Day 67: My first ever live football match & Your Mum!

September 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Arsenal VS Olympiakos Game 28 September 2011Emirates StadiumYour Mum Digital Agency
Arsenal 2. Olympiakos 1 – The final score of my first ever football match. What fun!! =D Highlights of the evening: Getting Jo to explain to me, in less than 10 minutes and on the way to the game, what the difference is between the Champions League and the Premiere League; swiping in for free; practically front-row seats; witnessing my first goal at 8 mins into the game and having a semi-late, half-subdued reaction; witnessing my second goal and finding that in the last twelve minutes, it’s become inherently natural for me to jump out of my seat with the crowd, roar, and throw my fists in the air like a pro; listening to outspoken guy behind us throwing profanities and offering his own personal commentary throughout the 90-minute game; watching footballers stretch and warm-up less than 10 metres away – and admiring the view at that!; sliding off the edge of my seat in anticipation and glued excitement, gripping the seat in front of me for support (and feeling Joanna’s hands pull my shoulders back so she, too, could see!); and the best thing about it all? I live just down the road! =) / I’m so glad I discovered Your Mum today. What a brilliant brand for an agency to run away with. The concept is so simple, and so obvious… Makes you wonder why no one thought of capitalising on it sooner! One of the best parts of my day was trying to convince our Head of Digital, Graham, to visit their official website to review. GB: You seriously want me to visit Me: Yes! Graham, I swear it’s not porn!!


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