Eminem with Stan and Lose Yourself. Wheatus with Teenage Dirtbag. Kings of Leon with Sex on FireShall I go on? Now you know you are getting old when your 17 year old cousin looks at you with a blank face and goes huhhh when you get excited about all of these tunes! / Grateful for my new Tucano work bag and being able to now walk and talk handsfree! I’ve always wanted one of these =p / Hong Kong. OUT.

Day 131: Self-Practice, My Magic Carpet, The Winter Chill and Arm & Leg Warmers…

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

yoga self-practiceself-practice yogaleg warmers

Was feeling a bit guilty for not going to class today (even though I went yesterday) because I knew it was for poor excuses like “I’m really tired and my whole body is aching”; “I have another conference call at 9 and that means I’ll be rushing”; “It’s too cold and too wet outside!”; “I have groceries and frozen food I need to take home”… But it turns out going straight home was probably the best thing I could have done tonight. I will always, always advocate going to a big group class – because the energy in the room is so much stronger and the determination and skill so much more tangible when they bounce off each other and reverb within the 4 walls of that studio. HOWEVER, nothing quite beats the focus, dedication, discipline and serenity of a really good self-practice. / Today, I am grateful for my mat. The second my feet and palms plant themselves on this magic carpet, I know it will take me places where I find joy, where I find bliss, and where I find peace. / I am grateful for the winter chill. I tell you, when you’re working up a sweat doing inversions next to a radiator, having the backdoor open during the approaching winter is like free airconditioning. It’s great! =) / I’m grateful for my leg warmers for keeping the cold away. I especially love this photo because it is exactly like me – Seasonally Confused! / I’m grateful for my arm warmers. Not because they keep my arms warm, but because they give me extra grip when I’m trying to practice my pincha pose! I just wish I would stop laughing every time I hold it for longer than 5 seconds. It’s kinda hard to master a pose when every time you think you’ve got it, you get so excited you break the concentration… hmmm! The end.

Day 115: Being the 79,933,496,802nd person to have lived on this planet, Honey on Toast, Skankets and Oversized Scarves…

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krissa curranbutter honey and toast

oversized scarf skanket
I love that I am (apparently) the 80 billionth person to have lived on this planet… 79,933,496,802nd to be precise. / I love a bit of honey and a bit of butter on toast! / I love my skanket (skanket = scarf + blanket) and oversized scarves in general. Nothing like a barrel of wool to keep your neck warm and humming inside. =) And slowly… the winter clothes come out and start to pile on around me. 6 more weeks until Christmas. Jesus… already??

Day 76: Lemon Sorbet, The House of Marley, the look on someone’s face when they realize you haven’t forgotten their birthday, signing off designs & colleagues that work late to get the job done!

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

lemon sorbet house of marley earphones
I love lemon sorbets – especially when you spoon them out of a coffee mug! / I love when you give someone a birthday present when they least of all expect it. And the even more humbling realization that you haven’t forgotten their birthday… / I love these earphones and everything about The House of Marley. 1Love, man. 1Love. / I am so glad we finally got this set of design concepts signed of. Moving on! / Thanks, G,  for staying the extra hour after work on a Friday night. Very much appreciated.

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